17 thoughts on “Ian Balina Moscow Interview with Oleg Ivanov, CEO Crypto Bazar Fund”

  1. The "data" most definitely can change if your "data" is subjective, e.g. team, advisors, etc. So no, "data" is not data.

  2. I would be careful with pure demo, some could be ripoffs from other projects freely available. Not to say it could be a modification, but some look like exact clones and are raising way to much money to be a modded project in my opinion. Some projects make it to obvious by not even changing blocks, layouts, and images. =p

  3. Great Interview, Ian ! I'm proud of your recognition now world wide. It shows hard work pays off ! Keep it up, my friend !

  4. Ian Balina is spending all this money travelling the world, making music and videos…when are you going to hire a stylist to help you with your wardrobe?

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