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alright guys good morning it is February 15th and I said time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news so there's rumblings about Apple getting into blockchain and possibly crypto pretty soon and this comes out from SEC filing that they recently submitted so I'm will talk about that because one of the things I've been talking about is the market needs a trigger and it could come from retail the retail side and not the retail investor side but retail businesses such as Apple so I think that's pretty interesting I will talk about that and also other pieces of news including Bitcoin yeah a little bit more information about the JPM coin and so forth so happy Friday guys thanks for tuning in I started this a little bit late because not feeling that all that well today and no if not from Valentine's Day I don't know what it is but those of you guys are tuned in right now again I appreciate your support thank you and make sure I love doing these videos so make sure you support me by subscribing hitting hitting the notification button and by hitting the like alright and let's get started and then do Q&A afterwards and I might do a shorter session today because not feeling so hot alright so let's get started let's look at the first article and that is about Apple Apple hints at behind-the-scene blockchain work in a new SEC filing this would be huge huge now most likely now most likely this will be if they come out with some kind of blockchain to support their supply chain it most likely it's gonna be private but like I said I think these big companies that's going into blockchain overall that's goal have a domino effect that's go carry over to the rest of the crypto community and I think this is a very positive thing we had her rumblings about Amazon getting into Bitcoin accepting Bitcoin we have also heard rumblings about Amazon Walmart as some of these other guys utilizing chain of course JPM JPMorgan is coming out their own now Apple is is looking like they want to do their own thing all right so what's going on so the document entitled summary of apples commitment to responsible sourcing details the company's commitment to upholding human rights across a global network of suppliers that support the manufacturer is mobile communication and media devices personal computers and related accessories that's basically everything okay let's be honest what most of us know Apple for is the iPhone and they make most of their money through iPhone and apps they don't actually make that much from my Mac's nor that much from iPads it's almost all from iPhones and so forth right and because of that you got they work with Foxconn and they have some very gigantic manufacturing cities not even like plants they have cities just of workers to produce Apple products in and because of that you know supply chain is a big thing for Apple what I mean by that you got a lot of workers a lot of hands a lot of eyes they gotta track every single part that's coming in and out what's what's being used what's not where things are shipping and of course finally and then it hits the retail stores right so all this all this could be improved would blockchain watching wise one of the things I said blockchain is perfectly suited for is a supply chain space and that is what Apple is looking at or you know thinking about that's why in this new SEC filing there is there is this thing where they're go get in and what do I mean by that they said that they're involved with drafting boxing guidelines for responsible Business Alliance responsible minerals initiative so according to our be a press release these voluntary guidelines are published and represent a first industry effort to define a common set of principles attributes and definitions for application of blockchain technology to support mineral supply due diligence so basically they're getting involved with creating these guidelines you know what's coming max right if they're helping create the guidelines there and then go come out with their own blockchain then we might have something called I chain most likely they're not called double I chain but and then after they have that article move fully into Kryptos meaning that they go septic coin and possibly others as a payment and then maybe maybe because we know Apple they deal a lot with gift cards and stuff maybe they would think about having their own Apple Point who knows it's early speculating of course but one of the things I like about big companies getting involved with blotching and Kryptos even though it might be private because once you go all-in you're all-in right and we've seen apples you know acquire companies like beets and so forth they haven't really made any other big acquisitions you know there's rumors that they might try to acquire Netflix or something like that but that's the thing once you go into blockchain you you know you start looking at your competition you start looking at your weaknesses and then maybe you start acquiring some of these companies or partnering up with companies that have a better understanding of a certain niche or customer base and so forth right so overall even though companies might be coming out their own private chain I think it's good for the overall industry so that's what I want to leave with the big topic of today which is Apple and of course if Apple getting involved this couldn't be one of the triggers we're looking for to kind of kickstart the market because right now I was just still yeah it's just not moving is it's not moving we need something to cause some kind of excitement to get in right all right let's