Ian Balina Crypto World Tour | Prague, Czech

I'm the first rock star who ever landed on the moon you see the wallet see your rock star see the wallet see your rock star that's what I do you see the wallet see the rock star see the wallet see a rock star up on the moms where see the wallets see a rock star see the wallet see your watch hey what's up guys we're here in Prague at the Evelina World Tour conference we're very excited we have a very nice turnout so far and I see how this goes good friend of mine great leader honest man the guys gonna take every single person [Applause] [Applause] guys who I am right for those who are brand-new I wonder who's in Billina why is he coming over from America to Prague please don't doing here is your shell whatever right I'm gonna answer all these questions alright so first thing is I'm a and Alina I'm a full time blockchain angel investor investing mainly in token sells ICS prior to that I was working for years at IBM I love data ok maybe I can apply data to IC investing to find some patterns and insights and that's what I did I just sat down over the course of a week gather as much data points as possible on each IC o—- and try this find patterns I went through both qualitative and quantitative data points even going back to like three four years online time to find articles to get triple metrics and different projects that nobody heard of that we're great investments right and that and over the course of about a month or so I basically kind of began building what I am now called token metrics basically applying data analytics to IC investing here has been a victim of the N boy in effect who here has benefited from the in boy in effect so I'll show you guys what the en boy in effect is people just kind of coined this term now with ICS so after mentioning why be on my youtube channel and having a AMA with them this was one of the first am is probably the second or third ma I ever had with an IC l they sold out their pre pre ICEA so you could say about to two thirds of their price here was my community my audience at that time which was still under like five thousand under Tara thought probably under five thousand people also alright and then what four months later Wahby was own exchanges actually probably I had a crowd sell at twenty five cents right from three cents to 25 cents so be from the pre IC automatically got a a tax return and once he got into exchanges at the peak web we went to $5 so from 3 cents to $5 so I think the peak of Wahby was somewhere around 117 X and 2/3 of that was probably my audience ahead and they began just telling everybody they could meet oh my god why he's killing it and it just got this from this guy called Ian ballina talking metrics YouTube whatever and that was does in December last year then that's a month as what was doing a hundred seventeen X icon came up and also did 100 X so we had two 100 X ICS happening in the same month and then to make things even crazier dragon chain came out and did a 50 X Dagon chain was an uncapped ICL also kind of under the radar not as much as Wahby though but at that point in time people were saying not to do uncapped ICS but using took on metrics were able to find a value point where we was still undervalued alright so looking at the data I was saying anything under 30 million for this project is is good alright so once those three products came out that's kind of when took them to metrics just kind of went crazy right one more ICO analyst kind of began coming and joining the community people now kind of view this space as a valid thing using data to pick ICS it wasn't just gambling anymore alright because when they see two 100 icos and I 50x ICEA and the same month you can't really deny the data anymore are you you now know this system actually works and that's kind of when the community just kind of got bigger and bigger my youtube one from like 10,000 to like over a hundred thousand but I just kind of based off of that that's so in some way that's kind of how I kind of became Who I am right so I had a spreadsheet where I'll just sharing this publicly for free as we just kind of open source and build this community and educate people even more when I can't come to ICS right so at the peak before I took that my spreadsheet which was publicly which was available publicly I was getting over 1 million views a month all right which kind of shows you that it kind of came to a point where before was just me doing my students my tonight in my basement but now it kind of became one of the biggest movers of the ico market because now people actually believe in the data nobody came to upon was too influential so I had to take you down because any I see I would rank as a good I see I would automatically just whitelist clothes like that pre-sell filled up right and I didn't want to move the markets too much so as a result I took it down to kind of have people do their own research because after huapi began to just blindly invest in whatever what was on a spreadsheet and I didn't want that to happen as well so in terms of I know I get this question a lot what's next for the spreadsheet right now it's still down I do plan to turn this into an application that would be easier to use and to only limit this to people in my community via a token alright so I plan to make a DAP with a token and give the token to my community as an airdrop that way as opposed to having 1 million people viewing the spreadsheet it could make it could be maybe for example only my telegram group which has about 30,000 people all right so that way not every white list is closed or not every piece cell gets filled up so fast all right so that's kind of where that is for now and yeah it's kind of the gist of who I am why I'm here now we're doing doing doing descriptive world towards kind of sharing our success right actually sorry I've been sidetracking going back to my story so using token metrics I was able to quit my job at IBM in September I had a schedule right before December December was my deadline and uh putting in a in September and by December I hit my goal of making my first million in crypto and there was has kind of been history and that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for cryptocurrency investing I just just changed my life to spaces change my life token metrics all right and being able to just find good I see us