I Lost MILLIONS Of Dollars On Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto

all right so somebody said they like this shirt on me so I'm gonna wear it in every single video actually no I haven't taken a shower since I posted those last video somewhere in the same thing and I'm actually cleaning my own house I say like that someone gave me crap you're like why do you clean your own house it's like well I'm trying to become an adult more and I'm really messy you guys saw my car then you guys seen the Ferrari with plastic seats there's reasons behind this but yeah so it's like my meditation cleaning now that's what I'm doing my friend was here he just came over we're gonna go country club so I got on these hoes but before we do that I was like I got to post the video and we were actually talking about Bitcoin and so now enough of that rant in the beginning there I've lost millions of dollars on Bitcoin that's a very this is a very sobering talk a sobering video even talking about this what I mean by losing – let's clarify that in the sense of I never put in millions of dollars into Bitcoin and it's not like I you know reinvested more at the top but I bought Bitcoin very early and you see this I get razor burn but I I bought in very very early around twenty thirteen fourteen fifteen around then you know all throughout those years I've been in Bitcoin for a long time and then I got aetherium early 2016 around eight eight to twelve dollars as my cost basis on that and I'm heavily more in than cerium that's where so most of my losses have came from recently but I bought them very early in large quantities that's you know throughout the years and even then a little bit amount of money it really compounded into a lot so at one point I even have it it's funny I think I'll post this screenshot here you guys will get to see it this was an account I made in at the top I took a picture of it and you get my balance that was in coinbase and even then throughout the years I had other other accounts I have cold storage I kept it in security boxes even to this day I don't really you know I know the exact amount of coins I could have I could calculate it but if I plug it in and just actually like put it into a brokerage I would be very shocked and surprised I'm sure but essentially I was uh I was up a lot and it got high I sold some I took out seven figures I purchased the properties with it but it was not nearly you know a lot pretty much of what I could have liquidated at one point around seven million dollars it said that I was just telling my friend this and he was just looking at me like dude you're absolutely insane and I am and I've done stuff like this before even with puts in the market and through learning lessons but beyond learning lessons too it's you know you guys are gonna stop blood let you know how I'm playing this investment but there's a lot to learn there's a lot tells you about investments and and everything but it's interesting how you behave when you're in the moment and even seeing now even seeing how bitcoins reacted like go look at one of my top videos it is a cerium is gonna go to $10,000 and I was making that for like clickbait just to get fews people were going crazy on it but I did believe in the theory I'm I still do believe in cryptocurrency that's what sucks because I don't want to sound like the biggest bag holder in the world but I kind of am but I don't want it to sound like oh it's gonna go back up some people are in real denial they bought in really really high you know a venture it's crazy because these are prices that I I was even shocked when people were buying Bitcoin at three and four thousand or six or seven thousand back when it started running up so but I still believe in it I had you know I'm holding in the long term you know who knows what this is gonna be at 15 20 years from now that's my plan with it that's why I don't care the fact that it's blossomed into such a large position was great and I kept it but even as a traitor and everything you could learn a lot from it because when you're up on money you gotta realize it's yours and take it I've been I've been more in the mood of taking profits lately especially in this very volatile market and you know valuations are shifting and going crazy and even understanding why Bitcoin even dropped in the first place in aetherium this is just global economics you know it is now a global currency and it's dropping because go look around people are selling off gold silver commodities stocks in every single country are getting sold off so you know it's there's many things going on with it but you have to put that into context put that into perspective but it's that's my story with it I am NOT going to go into too much detail with it really what's happened this happened that's why I like a lot of you know what is there to learn from it take your profits at the top there's euphoria you have many levels but also to I'm I'm holding and the question is like do you sell out and try to find the bottom to buy back in and that's the slippery slope because you know I was even explaining to my friend I had this car this guy was about to sell me a Bitcoin he wanted three Bitcoin at the time which was worth about when Bitcoin was at 19,000 a pop he wanted 60,000 bucks or like seventy two thousand dollars for a used like 2015 s63 AMG decked out and he said he'd take three Bitcoin and I was gonna do it I was like all right that's a pretty decent deal but we ended up not I was I was trying to lowball him I was going crazy but he you know he would have done that deal and if I did that I essentially could have got this 72 thousand dollar car which still one year later is worth about six the thousand dollars s63 AMG with like 15,000 miles and bitcoin is now worth like $9,000 for those same three bitcoins so pretty crazy to think about and you know that's the question it's like could I've done that gave him those Bitcoin at the time and then bought back in yeah but that's if you knew what was gonna happen but if Bitcoin went to you know 60,000 a pop it would not have been like oh I could have bought a 488 brand-new with three Bitcoin but instead I got a used at 63 but then again I guess either outcome doesn't sound as bad versus the other so bitcoins at 4,000 bucks as we make this video again that means my account my my 7 million dollars is anywhere between I don't know 700,000 and like 1.55 1.6 million maybe I don't know it's I don't care at this point I capitulated a long long time ago I stopped giving a and I'm holding it because that is my plan you know I plan to hold this like I held my facebook and like I've held my Google and you know even if the stock market crashes tomorrow the global economy collapses I still think that Bitcoin if seniors will be worth something is it gonna be worth 7 million I pray to God if not you know I lost a couple thousand dollars that I already wrote off a few years ago so that's my story with it I would love to hear your guys's stories if you've lost on Bitcoin let's explain it let's explore this more how about this maybe we can make this like a support group that's like my introduction I'm Josh answers nice to meet you I lost millions of dollars on Bitcoin I think I might have a problem I think a lotta you might have a problem if you guys want to share your share your story below and we could all start just diving deeper into this pop yeah I love you guys let me know if you need anything else for me if you need a hug if you've lost your money on Bitcoin I have Bitcoin videos and crypto videos on my channel they're funny to watch looking back everything is funny to watch looking back but there's ways to make money in crypto I still like it I'm still looking at even stocks investing in Chane and how that is gonna function you guys should check out IBM and what they're doing that's a big one but it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out my thoughts again don't necessarily change on it all that changes the price but that that's why – again that's why I've made so much money that's why I lost so much money technically by not taking because my thoughts have always been consistent I did take money at the top because it did it grows fast and that's that's pretty much my point is trying to find that balance same thing happens with options a lot but options you know they're gonna expire worthless you don't really know that about crypto and bitcoins so yeah that's pretty much it but I'd love you guys subscribe if you guys don't know about the cult you should inquire about the cult take a look at the links below check the free stock trading course it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency but I think a lot of the people subscribe to this channel from my crypto stuff you should probably I you probably need a new job so you should look in the crypto I'm just kidding about stocks I'm tired I just I'm not even tired at all actually I just don't like talking about this subject because I just remember when everybody would so I'm gonna end it there I love you all stay in school subscribe the channel peace out

