I bought a fake ID and accidentally made $6k in Bitcoin

So a while ago, I made this video for work where I talk about how I happen to have some Bitcoin as a result of a purchase I made years ago. The detail I failed to mention in that video was that the purchase I made was a fake ID. [Music] I honestly barely remember how I did it. The method I used is most likely
at this point obsolete anyways, but I went on to Reddit and I found this subreddit that was very subtly named /r/fakeID. I didn’t leave any comments, didn’t ask
any questions or make any posts, I just browsed until I found
all the information that I needed to procure that sweet sweet underage alcohol. By the way, in case you were wondering, yes,
that subreddit is banned now, and I in no way condone the buying of fake IDs. In retrospect what I did was completely stupid, and instead of becoming Bitcoin rich, I could have easily just been
scammed out of all my money. And obviously the whole Bitcoin thing
did not work out too well for me anyhow. Anyways in various attempts to cover my tracks, I decided I would buy a prepaid credit card, paid for in cash. So I went to CVS and bought
one of these prepaid credit cards, and went home gleefully to buy some Bitcoin, one step closer to the fake ID of my dreams. So, I’m pretty sure I used coinbase to buy
them but I honest-to-god can’t remember which brings me to my next issue – I don’t know what my public key is,
or what my private key is, which is basically like not even knowing your bank account number or your password. Even if I did use Coinbase, I very specifically remember signing up for it using my
Emerson email which was my college email, and since I worked at IT I knew that my
email would eventually expire after I graduated, which I used in an attempt to cover my tracks because what I was doing was technically illegal, so…fuck. So I send the Bitcoin, and weeks later
I get a card in my mailbox. It’s a birthday card, like the kind a
grandma would send almost, except slipped inside it is a fake Illinois ID, ready to use. And BOY did I use it. In fact most of the time I used it right here,
at this store behind me. The closest I ever came to being caught was once when they asked for my zip code, and I miraculously spat out 60202. After that I vowed to never go in again, especially not after my 21st birthday because then they would realize it was a fake the whole time! I can’t believe I actually thought they gave a shit. So let’s go in and get a six-pack for old times’ sake. So after I got the ID, I still actually
had some Bitcoin left over. I initially remember I bought just over one Bitcoin, so for some reason the number 0.64 sticks in my head as to how much Bitcoin I had left. So let’s just basically say
that I had .64 hypothetical Bitcoin. At the time, I really had no idea as to how I would go about turning this back into real money, and you know I just…I don’t know, it just
wasn’t worth the hassle. It was then that I realized I had fucked
up. Bitcoin was now the subject of multiple news articles as its value had reached ten thousand dollars. So my lost Bitcoin was now worth $6400. The value of it changes pretty rapidly, so by the time you’re watching this,
it honestly could be worth like nothing, but needless to say at one point
I missed out on a lot of money. So like I don’t really know what to do with all of this; I just kind of thought it was a funny story. I’m sure many a dumb ass like myself just used Bitcoin to purchase something illegal off the internet and forgot about it, but if anyone has suggestions on how to
retrieve my lost Bitcoin, I guess I welcome them in the comments, and I’m gonna go have a drink
and try to forget about this.

54 thoughts on “I bought a fake ID and accidentally made $6k in Bitcoin”

  1. I have my notifications turned on for you so of course the title alone made me snort so hard. 😂😂 And the sign behind you at the beginning of the video! Ah, man, I hope you get your money back.

  2. Surely you can email or call coinbase support and try to get them to unlock your account? Certainly worth a try.

  3. Just forget it. You'll be much peaceful and happy for sure. Really like your videos because of the honety been for a sub for a long, keep crushing it. Hope you'll post more frequently.

  4. Nice video 😀 Also, have you ever tried blue moon with a slice of orange? A pub I went to always served it like that, it was fantastic.

  5. There are companies out there specifically for retrieving bit coin if you've lost your login information. I imagine if you remember your old Emerson email it would be somewhat simple for them to figure out. Of course, they take a heft percentage of whatever it's worth. But hey, at least you get something?

  6. My bitcoin is stuck in my account too. Back when coinbase gave you a free bitcoin for joining. I also have 4. And yes, the fake IDs from the Silk Road mostly, and it’s gone now

  7. Yeah once you lose your bitcoin wallet info you're basically fucked. Like finding the hay in a Russia sized needlestack.

  8. And Bitcoin is now 3400 and I bought $50 as a fuck it and now if I were to sell only get $15 back so yeah it’s going to rest for some time

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  13. Ah i wish i bought bitcoin! Omg if i couldn't love you more, you now drink blue moon my fav! With a slice of orange, its bledy amazing!

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  15. If you stored them on Coinbase you never had your private key , they have the keys . If you remember you email address you signed up with I can probably help you .

  16. Bro taking a picture of your actual ID and putting it on your thumbnail isn't smart LOL I'm not a creep but just by pausing the screen and saying your thumbnail I can see your address and lots of things about you shouldn't be leaking information out so easily LOL

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  18. Someone tried to talk me into purchasing bitcoins a couple years ago. Please don't tell me i lost the chance to make lots of money. Kind of like when I almost bought Walmart stock back in the early 90s before super Walmart and nobody would ever admit they even walked into a Walmart. Yes, a poor decision that will forever haunt me

  19. Clickbait. You can easily get the bitcoin back. Just contact customer support with your email. Was coinbase even around back then? Meh

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