move on let's talk about this so greyscale Bitcoin fund this is what's interesting even during now even this person labeled a nuclear winter but we'll just call it crypto winter or a bear market whatever you call it this Bitcoin fund still controls almost 1 billion dollars of asset so think about that if it's valued at one nearly 1 billion now think about what it was valued at before right so this is a lot of money a lot of assets so the point of this article just kind of shows you that they are still heavily involved with investing into crypto companies and they still have this fund where institutional investors can invest and according to them two hundred and thirty seven million dollars was actually from institutional investors okay and it doesn't I mean it sounds like a lot but two hundred thirty seven million is really a drop in the bucket some of these some of these institutional investors you know they have billions okay billions upon billions of dollars of assets or investments and so forth and they haven't really really come in to this space and that's because that's because there's a lack of infrastructure right now right not a whole lot of custody services not a whole lot crypto exchanges that is catering to institutional investors obviously some of these products like the ETF and so forth is not out yet so this kind of gives you a perspective of how much more money can come in once these things are available right but anyways I thought is our interesting article basic grayscale Bitcoin fund they're still they still have close to 1 billion in assets even right now so if we were we're like 90% down so think about that it's really you know these investments would be worth what 10 billion at least if we were back in 2017 so all right so leading off I just talked about Bitcoin ETF so the countdown has started for this new Bitcoin yeah it's not from it's not from back I mean it's not from Van Eyck and CBOE this one is filed by the New York Stock Exchange ARCA and bitwise asset management and it is going in today February 15th and the regulator has 45 days to make his initial investment a decision on whether to approve reject or extend and the most extend something is 240 days now I don't know too much about this one obviously I think the the most likely one to be approved will be the one from that I can see billion by Jan van Eyck has been on record saying that he thinks they have fulfilled all the all the requirements as FCC is asking for and remember yesterday I covered Nasdaq coming out to crypto in the indices which is goes a big way it goes a long way in terms of solving one of the problems that SEC has which is the exchanges that give out the prices are loosely regulated and I could argue that they're not regulated at all and Nasdaq definitely hits the spot and will solve that problem so these things are coming right so we'll see what happens with this filing you know 200 they could delay it so 45 days will put us into the end of March or April but if they they delay this you know it could go all the way up until the end of the year right so we will see fingers crossed fingers crossed that one of these gets approved and then we'll finally get a Bitcoin ETF and we'll finally get some big money coming into the market alright so moving on someone mentioned this yesterday I briefly tested out stellar X which is a dex that's based on that's on the stellar network now the problem with most X's I I have seen is the fact that the liquidity wasn't there and a trading pair stellar X actually has a lot of trading pairs and there's a whole bunch that's that's with exo-m but of course they have the traditional ones with BTC and math and all that stuff but so I'm not sure why they sold out right away or coin score really wanted to so coin Square is exchange based in Canada and they're inquiring it mmm interesting and and what's interesting is I thought stellar X was actually from the stellar team but I guess if they acquired it that's not true so I misunderstood that I thoughts teller themselves came out with stellar acts but you know when I first used it it was early they probably made an improvement so those of you guys I know a lot of you guys got burned by quadriga those of you guys that are in Canada maybe this is something you want to test out right alright so moving on alright so this already mentioned yesterday I guess this is the big headline news yesterday although I didn't make it my headline news but JP Morgan JP Morgan Chase is coming out their own coin called JP em coin and a lot of people are freaking out okay first of all the crypto the crypto world does not like it because of the fact that Jamie Dimon has has been one of the biggest Bitcoin bears for a long time and then now he just comes out his own coin but he's coming out with a settlement coin that's also stable coin and he wants to utilize it for what they want to utilize it for settling payments and it's gonna be a lot faster a lot cheaper and so forth right and people think that maybe this means the death of ripple or XRP now it could but I don't think so first of all ripple does have over 200 clients and we're talking about some of the biggest financial companies in the world that's and ripple net first of all so they're not gonna go anyway go away anytime soon but I also said that XRP is meant to be used as an exchange currency right right now they were focusing on fiat exchanges how banks one day when they transfer money cross-border between countries right rather than to use USD they could use X RP and I speculated that hey if this is the path that the bank's want to go where they're gonna come out their own crypto right