right so finding the lobby's icons dragon chains power ladders all these different projects from just using data has transformed my life to a point now I'm just kind of traveling and just evangelizing the space alright any questions on that let's open up the let's open up to the audience yes yeah and while we're doing this let's get the ICL pitches ready yeah so I would like to ask you how you see future of ico as a first question like for the future what if you expect like 100x again this year or whatever year and second question how you decide to take profits when you get passion your question I think Hana taxes are still possible I just think there'll be a lot less of them and I don't think they'll happen as fast right so I think 100x could we'll probably take a year or even longer as opposed to a few months I think that's kind of the big thing now this space is in a way getting more mainstream more saturated it's getting tougher and tougher I still think it's possible though well you just got to be really early because now people everybody has to come at tricks now so you got to find your new edge if you're saying hey me hey Ian and now that the space is changing how do you plan to find projects even earlier that's why I'm doing the crypto world tour I like to imagine if one of these guys ends up being the next big ICL I'm definitely getting into the prisa I hope so I'm willing to travel to every corner of the world to find the next big ICO right because I realize that's my new edge nobody's willing to invest that kind of time and money to find the next icon I mean for example I didn't chain we met him in Korea I mean we met the team when they had no telegram booth were we joined the telegram you put their employees in there that's how early we were for example with a new clue nucleus even the sparkster so I'm willing to travel the world and I think that's the people have dig deep you have to kind of look around and see what everybody everybody else is doing and if you're not doing more than that then you definitely won't be getting those good returns because you're always be late you'll be behind then in terms of how I take profit there isn't really a set way my thing is once I make an investment I look to take out my initial investment after a 3x return so for example if I put in 1,000 euros and he goes to 3,000 euros I took up my 1,000 hero's that way the rest is just profit so if it goes to zero I I don't lose money then I take that 1,000 euro and I reinvest into a new ICEA then those 2,000 euros as is going up I take profit on the way up all right so there isn't really a set time for me to admit depends on when I need it for example a perfect example is 20 X 20 X came out it was right around at 1x some of my friends sold what's put a 20 x IC o—- whose sold below I see a price one person in the back who's sold at a one or two x so hands okay I hope Wendy even when I didn't believe I held main reason I was hoping for a better exchange right and I and I kind of had an idea that something was coming but anyway I had a chance to sell you want to like was the bottom of 20 like 50% below I see a price and I was still holding and it was kind of tough for me because I was a Bundy well I was told so it's kind of hard to suck the market didn't have enough volume for me anyway so I had to wait for better exchange I kept on holding and then they announced that buyback program which changed everything then I went to like 5x as soon as that happened I went to incumbent I took up my initial investment because when you've been in darkness for a while and if I see some sunshine you take profits all right so I took up my initial but I didn't sell everything because you never know in crypto these putters can keep on going up which ended up happening so 1 to 10x I went in there and sold about 20% one two 15 X I so 20% 1/2 20 X what about 20% and I didn't just sell just to sell I sold it because I had to use the money right so for example when court chain came out I took profits from printing when I wanted to went to eating chain I took buffers from pindy when I wanted to pay my team to reinvest it into my business and get dollars I took profits from Wendy alright so that's kind of the idea so I guess the answer your question in terms of one when I take profits in my strategy the first thing is to protect the investment so take my initial investment as soon as it's over 3x so I like to give it about 1 to 2 maybe sometimes 3 months depending on the market if it's a bull market and this belies your price out so everything but if we're in a bear market then I'm more patient because everything is going down and I so it's kind of windy it came out in a bear market and everything was down so I held for a bit once it went over 3x was around 5x tickle my initial the Naza was going up took out more profits when I had to reinvest into other ICS does that I'm sorry a question all right anybody else with a question in the back ok regulation has a very dispositive variable in safar's what's undervalued what's over in terms of regulation impacting it up yeah yeah serious stuff on the US and China yeah yeah I think the regulation definitely is a big concern especially securities that's kind of for me personally I don't touch securities because it's just waiting for a chance to get wrecked right I think regulation definitely does impact the asset you're getting into but I mean when it comes to the data though I don't think it impacts the data itself if that makes sense let me see how can I answer this can you react to a question just make sure I have I just I wonder how much pressure want to touch the security of something about what that definition definition is it's shifting huh naturally there's something that you can take apart from any nuts yeah so I mean the way I look at it if I think something is a security I just avoid it I'm not really cause of regulation or there's more of an indirect occurrence because of exchanges because violence won't touch a security assuming if they think it's flat-out security they want touch it making it pretty much liquid meaning that you can really make money on it as an investor so it's kind of why I don't like to get into securities now there are security tokens coming out and I know t0 some problem out there trying to solve that space it's not something I'm personally bullish on this year I think that I