yo what's guys how's everybody doing all having a fantastic day before I get straight into this analysis I wanted to give you a quick update on what's going on with the channel you may have noticed that over the past couple days and weeks I haven't really been uploading much a lot of that is because it has been the holiday season sort of Christmas New Year's spending a lot of time with the family happily being away from the charts for a little bit you know as I've said a couple of times taking regular breaks from trading I I'm hesitant off I think that you will fall out of touch with the market but you know like I didn't take a single break since 2017 and so kind of being away for even like two weeks is a very good idea just to kind of reset a little bit and it has been very beneficial to me but the other big reason for why I haven't been very active in really anything lately is because I've been setting up my first office so this is where I'm at right now this is kind of my main workstation got the MacBook there and the Dell monitor just behind it's been pretty cool and it's gonna mean that a lot of awesome things are coming before I get into that though I want to kind of give you a tour it's not like this is a very big office the main attraction is actually right there behind me you kind of sorted a few seconds ago so I've got a six monitor setup right there we've got this is not easy Bitcoin if you to ripples there because because I'm an idiot like this hand rhythm stuff is very hard and then I don't know whether people do it and then Kondo know and drawn down there six months of setup you know I mean it is admittedly perhaps a little bit excessive but one of the key things about this is that you can run the same chart on different time frames you can run the same child in different time frames so for example Bitcoin for our one hour one day and you know these things will be there it's very very easy to switch between windows another very very big useful use case for this and I'm saying this because my immediate reaction when I first saw like a six model to set up a trading was wow that's excessive but you will realize the utility very quickly one of the big things about this is you might want to track for example as I used to say ripple was acting the opposite of Bitcoin right so when Bitcoin was dropping from 5,000 to 6,000 dollars ripples rising higher because it was holding a 2 USD value so you could track on one which is that one and on that screen ripple over there and Bitcoin down there and you can see how they act in tandem with each other it is really really cool there is so much a use case so many use cases for this but oh yeah and my favorite aspect is actually down here so you can see we've got this is not the right perspective you can see we've got a bull and a bear statue there so the best at you is the one that is in front it's not very easy to tell at the moment but that is the one closer to me to kind of signify that we are very much in a bear market and once that does swap around this is for Bitcoin I will be swapping places this bear statue swapping places with the bull there and kind of being in front to signify that we're now in a bull market so that is definitely pretty cool but guys I mean it has been an amazing run you know right so from 2017 this is I mean with this YouTube channel I've been doing YouTube since I was like 8 very very young I'm 17 now and and so I've been at this for a very long time I used to be gaming then it was tech reviews and now it's been crypto a couple things in between and you know crypto kind of started in 2017 it was a great run in 2017 very very easy to make money a lot of people watching this channel did make money in 2017-2018 much more so I was in that stupid kind of you for your phrase that everyone else was not being able to see with sobriety you know to see what's going on let me just sit down there I think the Lighting's better so obviously had those issues with seeing the market back in early 2018 but you know the deal is it's very easy to make money in a bull market because everything just goes up but in a bear market you really need to develop very strong skills so that's exactly what I started doing back in May it's actually not that hard all it takes is desperation once you're desperate enough to learn you're really gonna be able to put your mind to it that's exactly where I was in May that was my low point not in terms of portfolio but in terms of just kind of confidence as a trader and you know June is where VIP we started a lot of people making a lot of money not just in VIP but also watching the channel it's been an amazing run but guys 2019 is where it is absolutely going to be amazing and one of the big reasons for that is that a lot of new content is gonna be coming straight out of this office right so it's not just me in here there are there is space for three people to work inherit it's not huge but fortunately with something like this with an operation like this you don't need a massive team I I much prefer the intimacy of a smaller workplace I think it's way way better than the larger corporations and so it is going to mean that a lot of new content is going to be coming forward first of all is going to be much more consistent uploads I've already been quite consistent with it with a couple of exceptions where it is going to mean that analysis is going to be much easier to produce and much more regular as well one of the big things though is also a lot more free content right so you definitely know I've been reserving nearly everything for VIP members and that is mostly gonna stay the same because I like to put everything in a very significant if acun area but once you've got access to it it's kind of like opening the gates but there is gonna be a lot more free content coming I'm actually opening up a trading