you still need something to exchange between them right you need a trading pair you need like a JPM coin trading pair would let's say goldman sachs coin or something like that right so maybe the trading pair still will be XRP so it doesn't necessarily mean ripple is totally out now what's interesting is I caught this I didn't I didn't see this until now so Norrell who is you know Doctor Doom right and he's the biggest naysayer of all so I don't even know why he's giving opinion because he's trying to argue he's talking like he's Charlie Lee or something like he's arguing against JP Morgan come out there coin but he himself doesn't like Bitcoin or anything else I don't know why he's even chiming in but so he claims you know this new coin is not public it's not permissionless not and it's based on trust authorities and it's centralized so calling a crypto is a joke well I don't even know why you're chiming and all those things are true but I don't know why he would be chiming in on this because he hates all Croats he hates every crypto so I don't know why he's he's going against this so I don't know I don't know maybe this is showing his hand that he's really not as bearish as he comes off to be uh Charlie hey and Alex hey thanks for tuning in guys and lastly zem who has been or I should say nem has gone up I saw it kind of pump up a little bit and that's because it looks like they're restructuring they're downsizing from 150 employees down to about 54 employees in 2019 and I says that they have raised enough funds so they have more than enough to survive now the question is it doesn't really say how much they raised I think they were trying to raise 20 million or something like that I remember hearing something with the two unless they were trying to raise two hundred million but they raised it but that doesn't mean they're out of the water yet they need to know how to manage their money someone that's as old and as as profitable I guess as numb they should not be facing bankruptcy alright and that's they were a month away so we'll see how long this lasts more details will probably come out in terms of how much they raise and so forth but let's hope that they know what they're doing and they know how to manage their money so the same thing doesn't happen again alright and that's pretty much it for the news so let's take a look you know what's funny this morning because I always a check like CMC like non-stop and I saw that you see up here it kind of PTC all of a sudden BTC and the rest of market pumped up 1 to 36 20 like for a minute or something and then immediately drop down and then we saw more red and it's funny it's like something triggered right like some kind of event triggered or short sell or you know short covered or something like that where we jumped up and down but unfortunately we are pretty much exactly the same place as yesterday and overall we're still kind of just going sideways you know it could be a Bart Simpson head which I mean it'll be a huge Bart Simpson head we're gonna go down but now I'm hearing it could be a bullish flag to where we can go up so right now no one knows everyone's just kind of waiting to see what happens if you look at volume is still relatively low other than this big red that we saw and then our size right in the middle so really kind of just we don't know what's going on right it's just pretty stagnant at this point some of the some of the all points have been moving but most of them have been moving because of pumps like a lot of these all coins will pump up 30% and then down 15% of next day and even out and so forth and I mentioned about by Nance coin showing some weakness yesterday it dropped as low as 850 now it's back up almost 9:20 again so Finance coin is definitely one of those one of those coins I think a lot of pump groups right a lot of people that participate in these pumps now because I think they're all on by Nance and I think it's because when they want to pump they trade out of by Nance coin and we're done with a pump they put it back in that's that's what it's looking like but Finance coins number 10 is slowly coming up and in you know it could surpass dollar and Tron pretty soon alright guys that is it let's turn back to you guys for kill day and like I said that you know I might I might the end this session shorter I mean early because I'm not feeling so hot today krypter future says I think the help gave Bitcoin a second chance basically agrees with Bitcoin Maximus about all the other coins perhaps he did more research I I secretly think that he's been he's been accumulate coin over the years he has said nothing but bad things but when someone goes all out bat crazy you know about something I think they have different agendas right Andy a lot of these guys we have seen it's all misdirection right just like JPMorgan saying they hate Bitcoin they don't see any use then they soften a stand saying okay maybe blockchain is good but Bitcoin sucks and now they come out their own coin right so a lot of these guys you can't take what they're saying you know based on book value or face value thoughts on these by Nancy listings I did not see it let's see what what is being delivered cloak mod Salt sub and wings well I agree with a lot of these not too sure about cloak coin imma kissing there's some kind of privacy coin modem sounds very familiar I forgot what modem does let's take a look well they're in supply chain Automation intelligence okay I did look at this before looks very familiar I lost track of them but I remember looking at them okay I don't know too much about us I can't can't say much what else is there salt you know lending I've