think that's still way too early but I think maybe down the line this kind of where things may end up going especially as more as more more bodies get into this like the SEC and other other financial regulation companies and stuff like that but in terms of the actual data it doesn't really affect the numbers much I just kind of view view everything the same then just try to figure out if it's a security just don't touch it because it means you can really make money on it on it because will be a liquid from exchanges does that answer your question all right so we have the ICS I mean do we have five we have 302 pulled out okay so who do we have right now okay all right all right we had a question over here what's that question you want to make car okay can you pass that down with them some of these ideas getting really greedy on the the pricing how do you think investors should go forward and know what what strategies can we use to kind of push back against the I see is kind of overvaluing themselves I mean good questions I think that's why talking metrics has kind of been at I think a saving grace almost for the average retail investor because now I'm going into all these new ICS wineries running inside the telegram groups I see people asking questions what are your total metrics and now if you actually I would say even beginners know the kind of more they're more educated they have a better perspective of how to evaluate these companies and not just just blindly invest just because the technology seems cool they're now actually becoming more investors and because something could be great as a technology but it could be a bad investment right so I'm seeing this almost in any any brand new telegram before an IC o—- investors are much more educated than they were six months ago and nine months ago and I think that's called otometrics cuz they know it's not just the cap all these other factors matter how many times you're printing to comprise the bonus or you know that we get it dumped on by whales for example so I'm saying the community is now much more educated is that I'll see okay all right I think we're good to go all right thank you guys what else all right all right not to put too much pressure on you guys but uh I think we're gonna find a possibly a good idea from this cuz I've already screened one of them all right okay so who's up first so just to kind of tell you guys that the format we have three ice fields right not five to pull down hey yeah Thurston is a girl coming he's sleeping ah peacekeeping oh hey mr. priest oh okay okay so the way this works we have now have three ICL's so each one will get three minutes to pitch then you guys the audience will choose the winner and when I can just pitch all day all right they got the stage they got they have to earn the stage so the way I can if you have a laptop hook up to a projector show us a video a slide website we can have an interactive AMA with them okay so first up yes what's your name my name is Mario traumatic the CEO of beyond seen screened I see our company okay all right thank you welcome welcome welcome proud we have come up with a product could possibly find a next year's axe we are actually on the roadshow within to Vienna and then visit here bragging going to Berlin and so the winner we just came to list in the end and it we got this opportunity took beta so it's perfectly only for the one interesting I even didn't bring the presentation so we are going to show you our webpage just to clarify it so only the winner gets to pull up the computer right now it's just just a little pitch okay so I will get the timer out are you guys ready okay louder than that come on now all right there we go there we go we got three minutes are you ready yes I am I think so all right three two one go okay guys you know what she's anteed so they they develop technology to recognize the audio what we beyond seen screen did we develop technology to recognize the video so imagine when you are watching movie and you want to know more information about actor producer story what you do now you need to go and search for this information using Google or other tools but or if you are watching a music spot and you want to know more information about musician where he is or she on the tour or you want to buy a ticket or if you are watching culinary show and you want to get to the recipe or you want to buy ingredients what I said you need what you do now basically you need to manually search for the information so our main idea is that we can provide this information with a few seconds so basically what you need to do you need to pull your smartphone scan the TV or video on any screen and get additional information basically what we have done is we are solving problem of the broadcasters which I am working for 15 years in the broadcast industry and many times we've been asked how we can make watching television interactive more engage about morning think second thing is for example when I'm watching a show or video with my or some movie with my wife she usually take mobile or laptop or tablet to search for the information basically market research shows that 87% of the people while watching television they are using a second screen device and 27% of those people are actually searching for the information they saw on a TV and also what we see through our platform that we are providing actually created also a new marketing platform basically now marketeers have a video as a new generation of the billboard it's invisible so they can put additional and link additional information which can be added also it's invisible to the naked eye but of course visible for the application we have developed already applications so it's a beta version we have signed a contract with the first client it's a video distribution company in Croatia they are covering 7 countries in the Balkan region 25 million people and we are going to launch application in September this year and having the last three months of this year pilot project we see a big potential with our product because there is a huge market space for the e-commerce there's a huge market space also for online shopping that I didn't say because all this content like movies they have product placed in the movie so what will enable now is to basically allow people that they can easily access to those products and buy them all right basically