ICO Review: Crest Token – Cryptocurrency Passive Income – Earn 1.15% to 2.25% Cash Daily

ICO Review: Crest Token – Cryptocurrency Passive Income – Earn 1.15% to 2.25% Cash Daily hey everybody welcome to looking at the
markets with David Moadel I’ve got a way for you to earn passive daily income
through crypto currencies through crest token today we’re going to talk about
the CS TT token that’s crest token at crest token calm what is crest token
crest is an online marketing and digital advertising platform that allows users
to earn daily passive income by allocating crest utility tokens to run
several marketing and advertising campaigns you’re going to want to watch
this whole video so stick around learn all about passive income every single
day through crest token welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell
today I have an IC o—- review for you today it is crest token available right
now at crest token calm click on the link below this video in the description
to go there and to sign up for the CS TT token right now during the pre IC o—-
sale it is only 25 cents per token super affordable that price is going to go up
if you wait too long so if you’re going to get in get in sooner rather than
later but what is what is crest token you want to know it’s a way to earn the
passive income every single day daily cash in your account crest token
we’re on crest token calm right now cryptocurrency passive income earn 1.15
to 2.25 percent cash passive income daily imagine how quickly that’ll add up
the pre IC o—- is live right now so go to crest token calm click on sign up now
hit that button there and sign up what is crest token crest is a smart ad
campaign token crest digi ad platform runs crest token
the crest Plast platform combines the power of online marketing and AI
artificial intelligence and is designed to generate income from the members of
the crest community by allocating crest utility tokens to run several marketing
and advertising campaigns that in turn will generate income for
the community and that’s you if you sign up
why crest token well millions of people want to generate passive income I know I
do through online marketing and digital advertising but they don’t necessarily
have the skills or resources resources to succeed so for the first time crest
token is combining the power of cryptocurrency and artificial
intelligence with the 300 billion dollar online marketing and digital advertising
industry the promoters of crest token have decades of experience and have
generated substantial revenue in the online marketing industry for the past
ten years combining the crest token with an established industry online marketing
gives stability and capital protection to the community of members within the
volatility prone cryptocurrency space you get less volatility passive daily
income sounds great to me what makes them unique from the rest the business
model is completely independent of the cryptocurrency
volatility if you’re worried about the volatility of Bitcoin and etherium in
all those this is independent of that fully develop platform at the close of
the ico daily community updates via email and active social platforms they
will not hold on to your Bitcoin or aetherium during the IC o—- I like the
sound of that lower and higher purchase cap range during the IC o—- a generous
bounty program if you want to get involved in that weekly token buyback in
token burn and clear openness we’re talking about transparency here
important on IC o fund allocation here’s how they allocate the fund and how they
use the proceeds total supply twelve million five hundred thousand that’s the
total supply right there I like to know that it’s an e rc 20 token I look for
that in any token sale the ticker symbols CS TT pre IC o—- date going on
right now token price only 25 cents per token
highly affordable that price is just going to go up over time as you can see
pre IC o—- pre sale IC o tokens 1 million total tokens supply 12 million
500,000 and there’s a minimum a maximum personal cap there 20 and 1500 CSD
depending on the round they accept eth and BCT pre ICL is live hit that button
sign up now they have a road map there tells you where they’re going what their
vision is I like the sound of that how to participate it’s easy register or
login on your crest account follow the instructions outlined on the ico
dashboard deposit either ETH or BTC your choice to the address provided on your
dashboard receive your CST crest tokens to your ERC 20 compatible wallet you’re
done easy simple how do you generate returns you have a referral program if
you want to get involved in that you can earn 10% of digi ad campaign capital
from users you directly introduced to your platform you can stake your income
staking allows members to earn monthly dividends in the form of CS TT tokens up
to 10% bounty program look at all these ways to earn our bout the bounty program
will allow users to earn free CS TT crest tokens and bonuses in several ways
digi ad campaign they generate profits for the members by allocating the dollar
value of the crest tokens to fund ad campaigns under digi ad platform you can
earn between 1.15 and 2.25 percent every single day passive income and the int
ext exchange trading of CS TT tokens on the internal and external external
exchange due to the expected popularity of the platform and the use value that
will be created we anticipate CST T tokens to be trading around 100 percent
ICO price in 12 months could you imagine that if you imagine getting a hundred
times your investment within 12 months that’s what they’re predicting here with
the full platform launch of crest tokens I can’t make any guarantees these are
projections these are predictions but they could happen they have an amazing
team with diverse skills on the crest token team to make it a unique success
there they are meet the team right there during and after the ico they expect the
team to grow rapidly and include more online marketing experts blockchain and
web developers data data analysts artificial intelligence programmers
social media marketing and expert you have questions contact at crest
token calm follow them on Twitter it is crest token on Twitter at crest token
join them on telegram by clicking on that link Facebook Instagram so on and