said I'm not a fan of land lending at all but salt is more like a centralized lending utilizing decentralized somewhat of a decentralized platform so again I'm you know not a big deal in my opinion substrate um I'm not a fan of them anymore because they're they're kind of shifting their efforts into something else and wings I forgot what wings is okay so they have a lot of projects here so what is wings oh is it like Kickstarter a decentralized Kickstarter basically what do you central application okay it's a term so what is it maybe it's not fundraising maybe is for just evaluating I'm not sure so unfortunately I can't can't can't be a much help with some of these and reason for delisting the team at fine exercise delist digital asset when the following is not met commitment to the project I could say substratum fits that for sure level pas de Beaune activity networks smart contrast ability level public communication a lot of projects stop communicating that is why like someone like tell coin that I used to talk about I got off of their bandwagon because they have made no public communication in like a year like that is just that's you can't do that you got you got people that believe in you they want to know even if it's the smallest things even if it's PR stuff right at least it's something something is better than nothing I'm responsible responsiveness to our periodic due diligence request oh that's interesting I didn't know finance actually does stuff like that alright finance is turning into a pump and dump machine it is but it's it's not their fault it's just that it is the most well known used biggest exchange out there now they're one of the only exchanges that actually doesn't fake their volume because they actually have that many people on it so Finance doesn't care I mean I think cz doesn't like pump and thumps but you gotta realize pom-poms mean that there's a lot of people trading that means they're collecting a lot of fees so for them it's a good thing I don't think they're going out law that nor should they I mean that's that's part of the frame okay should I dump bth and buy like point do you mean BTC no you shouldn't dump BTC all right if you're if you're a whole damn Bitcoin definitely should not dump it bitcoin is what's gonna leave two life-changing wealth and it will stand the test of time it will become the ultimate store value now short-term there could be greater movers like right now by Nance coin I think it's at almost all-time high in terms of its ratio compared to BTC so other ones will move against it but you you should always be holding on at least 50% of Bitcoin in your portfolio Tony no one has asked about Bitcoin hacks yet so and I didn't say anything yesterday's show because I didn't even think about it but I kind of figured out why so many people are asking about it because they're pretending they're actually really wanting to shell their Bitcoin hex affiliate link and I have GaN doze in the comments and I banned those people and even someone yesterday that was pretending to be mad saying Georgia you have no idea what you're talking about Bitcoin hacks and then sure enough affiliate link I mean I kind of figured out and you know that's one of the reasons why big connect got popular too because they were giving crazy payouts on affiliate referrals so all the signs point to it being a Ponzi scheme Marla says BCH okay yeah BCH i yeah i don't i don't like PCH at all i don't like any claim that has the bitcoin name other than bitcoin I didn't news on a digital by summon no I don't really keep up what did you bite I'm neutral on a right just like I'm neutral and litecoin a lot of people think that when I don't like something I have to dislike it that's not necessarily the case that's just like just in my opinion I think there could be better products or there could be better things or I'm not seeing something did you buy summat April 19 to Amsterdam okay that's still two months off so you're not gonna hear much about it right now I do think Dan Lieberman needs to be more vocal BIOS though but still like a lot yeah I think you know I think he likes to be the type of guy that's kind of like metallic where he just wants to develop right so right now because of as toxic as it is in crypto when he announced something people rip on yields saying like he's giving up on it right just like his last thing how he said he was go develop something like a currency that could be used in yield but of course people jump on it and say well okay that means he's out you know yo stumps and so forth right so I think he's just trying to stay out of the limelight right now because unfortunately that's that's the situation where and it's like you can't win everyone is just being really nasty right now my key here's the thing and I know you're you've been showing Bitcoin SV for a while like who freaking cares a white paper that was created ten years ago doesn't mean that it can't change just like when Microsoft or Google when they originally created their white paper or whatever document that they created thirty years ago do you think that the company is still following what they were doing or set out to do thirty years ago that's the thing it's like you know that's the one thing that that that Roger bear keeps saying oh Bitcoin cache files the white paper you know like as if the white paper was the Bible as if God himself wrote it should toast you whoever he is or whoever the group is is also wrong at times too he created something right doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon doesn't mean that it has to be set in stone like the Ten Commandments or something so that