IBM Blockchain – an idea comes to life

For me it’s never fast enough. When I get to the point where you go,
“We’re onto something…” I just want it to happen. My name is Dennis Meurs. I’m a vice president for a company called Syniverse. At the core of my business is clearing and settlement of roaming transactions. Take my case. I live in Luxembourg. I’m in New York. I make a phone call. So I’m roaming on an American network There’s a little file generated, which will usually be sent to a clearinghouse. In this case Syniverse. Which then gets settled between the two carriers. We literally do billions and billions of transactions a day. With upcoming 5G, there are more and more players, there will be more and more connectivity. That’s what blockchain enables in a much easier way We heard about blockchain like everybody else and then were like, ok…we don’t know what we don’t know. You can either hire people who do, or you can work with a partner that does know. Blockchain is now a few years old, but it’s still new for a lot of our clients. When our clients come into the IBM Garage, we’re bringing together the team of developers, architects, designers helping our clients not only build blockchain solutions, but build it on the right technology:
the IBM Blockchain Platform. We started out our journey with Syniverse uncovering what business problems do they see out in the market? Quickly turn to doing our 2-day Design Thinking workshop Working side-by-side with them to ensure that they’re going to see success at the end of 6, 8, 10 weeks of development. So it was the discovery journey for us,
I think as well as for IBM. Literally working together and finding out, ok this element we could use here. Design Thinking really helps our clients step through the process of not only first identifying a use case but then going levels deeper of what are truly those pain points today for the end user. And that’s when you start seeing collaboration, and that for me is the beauty of the thing. I have a lot of people in my team who are extremely critical people when it comes to developing things and they were
very, very appreciative of the way that work was done and the speed. The POC has had a lot of great success and that has led to us really working through what the next phase looks like. Together, Syniverse and IBM are going to build the next generation of clearing and settlement for the telco carriers.

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  1. If I have an idea for a solution and I'm not sure if blockchain technology can be used, where should I go for help??

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