33 thoughts on “I Think Bitcoin Is About To PLUMMET. – BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING ANALYSIS”

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  2. I wonder how people listen to you still since you were WROOOOONNNNGGGGG . you are like a wind , Keep Changing your mind.

  3. First time viewing your videos on YT's recommendation. Was all going well until you started rambling about GoT, that's when you lost me. Not everyone watches it so it's a poor vehicle for analogies.

  4. Um.. remember when btc tested 6k over and over…? Eventually it breaks.. maybe not this time but eventually.

  5. Can someone give me some money(only 0.001btc )? I am too hungry and have not eaten for two days.
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  6. Hes wrong. Bitcoin is going to slowly grind to 6k. When you realize this, message me and ill give you real informtation.

  7. WRONG! It's just trying to get all pessimists like YOU out of the market! AND it's successful by doing so! 😉

  8. remind us again why would average normal people buy btc!? most of us hold what, something around 5,10,20, maybe 50 btc (not me, less then 1 unfortunately), but the point is, a whale that has thousands or tens of thousands, wtf would they keep accumulating for!? So we the average joe keep on buying at current price more or less, while the average whale keeps on selling, maybe triggering lower prices and rebuying cheaper, while we either hodl for a price that might never spike (since 2017 was mainly wash trading) or sell in resentment. Not so sure about that bull run afterall…

  9. Running a signals group and saying its not financial advice seems like a contradiction…. Or an I missing something?

  10. The 200W will hold support even if it breaks 10% or so to it. The golden cross already happened for LTC, BTC is next within 6 months.

  11. Plummet? You and all other retailers. Since thats the seemingly obvious direction to everyone, I’m more inclined to say bullish. Don’t be surprised to see a huge surge in buying volume out of nowhere.

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