argument has just complete BS to me it's it's it's ridiculous anything intact changes all the time tech moves so fast and something you written ten years ago if it didn't if it didn't change by now that means you're really really behind the game I mean honestly there is nothing in tech okay tech specifically that hasn't been approved upon within the last ten years Jake I mean turns of all-time high you know I've been wrong so many times so that's why I stopped talking about it but right now we need to see some triggers I mean we came and talked about all-time highs when we came him a break four thousand I mean it's the truth of the matter I mean if we were starting to recover we're ghosts if we see some kind of recovery where we can get to 4,000 5,000 6,000 yeah yeah I would say at the end of the year we could definitely reach 20,000 30,000 reach all-time highs but right now we're not moving but the thing is who knows it's still early right like I said in January now I'm saying in February we just begun this year so many things are in lined for this year we can have a huge influx of institutional money which will cause FOMO which will cause a huge influx of retail investor money back in right we don't know at this point but we need something we need something to bring the excitement in we just don't have that right now I mean that's why now I read a new article about stable coins now right I said it was close to three billion now it has surpassed three billion three billion that's just from the retail investor side okay that's not even from institutional investors three billion just sitting there imagine of all three billion pumped into the market right now that would literally pump up Bitcoin passed like five thousand I was literally pumped like one past sixty and rip will probably pass 50 Cent's I mean it would cause a huge change in price but unfortunately everyone is just keeping a stable point at this point Viper ACR Mikey thank you at least you know that's the thing at least you're being objective about it I'm trying to be too but you know you guys know I talk about I hate any coin with the Bitcoin name in there okay although you can claim bitcoin sv is the true Bitcoin at least by Craig right but still it's taking away from Bitcoin and that's why I don't like any of them and especially Bitcoin hacks is the worst one of all worse one at all why don't the community Kurt to put out big ads billboards TV because first of all a lot of them don't have money and second of all they don't do anything they really won't if you see an advertisement okay like when did this they put their they sponsored a MMA fight and there was like one ridden all weird octagon not one freaking person cared because they don't know what it is they don't know what it is so putting things like billboards are on on on buses and stuff like that I disagree with that 100% because that is not gonna do anything now if you put out documentaries or movies or segments or something that people can actually watch and understand that I'm all for that's gonna be different because right now the general public they think of Bitcoin or kryptos used for two things one is used by criminals and two is people just got in not used but the second is for people that just got in because it was a bubble a lot of people made money and now the bubble burst that's what – the two things people think about right now they don't care about any of these other coins right but you and I know that a lot of these other coins does she'll promise but III disagree with that fact if like coin oreos put out some billboard no one would care about it Merlin yes other works answer for me bad is definitely a good one good one to hold for long term alright guys let me end it still 30 minutes so let me end this because not feeling so hot today but you know I'm gonna try to do a car review nevertheless because I scheduled it alright so going back to the main topic of today is Apple right an apple they have filed something with the SEC which means that they're considering that part of this The Critic part of this guideline thing and you know that they're thinking about it I actually I'm willing to bet every fortune 500 company out there is secretly thinking about blockchain or secretly testing out blockchain or have something in the works I mean it's blockchain is technology you can't ignore it now you can have block you in without crypto that that's fine but you know once you get blockchain then implementing crypto is so easy and it just makes sense so like I said you know the world the tech world is changing really quick all the time right and it'll be dumb for any company out there at least not not even to evaluate it that would just really be suicidal for them so no question but if one of these big companies like Apple actually do adopt I do think it could be big it could spur out you know this this domino effect where other companies join in that's why I said if Amazon takes Bitcoin payments I think that's gonna be huge because that Walmart everyone else will have to take it so it's one of those things especially when one of the leaders in this space get involved it's gonna be a big thing all right and that's pretty much it guys you know we'll see the market is pretty stagnant we'll see what happens this weekend if we can have some kind of movement maybe we can pump up a little bit and get started get rolling but we need something to happen right now it is just really stagnant alright so thanks for tuning guys make sure you smash up the likes subscribe to the channel and I will see you on Monday may you love I am Central Standard Time all right take care guys bye-bye