PSA all right all right okay you know so only the winner gets the Q&A herself HMO Roseburg Roseburg I'll close get Wellsburg can you smell it for us beyond sin screen beyond see like movie scene beyond scene screen okay alright thank you guys and what are your names my name is John kid Kent and I'm a seer of Wellsburg and I'm here with Nolan is a CEO of Wellsburg as well I thank you thank you so much welcome welcome to the prog crypto world tour thank you for events opportunity to teach there okay so who is poaching yeah we both I will just pass microphone on so you will have three minutes yeah are you ready yes three two one go thank you hello my name is John kid King and I'm CEO of wellsburg two years ago I start to dive in cryptocurrency world and mining industry seems most interesting to me I started to investigate more and I found out it is more than 1 million and a half and five hundred thousand miners with a different amount of hardware on this market it's huge for example if you type right now Bitcoin hash my chart you will see that Bitcoin renew its all-time high in hash rate last four lustrous last three months like a multiple times it shows that mining industry steep keeps growing and see and still on this mine in this market there are a lot of problems like no a transparent fees the fees could get up to 7% if you familiar with mining you need to be a tech savvy you need to get into this you need to analyze and do your research and for enterprises they need to hire people it's really quite costly and maybe I can just add some yeah so the thing is that the currently people even the huge this enterprise maybe you've seen this huge big farms that have mining mining hardware and they use like all open source software that is built like really like in underneath and they're really unreliable insecure and unstable and they have to count and the thing is that there are like tens of millions of dollars are going through these unreliable very tiny softwares that they built together so this is this is the current issue that still the my name is she still has so yeah I just wanted thank you so we saw it and we have build the world's first enterprise ready mining platform and we bring it to masses our uniqueness is are that we provide transparent fees that we that we are the first who implemented profits vision algorithms to analyze the most profitable coins based on the theory of games and all these are already all these features are ready and available online regarding the questions please can add yeah so so we start the guarding the soldier so basically what we did is we have already released our first version and the mining pool our first product which is currently working already and we have currently around 80 miners from them ten big miners using the product how much time do you have it time is up I really okay but I thank you thank you so much no prize mining software yeah else I'll say it in one sentence it's a Cisco for mining yeah I didn't think so it's like it's like it's like a Cisco to contact centers who else Brooke for mining so we're Enterprise Solution for mining yeah and we bring all these features and from enterprise world we check if you want to start to mind the only thing you need is to find hardware and to use our software okay alright alright thank you thank you now we have the pleasure of being joined by awesome and I'm good I nice to meet you nice to meet you what's your company our company is patient so thank you very much for for young for taking the chance like to pitch you guys okay all right so are you ready yeah I'm ready are you guys ready I'm okay okay somebody's really ready three two one go okay spaceship is a super secure solution for storing and managing crepitus this is the unique protocol we're building the protocol is is in a way for the restricted access and then we can distributed a link to concede so that is that we have created the ecosystem we can securely store and manage eclipses so we all remember that how we like stay waiting for the ledger at reservoir lights for coupled for several months to put our assistant in a secure place so we're all concerned about this so our team is actually is the cyber security guys who actually spent a decade working for the cyber security on the country's state level the idea behind spaceships that will bring the functionality and security in one space so we have a solution which is a software solution which has security features and it's even more safe than how a solution exists in the market today so what we do is that we have to have multiple devices to use the sign of the transaction and then we don't have any private key being kept on any of the devices so even the hackers trying to hack your device or hack your server computer it doesn't have enough information to steal your currency and on top of the software solution we're developing the heart as well and the hardware gives an additional functionality like you have an access you can use your biometrical data and you can actually transferred the funds if there is some people you want them have access to advance like your family members or somewhat someone else can access their funds they actually use the hardware solution as well so that you can actually solve a lot of problems on on having hardware device as well so the hardware is actually the additional functionality to use inside this patient record system so station is the secure storage and management of your crypsis so guys support us to give you the most secure solution in the market that's it so uh coming up Spotfire yeah they jump back in there by their reckoning yeah who's this Thank You Diego I and I think I hear Ricky what's your name and what's your project my name is Sydney I represent company called sissified so see if I was a stop established if I so see fly yeah okay alright so somebody else is coming okay we changes everything now we have about four companies okay well that means we'll have a you have one extra round there also you guys will choose two projects from here to let's just make it an AMA round all right are you ready yeah go okay guys so some high-level stuff about Sue's if I the company has been established in late 2014 the company was focused on on Wi-Fi providing the Wi-Fi monetization at the airport stadium stations and many crowded spaces we were or we are doing data mining we provide the content