school not sure on the pricing for that but that will potentially be partnering up with someone who is quite famous you might already know him he's not too big in the crypto space though but it's gonna be really really cool I have been keeping that one on the ground but I'm ready to talk about it just a little bit teat a little bit here and there before it's released within a couple of weeks or months we've got a team behind that as well on everything kind of working out of this area it is pretty damn cool you know having this work place and never really going into like a suit and tie job in my life I guess that's a that that's a drawback I kind of wish I had that experience but you know I mean apart from that it is looking pretty damn cool as for VIP lots more new stuff coming in those things will be updated in the actual VIP Channel so members who are there will be able to see what's up there but yeah I just kind of wanted to give you this a quick update well it's not been quick at all I'm sorry about that I'm gonna get straight to this left up now and give you a short bit of analysis and then the regular uploads will probably start by tomorrow okay so now that that super longer update was out of the way let's take a look at what's happened over the past few days it's actually been good that I haven't been at the charts too much over videos and stuff like that because really not much has happened there are a few interesting patterns that we did have which I didn't really pay attention to the first one is this ascending triangle I know that he was talking about this so he's know some trader I've said this many times you should check out his channel this is kind of the extending triangle that was being looked at within this space and it is where lower sorry higher lows are being set and in this case I didn't draw it correctly but you typically just have a horizontal line and it means that you're still seeing the same highs but the lows are getting squeezed higher and basically what this means is that there's more buying pressure yeah it's like if you if you imagine the buying pressure is being compressed and then eventually it has to give it explodes upwards and that is exactly what happened now you know what this isn't really surprising you know one of the big reasons I didn't look at this is because I outlined basically the exact same thing would happen I just used a different way to show it and what I said is that we would instead be we are interested looking at a falling wedge formation now I shouldn't really take much credit for saying this because the other very important thing I said is that if it goes on for too long it's not actually a falling wedge it shouldn't really be going on for longer than the actual rise up and in this case it wasn't validated according to those conditions but I'm not very strict with something like this in this case so I still treated it as a regular falling wedge within a potential mid term uptrend that is exactly what we've seen it's been a nice little you know just just like I say the typical kind of best-case scenario you want to see on a chart something a little bit like this exactly that so very very nice formation there that's pretty much where the good news ends though you know because in the last video you know I still hang on to what I said about how I think we're going to see the higher levels and it's been true we've now hit a high of looking at the ohlc on the top a high of four thousand and eighty eight dollars and what I said is that we'd end up seeing four thousand two hundred so I'm pretty happy with that accuracy and I just wanna say yes I am recording I'm pretty happy with that accuracy it didn't really hit that 4200 target but what I mentioned in that video is that we have a lot of resistance up ahead and I don't have any of my templates anymore that is extremely annoying I don't know why that's happened I'm gonna go to the Ichi Mogu cloud real quick and show you what's going on there so on the daily we've got resistance right up ahead and what I don't know why all of my indicators have been reset this is really gonna piss me off on the daily we have our Ichimoku cloud which is pretty much right at our current price level 30 days in the future and it is a sign that you know if we end up testing this level it's not gonna be very easy to break on higher and like I said that the good news pretty much ends where we broke out of this four language because when we broke out we didn't really see a massive volume uptick either and the following day which is today it's just kind of been like a reversal doji kind of candle not you know this is not instilling much confidence for the Bulls and this is exactly what I said would happen I mentioned it if we do end up rising to this level there is gonna be a lot of weakness from the Bulls and with this weakness and this heavy heavy razor guys guys back in 2018 I have zoomed out away too much back in 2018 ah this is weird you know oh this all the settings are completely wrong okay no they're not wrong no no they're not wrong there's just something else that's wrong with this chart which I can't figure out this is very very annoying but um with the exception of that weird thing going on over how I'm not too sure this is when the cloud turned red it was accurate for all 2018 so it always gave us areas where Bitcoin would trade within the cloud and get rejected right one two three four five times it doesn't even have to trade within the cloud it can just touch the bottom and so with this weakness from the Bulls and seeing that the cloud is now inching much much closer to us this is a sign that we could be ready for a reversal going back on downwards and like I said the big reason for this is that we're testing levels where there is a lot of resistance now and when we're doing that if we still believe