I attend Youtube University (Education has Changed)

this is the real black Satoshi this is quipped Obama this is the blockchain hustla also known as alumni and as well as a current student of YouTube University it is one of the most prestigious well-known universities out there and the entire planet and yeah as you may know from watching my previous videos I’m a self-taught developer computer programmer I knew nothing about programming computers whatsoever or cryptocurrency but the desire and the fascination of opportunities and how revolutionary was pushed me to to learn and I was out there on the streets on the beach in Hawaii really not with the strong direction farming was my passion and I was working in restaurants as well but I needed something I can do on my own that that could push me ahead financially so I decided to teach myself how to program you know and I really couldn’t have done it seriously without YouTube or Google I mean I know it sounds like yeah duh but like learning has changed learning has changed and the way we learn have – has changed we don’t really have to attend classes anymore open up a book purchase a curriculum you know saying go out to school cry I mean man Blake if you really want to learn just learn online like I know it sounds stupid but you really don’t have to paint thing for YouTube and I wouldn’t have got it got this far in my education and continued to get even further without certain you know platforms and I’m the one as far as crypto means I am NOT here to really promote centralized platforms I promote more decentralized platforms such as d2 but you know as far as the content and you know the user base I’m an avid people are gonna navigate to what is the most you know supplies you know for whatever needs they be now I may not agree with all YouTube’s you know agendas or you know saying you know ideas or whatever since you censorship but though what I’m learning as far as technology and programming like that’s not that’s really not controversial you know in fact I feel if anything YouTube is going to promote that kind of content versus other controversy controversial type of content so I really don’t feel worried too much as far as the content on posting and the content I’m learning as far as that being jeopardized by YouTube in any way because I’m not really here to offend anyone or to be you know or offended by anyone so with that being said you know learning has dramatically changed and the way I pick up and the way I download data data has changed you know I wouldn’t say I’m still fascinated by reading books nothing is gonna replace reading books but listening to audiobooks on the go has been more of my way of getting getting more knowledge as I’m tasking or learning how to learn Python or web development or JavaScript and CSS and you know I couldn’t I couldn’t cannot do it without YouTube and I recommend anyone who’s you know jumping in the game is to spend your time on the internet differently when you walk away from the internet have something valuable when you when you log on change like I said change your entertainment into education into education into entertainment and I do pay it’s about fifteen sixteen dollars a month with YouTube and you know I’m not here to shield Phil as a crypto term limit as far as promoting Schilling something I’m I recommend paying for YouTube so you don’t have to deal with the ads because nothing disrupts learning more than random sounds and images of something that you’re not really learning or that it’s meant to incentivize you know it does distract you it really distracts you and there’s times where I just need to study and cold where I need to have a live low five video on or I need to listen to some metaphysics lecture or or create content as well and so if you feel you are interested in you have a lot to share I encourage you to get over your shyness you know look at crypto roots season one and I was very shy I knew nothing about cameras and nothing I’m still learning too but it got me out of my box now I’m able to reach more people than I was ever before and continuing to reach more people and YouTube university is it’s probably the most well spent money I’ve ever spent fifteen sixteen dollars a month with unlimited access to music and educational programs and it’s endless so you know if you’re paying for college realize you know college is not necessarily the most efficient it’s just not an efficient way to spend your time and money it really isn’t and you walk away still having to work for other people you know I attended you to University and I can employ myself you know and so it’s very powerful the world we live in and I encourage you to to spend your time on the internet more differently watch my channels or recommending out the channels invest in the mentorship I’ll give you specific channels to follow that can help you further your education much faster and once you once you’re able to apply what you know in real time you can become your own boss and the only the main reason I started programming was to work remotely and to work for myself and I’m blessed beyond belief that that is a reality and I’m going to continue to do it on a bigger scale that I can reach a bigger audience you know and create more content this is my lifestyle I enjoy it if it brings me purpose when I’m studying I know that I’m doing not only work for myself but I’m going to compile the information in ways that at least hundreds if not thousands of people are going to benefit from so YouTube University man you know I’m saying I’m an OG I graduated I still the 10 I’m in the undergraduate I’m in the you know saying computer science program I’m in the health department you know any any type of interest that I have I go on YouTube with no ads

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