for the for the Wi-Fi publishers and we cooperate with Wi-Fi Wi-Fi vendors like Cisco Meraki aruba HP and then many others in the United States we cooperate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency so if there's any kind of natural disaster kidnapped children and so on we are able to display a warning to all the people connected to our solution we are vendor agnostic which means that you are able to implement our solution on the top of your equipments the product is is fully developed we have clients in 67 countries we have connected over 50 million people so far and last year we decided to go to four ICO to raise funds and switch so safai to mobile data provider which means we'll be able to provide mobile data affordably to all the people in development countries and make the make the mobile data provided solutions to YouTube people in a fair and transparent way so see if I will be transferred from switch to open source and we will simply cut the middleman which is getting almost 50% from the from the expand so in through this way all the people around the world will be able to use the data communicate with their families and educate themselves the product has been developed as time as I mentioned we are ready for the lte-a we have api's to be in compliance and ready to communicate with with the courier across the world we have also achieved the compatible to and the partnership with Tata Communications which works with over 70% of LTE carriers so here we are we are based in in Prague we have sales in interstates based in Miami and currently we are running the ICO in pre-sales thank you so we have the last contestant this is a Agora Agora wait and Leonardo AG or RA okay so the way this works we've had five projects including you pitch your project and three minutes then we'll have the audience as a whole vote on two projects to go to the next round to do a deeper pitch which will be included AMA all right so you do the last one in the first round okay hi everyone have like the wait wait wait it's kind of kind of like the World Cup very excited three minutes and I will get a timer are you ready yeah I'm ready three two one go so this is what happened in Switzerland two weeks ago you took your ID you speak to your phone you show the inflection of your ID you say you say random things and run them away and then you receive a key with that key you can vote when you vote you can challenge your vote see that your vote went on the blockchain you can it's last vote that counts meaning if someone comes to you and says hey yeah and I give you ten dollars vote for this guy you can take the ten dollars you can vote for that guy and then change your vote as long as the event is open we did that with Civic and shift you must know Civic right or shift for more than 25,000 people and so we are Agora it's a voting platform on our own block train develop for more than three years by the decentralized and distributed system lab of the Swiss fair instead of technology we have both a permissionless infrastructure and a permission infrastructure to be honest with you voting on permission s infrastructures like easier I'm still not there yet so how we do that we have only invite nodes we invite them it can be the Red Cross the Kofi Annan Foundation Berkeley Stanford the Swiss foreign sphere of technology they provide consensus and you have what we call auditors because with our blockchain you can download a logarithmic part of the blog so you can run the blogs on your phone and you can audit your elections you can audit others elections and actually token holders they stake their tokens for 90 days by staking their token they are able to watch the to watch the the the consensus being being provided we did the Sierra Leone use case people are always asking us how would you sell this to government I will tell you how that works the government came to us after what we didn't say rally on basically it's quite it's not an easy business you just have to find what these government are willing to give and what they're willing to receive basically we lower the expenses by sixty to seventy percent sometimes in some difficult areas the government have to borrow money to run their own elections in the case of who gunned down the case of Kenya Kenya spent five hundred million dollars in in in an election they spent half of that money in security so she can give government the capabilities for their people to vote to define without right there sorry I was I was really I just came from Susanna and I was on Luganda timezone so I was a bitch no worries no ways alright so thank you guys thank you thank you so let's have all the ice Joseph pitch to come back here on stage let's have you line up here uh Leo like all the projects we should start taking pictures of this like a graduation class yeah so the Ian billion of product oral torah i co class 2018 let me take a picture at a circle like in all right all right so now the audience are you guys ready okay so first up what was your I see you again so sea-fight source of fire all right so this is how it works you guys have to make noise for the ACO you like okay now yes yeah that'll be a good idea close the doors all right so we'll start with salsify right so if you like so if I make some noise right that's that's the cue right whether you clap for shouted scream let's dump your feet all right all right are you guys ready oh are you guys ready all right that's much better all right salsify okay and what's your project Wellsburg okay let's let's have you step up here salsify for now for now and Agoura okay I'll go down so so far I got salsify let's target stuff I'll go up salsify okay let us have you step up here for now and what is your product Beyonce screen okay beyond su scream De Anza scream okay stay there for now and last but not least spacial okay specify [Applause] spaceship if I okay this is Thomas and stuff let's just go to hands alright you can only bought yeah I know okay put your hand up if you want source of I in the next round okay alright spaceship oh okay alright Agora okay so we have a gora and so safai everybody else thank you so much thank you thank you we're done okay all right so the next round we'll have our source of you can sit down for now so next round we'll give you how we doing on time because we do have that Champions League game right it's 8:45 okay so let's