IBM Research Challenge – Blockchain

IBM researchers are expanding our horizon But listening to them can be a little challenging. So we made it a little challenging for them too Hi. My name is Matthias Neugschwandtner I am a scientist at IBM Research Zurich in Switzerland and do research in the area of Blockchain. Today’s digital economy, as well as that of tomorrow, needs a completely new type of transaction. Transactions must travel at lightning speed from A to B. …keep the head up… …pull… …look ahead… This is most important: All transaction partners need system transparency so there is trust in between the transaction partners One technology that meets this challenge is the IBM Blockchain. It records each transaction with a unique timestamp and sends it transparently to all partners. These transactions are then combined into a long chain are then combined into a long chain of data blocks for the actual Blockchain, and can subsequently no longer be changed. But the IBM Blockchain can do a lot more. Contracts will themselves be stored in the Blockchain as transactions. They will then be implemented as a program by all the transaction partners without any manual checking of payment methods or delivery conditions. Blockchain takes on the position and role of auditor and controller. It checks and certifies account movements as well as the direct sequence of supply chains. With Blockchain, IBM is directly building worldwide transaction networks for the digital economy of today and of the future, and does so with a level of security and performance that can revolutionise digital goods’
and supply chains. Secure, fast and immutable transactions IBM Blockchain integrates trust into technology For today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy

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