I TOLD YOU!!?? BTC – XRP – DOW JONES TRADING SIGNALS?? You Don’t Want To Miss This!?

I was right again!
My accuracy is on fire,
and that’s an understatement.
Some of you guys who are new to this channel still
believe this is impossible.
Or you think i am lucky? You mean lucky for 40+ timings
in a row in several different markets with predictions made weeks in advance? 
haters man, these haters make me laugh, i’m enjoying these comments so much because every
time i can prove them wrong.
Just keep on hating, i thank you for making my channel
more popular! Much love. 

In this video i will give some new timing predictions
and do a recap of the earlier predictions.
The markets i will cover in this video will be
dow jones industrial average, xrpusd, btcusd. If you would like to see the same type of
predictions for gold, euro usd, and the dollar index please subscribe as i will post a video
tomorrow regarding these markets. 
Now let’s get back to the charts because i know you
guys and girls have been waiting a long time for a new video.

10 february i posted my second dow jones video on youtube.
In this video i gave you
the most important dates for this year where we would see MAJOR turns.
I told you guys that 6 february and 13 february would be the potential start of the recession.
huge decline was expected and predicted, and that’s exactly what happened.

Now if
you look at the last important date we see 18 march which would be the end of the decline
for now at least. 
Exactly like predicted we had this decline till 18 march and from
there the market started trending up.

How did i know this in advance? A combination
of different mathematical calculations, some made by hand some made by my software.
i get multiple confirmations i know for sure these timings will be accurate, simple as
that. This uptrend could continue till our next
timing which is 19th may. 
There could be an inversion, but i will let you guys know
when that happens. 
For now we are in uptrend. 

In my last dow jones video i told you
guys this decline was over and a new uptrend was going to happen.
Some of the non believers
posted comments and have send me personal messages talking about how this would be impossible.

Now couple of days later you guys are really quiet. I think many of these haters lost all
their money thinking this market would decline further. 
I don’t do fundamentals, i don’t
look at news, i don’t care about statistics. 
The only thing i care about is my accurate
predictions which are purely based on mathematical calculations.
I don’t care if the president
got shot or if a new world war breaks out, these predictions stay accurate for 80% to
90% of the time. 

I’m not saying to blindly follow my predictions, but if you
ignore my predictions you can only blame yourself for losing your account. 
Wake up, i am
here to help you. If you are stubborn you choose to lose money. 

I know you guys
will ask me questions, do i buy or sell now, when do i buy, is it safe, A.A. can you please
help me? 
Listen, you can see the timing dates right? The last timing was your entry.
If you missed it that’s your own fault. 
I gave it to you weeks in advance so you
have no excuse. 

If you need more short term timing predictions for dow jones to get
new entries you will have to wait. 
I will make a video with more timings for dow jones
but i will have to see when i have some time left. 
I am a very busy man, so be patient.
This channel is not my priority. Now let’s take a look at the btcusd chart.
previous xrp videos i posted on youtube i talked about btcusd and xrpusd having the
same timing dates.
That’s because bitcoin is still king and if bitcoin declines, most
of the time the alt coins will follow. 
So that’s why i concentrate on the bitcoin
chart first, once i have these timings you can simply copy paste them for xrpusd and
possibly other altcoins. 
As long as bitcoin stays king this method will continue to work. So as i mentioned in previous xrp videos we
would have a timing for 13 march and this timing came in as a low. 
Which means we
have been going in an uptrend starting from that date.
Our next timing pivot is for
29 march as told the community several times. 

Now you can clearly see that this next
timing pivot 29 march will become a high.
A decline will follow, the potential for a decline
is very high!
We will have to wait for the exact date to get confirmation but you can
see the accuracy of previous timings so that should give you some confidence in my trading

I have more timing dates on this chart which i won’t show in this video.

If you would like to know the next date for a low in bitcoin to buy your favourite
cryptocurrencies at a discount you will need to join our community on telegram.
completely free. But i will not show everything on youtube. The community will always be first
to receive my long term predictions for bitcoin. 

A new decline will start in btcusd so
prepare for the worst guys. 
Don’t sell your crypto if you are a long term hodler.

If you are a hodler, only buy more crypto on the given dates were we will see new lows.

Only trade my predictions if you are a trader with several years of experience. 
even then you should first get used to my trading system and my predictions. 

you could potentially lose a lot of money and that will be your own fault, i warned

Now if you are an experienced trader and you have been following my videos, you
are ready to make massive profits from these predictions. 

For the last chart
we will take a quick look at xrpusd. 
As i mentioned the timings on daily timeframe
are the same for xrp as for btc. 
So 29 march we will see a high in xrpusd with huge
potential for a following decline. 
Same story as for btcusd. 

But we can take
a look at the short term timings on 1 hour timeframe for xrpusd. 
This was my first
time doing so please be aware that it’s more like an experiment. 
A successful experiment
you can say. 

Because calculating these smaller timings on 1 hour timeframe is much
more difficult and more time consuming. 
There are also many more inversions in this system
which means these timing pivots won’t be going always from high to low to high to low.

This is the case for my predictions on daily timeframe but i can not get the same
accuracy on 1 hour timeframe. But i was still able to make some huge profits
with these timing signals on 1 hour timeframe and i will quickly show you how to do that.

So here we have multiple timings spread over a couple of days.
We do not know which
of them will be a high or a low so we will need to watch the chart on every timing that
You can set your alarm clock on your phone on these timings so you will never
miss a timing. That’s the first thing you need to do. 

Now that you have done that
let’s go to step 2. 

Step 2 is about knowing what the main trend is for now.
very simple. If you watched my videos you knew that 13 march was our last timing pivot.
was a low. So that means we are in an uptrend till 29 march. 

So the main trend for
this period is an uptrend.

Now that we know this we can go to step 3. 

3 is actually pretty simple but can be confusing from time to time. 
Now that we know that
we are in an uptrend we are only going to search for buying opportunities. 
The trend
is your friend, don’t make it your enemy. 

So every time when our alarm clock goes
off, we go and check the chart to see if we hit a low or a high on that specific timing.

If we get a low we have a high potential setup to open a new buy position. 
If we
get a high on that timing we will wait for the next timing. 

Simple as that, nothing
difficult about this system. 

Now let’s take a look on the chart how this would look.

Our first timing was definitely a high so we won’t trade this timing pivot. 
second timing was a low but our timing was 1 hour off, which happens from time to time.

I’m not perfect so you need to take that in consideration that the timings could be
an hour early or later. 

For me this was a good potential trade so here i opened
a new buy position. 
The 3rd timing was not clear at all, and for sure not a low.

So this one i didn’t trade. 

The 4th timing was definitely a high and was 1
hour early. 
So this one we shouldn’t trade as we only search for lows on the timings.

The 5th and the 6th timing were beautiful entries as we saw 2 lows on those timings.

And look at what kind of profits you could have earned with these short term trades.

1st trade would now be running at 17% profits.
2nd trade now running at 8% profits
trade now running at 8% profits 

Imagine if you could make these profits day by day
in multiple markets? 
That’s your golden ticket to success. 

That’s what i do
every day.

If you want to learn more about my trading methods and how i manage
my capital, stay tuned because i will explain more in future videos. 

The link to my telegram channel will be in the description. 

How can YOU cash in on these predictions? 

notification bel) so you never miss a video of my future predictions.

 Anonymous Analyst OUT!

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