give you three more minutes but it's time you guys can interact and ask questions actually that's just let's have three questions to ask for the audience so who has a question for source of fire oh so many okay so we'll take only three unfortunately all right you may have to stop all okay what is actually your product and what does it do and what does it he run for exact Euler okay so what is your product so the product is basically marketplace mainly for Wi-Fi and then we decided to edges the marketplace for LTE so through our product we are able to sponsor mobile beta to get mobile data affordably for all the people from development countries and rest of the world so it's like Wi-Fi sharing or something yeah yeah exactly we started as a wife it's like a token any chance we have a history with our token well yeah it's like no it's it no it has nothing to do with our token they were doing the ventilation through global exchanges I do not believe that it can work or it can partially but global exchanges are good for some part of monetization through search party advertisers we do believe in a different type of advertising connecting people with local companies so for example when you enter the shopping mall or the airport you're not interested in advertisement from global Toyota but you are interested in some kind of deal from from local Starbucks getting one plus one and so on okay all right next question over here yes y tokens like why you need to use tokens for from what blockchain y-you don't run it on your own or I mean y-you don't run it at the aura model right now without book chain why you need tokens that's a very good question we decided to switch the two sided market into one sided market and be able to buy mobile data from the carriers and provide a smuggled data by offsetting of setting the cost by advertisement and communication with the sponsors to you end-users so simply so CFI is going to be the mobile data carrier so we are buying the very we are buying a real product which exists on the market and we are sponsoring that product and giving that product to people so that's why we decided for ICO we have one question of a high air what's your heart cap and the soft cap for the project soft cap is 2.1 million and hard cap is 26 million thanks a huge gap can you explain that yeah sure the tiers are set for multiple countries we decided to start in in Kenya South Africa and Nigeria we start with these these three or once we set the right balance between the report and the mobile and the mobile data we will move to other countries once we raise more money we will add multiple countries in the initial phase okay we'll take one more when I'm in Kenya how do i how do I use your service once it's implemented you can simply download the application as yes we call it a CSO CFI engagement solution which can be white label as well from the carrier as well and that application will give you the mobile data in exchange with your engagement all right all right thank you so much thank you okay that was quite the clutch performance there buzzer beater okay all right so who has questions for Agora yeah okay you have one in the back you came with him though what you wanted to do your dad I would like to ask do you have a product yeah we do yeah it's the first time ever we make 25 people vote completely paperless but what you have to understand that each and every use case is very different so we can provide voting solution from A to Z from identification can go with sift shift sorry Civic shift block pass and other ID manager in the in the blockchain industry it just has to be decentralized and no one is keeping your your your data these are our ethic but then if in a country they have for example voting machines we keep the vote the front end on the voting machines and we move the back end to the blockchain if there hundred percent with paper we can track the supply chain of the voting the voting process because I don't know you can in some in some areas you can just open a new envelope company and it's your one if you're part of the government's you can open up an envelope company and you can you become the official provider of the election people have no whatsoever no tracking what is happening during that election how many spend so depending on the country we can go to completely paperless or partially paperless or voting machines so yeah alright next question over here maybe hold on let's first get him what happens what happens if no vote is going on right now with the blockchain because some governments have like a vote maybe but if the vote is over and from the government what happens with the blockchain is it still like running or used for something else so now we have our own ecosystem it has been tested by Swiss banks so we're like many blockchain startups we are bringing people to our ecosystem you're a bit like yes it likes that our foundation so we also use sorry we also use the blockchain for other governmental services so yeah but what you have to understand is that it's medium sized to big sized elections and it's not only governmental election with civic for example we have exclusivity on shareholder shareholder or shareholder elections banking or yeah okay your fault question hey sorry again what's the use of the talking you are giving a token in the IC o—- is it just to buy your services or is it going to be used to for the election No so the thing is that we provide the service in shi'ite to to government and what we didn't like so far is the one vote one token model not very I'm not a huge fan of that because in in that case you can have market manipulation imagines in bad ways by here tokens to run in an election and the price of return can go higher it's really complicated so what we do is that you use your token to observe the elections of the thing is that if you want to observe and be a node on our blockchain you have to take your token for 19 days take your token for 90 days you enter a contract with a Cobra you are KY seed and we take your token for collateral for your for your own honesty meaning if you don't prove if you don't spread for most you're saying the truth about the the elections you will be rewarded for that service you will get more of your own tokens and if you say four more we penalize you and we take these tokens out of you so each time you run an election we run a an election