15 thoughts on “IBM's Jesse Lund and Stellar's Jed McCaleb answer audience questions at Blockchain West”

  1. Can anyone speak to the fact that the miners or whatever they are call dont get any reward to justify them continue to mine

  2. Going to buy some
    soon. However its new federated byzantine fault consensus protocol may need more testing..

  3. The problem with Fractional Reserve Lending is that when the expansion of the money supply exceeds that of the increase of good and services the result is a devaluation of the monetary unit. Those with savings in the monetary unit thus lose purchasing power but those whom gain access to the new money first have the advantage of first use (at old prices) BEFORE the result of the inflation effects the price structure.

    Thus inflation (credit creation) is a very subtle means to transfer real wealth from those on the outer orbit of the monetary system (common people) to those on the inner orbit (banks, bank subsidiaries, bank partners).

  4. This was so informative thank you so much, being that Stellar is a nonprofit organization how will the coin appreciate as an investment

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