20 thoughts on “I Lost MILLIONS Of Dollars On Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto”

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  2. I have no sympathy for anyone that bought into BITCOIN pre-bullrun or midway and are now claiming they lost anything. Don't be stupid next time… ??‍♂️

  3. my story? i'm -92% down in crypto. i lost thousand and thousand of dollars. i'm depressed. i kick myself because I discovered bitcoin too late. just 1 year earlier would have made me rich. RIP.

  4. How did you hear about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and determine they were worth investing in? Did you buy off concept or just determine the demand is there?

  5. Josh, just thinking that at one point you saw your portfolio at $7M and decided not to liquidate a majority of your holdings speaks volumes. I know you're smart, and although i think you said you initially invested a couple thousand and that amount doesnt mean much to you, it tells me a smart investor like yourself believes bitcoin (and other crypto) are so much more valuable than $19000 a pop. Any other person would have liquidated at 3,5,7,10k, but you value bitcoin at much more than that. I wonder if institutions around the world are thinking the way you do and if they are, we are in for a hell of a ride. nice vid

  6. Thanks for your transparency Josh, nobody is perfect and it takes guts to hold so much money with current volatility

  7. I cant even afford a car, not even a 750 dollar one, its great being a disabled combat vet, cant even get to my Drs appointments.

  8. yeah yeah you lost the millions you never had to begin with. if you didn't loose your capital then just shush. could've should've, would've. don't be greedy man.

  9. I lost money as well. Even though I only put in money that i can live without, it still sucks man. My big issue is buying too high and just holding too long and not capitalizing on opportunities when the arise. I did this with bitcoin/ethereum last year and to a lesser extent weed stocks earlier this year. I just got greedy bro. Thats all I have to say.

  10. I lost on tron over 1000$ lost 3000$ ltc but I'm still on up due to xrp @.11 sold @3$ bought dbl @ .71 and took 13k profit on xrp in jan

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