you expect the price of the token to go higher everyone I mean if you want to hold you can hold your your your token you can be a node you can observe election all around the world so it's not one token one vote so once I get to observe elections all right we got let's take this to questions then go to the final round so elections are something that we want to be as secure as possible so what you just explained means you I have a lot of money I can essentially bribe some people and then they will you know their notes will report something then is the truth and and like this okay can't we just you know kind of bribe the elections okay so two things you have the consensus nodes and have the auditor knows providing consensus is for the only invite institution Kofi Annan Foundation the Red Cross the EPFL Society of Technology Berkeley Stanford etc if you want to provide consensus you have to we have to give you the VM the the server you have to store you have to store the server and provide consensus work for us you cannot provide consents what you do is observe the election now I'm observing the election you are key one seat by us meaning that if the Chinese government wants to I don't know maybe the Chinese government either with the Ignite if it's government goes to the market and go to people and give them money and want them to all the the the election and spread FOMO which take your tokens we have like a black and Scholes model with how far you are from the average and then and the medium and the standard deviation of what all of the people are saying if you're that far there is an arbitration of some sort with a kora that you accept by default when you enter the contract with Agora meaning I accept the terms of use and you will and you'll get your token out of your hands and you will never get back your token you will never be able to audit any any any other elections all right all right it worked very well with people spreading form Oh many times and it doesn't work basically all right thank you we're running short on time so let's go to the voting okay so we had a Gora and we specify let's get you back here on stage this is the final moment we've all been waiting for who will be the winner okay are you guys ready again you guys ready all right [Applause] [Applause] just a painting Wow guys talk about a Cinderella story Hey so who drove you here do you take a loo bars does she drive here or somebody driving oh you came running oh man wish Stan had that video footage all right now as the winner the whole audience as a whole you guys can ask questions right so we'll make this a joint AMA since we're running short on time I want to make sure we catch the game all right uh do we have a bar yeah Maya may be downstairs or downstairs okay but anyway so we'll make this a joint ma if you have a question for me or for Leo with Agora for you to ask the question so for Agora as as a token investor like what are the token in economics how do you see the value of the token increase from an investor's perspective now like okay so we receive money from the government that money is in fiat okay with that money we go buy back tokens in the open market we put these tokens and what we call a bonus pool an election bonus pool at election bonus pool all of the tokens that we bought is for two services one the consensus notes these reputable organization NGOs UN type of organization schools they entered a contract with Agoura to provide consensus this guy we're going to reward them for the for the electricity and we are going to reward them meaning that each time we find a very valuable human humanitarian for example project that we want to undertake together for example I Gaurav verses UNESCO in Africa providing water and education about blog china or coding we take part of these tokens we cash out and we go undertake this this project for example we will have our coders giving educational sessions at Berkeley University Stanford new like new nodes an hour an hour system and then this is let's say five or 10% of the pool the rest is for you guys auditors token holders they want to audit elections so you stake tokens you stake 5 or 10% of your tokens no matter if you're rich or poor doesn't matter we really we don't want to rich people to all the direction and poor people not to uh to audit election when you take your token you're providing a service for Agora also so why am why I'm insisting on the fact that we are providing service because it's a utility token you provide a service and by providing that service you get rewarded so as an auditor you want to audit the Sierra Leone election you're from the US or you're from Ghana or whatever you stake some of your tokens you provide that service you check that the consensus has been provided in the right way when it's done you receive more tokens for the service that you're that you have been provided so each time you see agora entering a contract with the government you expect that agora is gonna receive money you expect at that time that the price of the token is gonna go higher because I Cora is gonna buy back tokens from the secondary market everything is completely editable we're not manipulating the price we take that exact amount of money we go by exactly this the amount of token needed and we put these tokens we lock them in a smart contract and then when the election is over you expect your token to go higher twice because you provided a service you're gonna get rewarded you can keep your money or you can let your money because as I said to organizing collections medium-sized to big sized elections meaning not only presidential election can be miss abilities banks institution anyone who needs help logistical help medium medium sized big sized election we can implement our system okay we got a question over here yeah just a small question about you Brandon do you realize that Agora was one of the three biggest illegal drug market places where you could purchase trucks for creep it was shut down in 2015 it was alpha bay Agora and Silk Road and a question if you like connected related and maybe what was like the inspiration for your name honestly the inspiration is the Greek parliament I go I go riding in Greek was the the place where people you know vote but we knew that because we had to approach them for the reddit account and we had a look at what the world was a bit too