IBM Storage Solutions for IBM Blockchain

storage is serious business. As your business grows, you’re
transactional data does too. If you don’t keep up with
it because you’re relying on slow unsecured solutions, look out. Your reputation takes
a hit and you can bet your profits will too, which
brings us to blockchain. As you consider it, ask yourself, what’s my plan for storage? Before you answer let’s clear
up a few misconceptions. For starters, blockchain
simply means cryptocurrency. Not true. From logistics to
finance to food safety, there are blockchain platform
and IBM blockchain solutions are rapidly innovating to
make commercial operations more efficient and secure. Then there’s this, any old storage is good
enough for blockchain. Think again. Blockchain participants
require constant access through extremely granular levels of data. Being able to recover from a
disruption and quickly restore from backup is crucial to participants in a blockchain network. Another good
one, blockchain is so secure that data security just
takes care of itself. Come on now. The stronger the isolation,
the stronger the trust as it becomes trickier for any one member to damage the integrity of the data. We’ve all
heard that blockchains are resilient, so your
storage doesn’t have to be. Oh, but it does. Enterprises are
increasingly managing data for blockchain solutions in
both public and private cloud across their hybrid or
multi-cloud deployment models. Efficiently and seamlessly
accessing that data becomes crucial to every
participant on the network. It is important to be able to scale your blockchain data store
without causing interruption to the network. Blockchains
are too complicated. They’re not worth the trouble. Not exactly. Done properly, blockchain
technology can save money compared to the alternatives. Bottom line,
storage is not a commodity, it’s a necessity. By implementing storage solutions into blockchain technology, business can instantly
improve performance, scalability, and security,
increasing transparency, trust, and time to revenue. (upbeat music)

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