we're going to go on higher what we need to see to validate that is strength from the Bulls and we're not seeing strength from the balls because like I said the volume hasn't really surged up the second day after we move is kind of looking like a reversal candle you want to see straight bye bye bye action you don't want to see bye and then apprehension and then maybe buy again yeah that this is not how it's supposed to look a special accounting encountering so much resistance guys when we bear in mind that there is so much weakness in this range right now and that we were about to test such a heavy level of resistance you know the chances that we're even gonna see something like 5k do honestly look quite slim what I would potentially be looking at is maybe a test of this Ichimoku cloud say the the 43 $4,400 region this would be a pretty nice place for it to top out you can see where this way kind of ends 4400 the high 43 hundreds in fact that is exactly forty 414 you can see on the OHL see on the top there 4414 seeing a top out almost exactly there would be a very very nice situation and that would fit in pretty nicely with the trend the other big thing though and I posted this in the free telegram channel there's a link to it it's the first one in the description down below the other big thing I mentioned again I don't have my templates I do have my EMA so this is cool okay so yeah this is telling us we're in a pretty hefty area of resistance but the fact that we've traded in this EMA ribbon for so long kind of invalidates it as resistance I wouldn't be paying attention to this too much anymore now I've got to manually close these our first of all problems but um the other big thing I wanted to talk about is is what I mentioned in the telegram channel and this is actually from I believe moon overload on Twitter I follow a lot of crypto Twitter people just to kind of see what's up because it's always good to kind of take ideas from other people you know what I'm seeing is one thing but you know we've got a team behind the for flies gold and VIP thing we've got a you know it's good to be sharing ideas like that and that's why I like to look at Twitter and it's why I always recommend you know I watch people like Donald I don't watch him but I read his stuff Alessio Kirby these kinds of people it's good to build a network and you can kind of take their ideas and build them into your own and you know what this mood overload guy kind of painted is that going back to the old bubble pop cycle what we could very well be in is a brief area of consolidation before we actually end up going significantly lowere and we start to trade within a much larger range and you know it could be that this range that we're in right now is what the box represents so it could be something like this and I've actually said that I think that's possible but and I've also said this a couple of times it doesn't feel like the paint has been real enough you know what I have said multiple multiple times is that um you know in about and this is not just what I'm say this is what anyone who's got a little bit of experience in market cycles will tell you is that in Behr mark and the bubble pop cycles the most die-hard of believers will be shaken out and what I've said over and over is that if we go below $1,000 that is what would shake those people out it would be a little bit like what happened last time where it waked down to something like $200 just to really really frighten people right at the end 160 dollars I think it did very very scary numbers and if something like that were to happen not only would it be a complete market reset which would be very healthy for the long-term trend it would also really shake a lot of people out and like I said I can't even guarantee that I myself wouldn't be shaken out of obviously we have been selling Bitcoin in VIPs and up here on and so there's pretty much no risk exposure left anymore but either way these are things that I am seeing playing out and the bigger picture what I really wanted to kind of hit home right now is that even though we have seen a couple of nice signs on Bitcoin right now it has got way too much resistance up ahead for it to be anything bullish in my opinion it still looks very very bearish what I said in that video is that I'm short term bullish and long term bearish I need to clarify that short term bullish meaning kind of what's gonna happen in the next sort of 72 hours that's what I consider short term and then long term bearish this was a very poor choice of wording I meant long term bearish is in sort of the next couple of months not the next couple of years I do think that Bitcoin will end up recovering I don't think it's good to believe it will I don't think it's good to say oh it definitely will recover because the fact is it definitely doesn't have to but I'd long-term of course I do think that Bitcoin has a more upward potential how much doesn't matter to me I am a trader what I care about is what happens in the next 72 hours so you know even if Bitcoin were to go down zero most definitely won't but even if it would I would just trade it down I would just short it and make the profits as I like to do and of course all of that will be going straight to VIP occasionally filtered into gold as well so the details on how to join both of those will be right down below at the first link in the description below with that I really hope you have enjoyed this video I'm sorry for the overly long intro there I you know tend to get carried away you know that very well but with that it has been an absolute pleasure I can't wait to absolutely smash it with you guys in 2019 live streams will be restarting very very soon I just need to figure out a couple more things on the tech side but with that yeah I'm out peace

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