so forth Instagram they are crest token you want to read the whole website you
also want to read the white paper you want to get the white paper simple go
back up to the top here we are gonna go all the way back up to check out the
white paper simple I just clicked on the menu white paper here it comes
crest token community-centric token that plays pays daily passive income this is
a nice-looking white paper easy to read crest digi ad platform is a community
centric online marketing and digital advertising platform designed to let you
earn daily passive income in cryptocurrency by allocating crest
utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns alright
so we’re not going to go over every single page here we talked about why
crest token yeah not everybody has the skills or resources to select and
actively promote campaigns that can generate substantial income they do that
for you they combine the power of cryptocurrency
and machine learning within this huge three hundred billion dollar industry
check it out ways to earn many ways to earn with crest token here’s how it
works you can read all about that token
information once again I like it when we know the total supply we know what it’s
going to be here twelve and a half million right there pre IC o—- going
run going on right now here’s how they distribute it twenty-five cents of token
you can afford that minimum maximum purchase one hundred is the minimum
we’re talking about a ten thousand dollar maximum that’s the minimum
maximum mainsail IC o—- tokens will be told sold in sixteen rounds of four
hundred thousand tokens per round now during the mainsail it starts at thirty
five cents during the pre sale only twenty five
cents and will increase by ten cents per round last round price of a dollar
eighty five y by Adal 85 when you could buy it right now 25
cents a token passive income income streams we talked about it they have the
referral program digi ad campaign internal external internal exchange and
trading staking you can stake bounty program earn more tokens that way price
stabilization via the token burn I like a stable price that’s important to me
marketing and promotion investment they’re doing marketing they’re
promoting the roadmap is right there learn where they’re going how to
participate five steps so simple we talked about it it’s also there in the
white paper and what makes them unique they have the bounty program weekly
token buybacks token burn we talked about all these you don’t look they’re
not going to hold on to your Bitcoin aetherium during or after the ICL I like
the sound of that Communications daily through email and
social platforms business models independent of the volatility of Kryptos
fantastic and the future plans read about those the team we met them we’re
meeting them again right now a great team top team so there they are and the
disclaimer always read the disclaimer contact at crest token comma side you
can contact them in addition to Twitter telegram Facebook Instagram and more now
I want to show you some cool things with crest token I’m gonna login myself I’m
gonna click on that login button at the top of the homepage on crest token calm
and here it comes check it out I’m already logged in
because I already signed up and here’s where you can make a deposit it’s super
easy once you sign up and then log in go to that red button make a deposit and
you can see all of the rounds for the ico you got the presale 25 cents super
affordable 25 cents per token Percy stt token and then with the other rounds the
price gets higher so that if you buy in early you can make more potential
profits here starts at 25 cents goes to 35 cents 45 55 65 all the way through
dollar 85 but I’m not going to buy in at the more expensive prices I’ve already
bought in during the pre sale twenty-five cents per CST T token price
and you can see the dashboard here where you can buy tokens you can view your
wallet look at my team campaign exchange – staking all the different ways to earn
from crest token and hey take a look if you can see it
CST T tokens I have 1500 that’s right I have 1500 crest tokens I am involved in
crest token as far as investing I’ve done it myself
so if I believe in it if I actually have crest tokens if I have CS TT tokens why
don’t you why don’t you have them as well all right so get involved you can
easily easily sign up and make a deposit and you can have your own crest tokens
I’ve got those crest tokens I’m just gonna watch the value go up and up with
each round of the ico it’s simple you just click on make a deposit now I
wanted to show you something else as well
you see we’ve added to this video some screenshots of ad campaigns that crest
token has run in the past here’s a screenshot of an ad campaign ad campaign
results that crest token has run in the past and so I’m going to add this to
this the description section below this video so you can see all the screenshots
of all those ad campaigns it’s pretty cool what we’re doing is we’re showing
proof we’re showing validation this is legitimate this is crest token
they are for real and so if you want to see those results if you want to see
those screenshots click in the description below this video so I know
that you’ve got to be convinced by now that crest token is for real the pre ICO
is live cryptocurrency passive income earn 1.15 percent – 2.25 percent cash
daily you know that’s going to add up over time so I recommend going below
this video to the description click on that link there for crest token calm I’m
also going to put the link to the white paper which is available right here and
also all those screenshot let’s check for those links in the
description of this video thank you so much I recommend crest token my name is
David Modell this is looking at the markets and we’re going to keep bringing
you the absolute best the best of the best in ICO and cryptocurrency
opportunities thank you so much for watching and listening I’ll talk to you
again soon

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  1. Crest looks like a solid project, i verified their team on Linkdin as well. They do have a great team. I am planning to invest into it.

  2. Hi David, How are you? I have never purchase any crypto currency? Do I need an account to purchase any crest token?

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