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  2. well said man, about the whitepaper and tech changing, imagine if apple followed the same guidelines written a decade ago, they'd be outta business tomorrow lol

  3. Maybe apple wants to repatriate their money. So they make a stable coin and lock up thosedollars, then sell the stable coins to Americans. Getting their over seas money back into America.

  4. satoshi created a self sustaining idea that can be managed by people… its early days… scum will perish

  5. binance sell out for listings and ten gets rid of them when they know their kyc isn't holding up.. but is happy to take the money though a.k.a. fucking over their users

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  7. BITCOIN will succeed and increase in price/value

    People have to realize that BITCOIN is a limited amount of 21 million and there are billions of people from around the world that will never be able to own a whole BITCOIN because of its scarcity. Think about it… Would you be one of them?

  8. Dr. Doom is now one of us…Yessssss.
    Jamie Dimon is not a bear but an as*hole.
    And also George, please feel free not to cover SEC, ETF, China, and India anymore. We're so tired to hearing about them.

  9. The Supply Chain Space is particularly exciting for Block Chain!
    To say nothing about Voting, and really everything!

  10. Hey George, Please watch this clip: "Wireless wake up call" https://youtu.be/F0NEaPTu9oI?t=8 There is the possibility you are feeling unwell after prolonged exposure to electro-magnetic radiation inside your own home. Especially 5Ghz has an incredible impact on people's health at the moment. Rapid aging and extreme hairloss(in men suffering from Male Pattern Baldness) are hitting more and more people, moreso people living next to eachother and having whole families use 5Ghz wifi. This could be the reason you are feeling unwell and to be honest, try turning off the 5Ghz for starters. It's on by default in most wifi-routers. Some studies done on the matter here: https://www.jrseco.com/wp-content/uploads/reveh-2016-0011.pdf "Subjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations" https://oem.bmj.com/content/63/5/307.short

  11. April a big announcement is coming out. I don't know if it is from Amazon or who. But something is in the air

  12. Apple needs to go back to what made them rich… building and selling iPods like the iPod shuffle, iPod Classic etc… They don't sell or service them anymore. They quite building them. THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. I paid $300 for an iPod classic and used it everyday from 2012-2018…6 years. Then the battery went caput so I took it to an Apple store and they looked at me like Im retarded. I ordered a battery online and replaced it myself which was very difficult and ruined the iPod. It worked for one day and failed. I threw it in the trash. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT APPLE EVER. I never bought a gay iPhone or iPad and I never will, thanks. Screw Starbucks too and FUCK GILETTE and Fuck proctor and gamble.

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