late for us to to to change the name because we sign already contracts oh yeah hey you say that you will buy back the tokens that you have created why you sell the tokens because we can attract the finance where the creig's for example from the bank or with the investor investors and so so sorry I didn't understand that why do you do talking sale instead of acquiring money where investors or banks or government and so on because we want people to use our our our tokens and to get used to the ecosystem during the first two years if I didn't get the question right just three okay during the the two first years we have what we call new new election it's giveaway programs where people can vote while you have to know that um I'm Swiss and people there vote every three months and they vote on should we dig a new new tunnel between Switzerland and and Italy should we buy new planes for the army so the idea is really to provide liquid and direct democracy people can can vote can make surveys can do referendums it's really to make it as smooth and as easy as organic as possible and to have the token be used as much as possible I don't know if I if I answer your okay so will will not neither in the in the equity round because I mean we're not raising money versus equity because we've been there for so long and we have enough money to do that we just need to business develop so basically we are opening offices in the Philippine I'm not giving you where in next elections are we going we're opening offices and the Philippine there are election in Brazil right now or opening offices opening offices they're opening offices in Guinea opening offices in Rwanda I am half from Tunisia I hope I'm gonna be opening an office there soon Burkina Faso and of course Susan yeah I have a question so how are you different from other voting block chains like horizon state okay there are many differences the first difference that were not on aetherium we have our blockchain the thing is that I believe if you want to if you want to incentivize people to vote around the world they should vote and they should verify the votes on their own phone it's much easier to incentivize people to vote on their phone thing is that with etherion you I think you experience the vaquita situation it's not scalable enough to be able to check the consensus to download the blocks on your on your phone so what we do is that with our block chains called sine chain gained from this with of Technology three years and a half research on on that blockchain you download a logarithmic part of the blocks by downloading logarithmic parts of the blocks you can run the blocks on your phone so this is the first thing okay I have a question and it breaks down in two parts first off I wanted to know what's your soft cut your soft copy on your hard cap for that you're tryna raise okay so the soft cap has been reached it was 1.5 million and the hot cap is 20 million okay and then my follow-up question is you said you have a buyback after you saw the service to a government agency or whoever it is what percentage of the total settlement are you are you buying back or how does that work are you gonna buy back the whole amount are you gonna write back a portion we're because we're investors so we are looking for returns and if we see a token and your hard cap is 20 million then we want to understand how much you're gonna buy back each time you saw an election because due to that then we're gonna gain value right so we buy back 65 percent from what the government gave us as money so 65 percent of the money goes you guys and to the to the to the know to the Consensus knows okay and from your experience if you have a range or government election yeah how much can that cost and if you can just disclose out in front averages around 550 million dollars per election so 550 million dollars per election and you're gonna buy back 65% so the thing is that we are not only running governmental governmental like big size big size election we also run smaller election for example with an election day is seven million okay so each each time we receive I can't really tell you because the expenses dependents on the on the use case if we have to have people on the ground so if it's completely paperless it's you know how how it works we have to pay for the research and development we have and all the rest is for is for you guys if it's for example Kenya for example Tunisia of or if there are voting machines and then they need experts or stress that's the code the infrastructure during the election day and we have to provide observers and people on the ground so I can't really tell you because the tree depends on the on the on the use case but the exact year exact yeah all right all right guys we're out of time unfortunately we're gonna have to wrap up yeah that talks about the team okay so I've already done my homework okay cool so this is a very good question because we've been holding on our team section last week for two reasons the first reason that we redesigning the website the second reason is that we have some announcement to make so maybe we can announce the announcement here yeah okay cool so the former first lady of Ukraine Ekaterina Yushchenko is joining our board the former president of Mauritius is joining our board Joseph Weinberg the guy behind pay case and shift is joining our board this is mastery ambassador at the African Union is joining our board many other business development happening in the countries that I that I that I told you so you're gonna see also someone from the people from the Philippine misses Africa is also joining our boat is from working a fossil so yeah many other people come hang on Fort Agora AG are a sorry h0ra Delta vote vot thank you alright y'all so send your love because y'all been great frog we're gonna do a song I don't know if you guys have heard about our music but we're doing a whole crypto album so everybody get up alright everybody we're in the middle turn it up mark King no matter what still away loser mark it up market day God we love you thank you so much for the so vets topic or watch Liverpool go crush over are you one believe Mathilde and women buns are locum you believe in hit again no longer ever questioning yourself of you believe it don't you never questioning yourself of you believers tones

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