24 thoughts on “ICE Bakkt Digital Asset Platform (Crypto Exchange) – Who Gets the Snub?”

  1. Wow, this is such old news- You should follow The Modern Investor for daily Crypto news. And Elastos is on the list….

  2. I can only imagine what the talks are behind the scenes. Its all geopolitical between China and US.

  3. I completely agree that this is huge news, and has been seriously underreported. Great work uncovering this. Makes me even more bullish on not only Bakkt, but on investors in Bakkt such as CityBlock Capital (NYCQ).

  4. Wow only 32 Million Active users of Bitcoin Worldwide in 2019 now, imagine when only
    100 000 Million will start using it

  5. ICE has a whole crypto data price discovery feed that has been around for months for institutional reference and get this, You ready, blockstream provides it. But they need to get that approval. Blockstream is doing big things. I'm talking watch out for it tsunami stuff.

  6. Can't help appreciate ICE giving BNB coin the snub. Kind of like how DGB keeps getting the snub from Binance. (karma)

  7. Question George. How many of these cryptos have a limited number that will be produced? Scarcity is the key to investment.

  8. Choose wisely in this next bullrun. Lowest risk = BTC and still amazing returns compared to any traditional investment in our lives. Why gamble with the higher risk? If you want altcoins, keep to the top 50 for sure on CMC and I would say do 90% BTC in portfolio. Once in a lifetime opportunities do not allow for you to blow it and try again!

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