47 thoughts on “I Am Not Selling: My Price Target: $100,000-$300,000. Here Is Why. [Bitcoin Market Analysis]”

  1. Thanks for this big picture video.
    It’s great to have a reminder of where we are going in the next few years. It’ll be a bumpy ride but we’re going eventually to the moon!

  2. I really like to wake up to these prices ?Great news and insight as always. Appreciate all that you and your brother do.

  3. I'm not selling any Bitcoin until it's over $1 Million dollars. I found it's easy to hodl during a severe bear market and accumulate more.

  4. buy yourself a nice little home base and retire early bro. real estate is the same concept as btc only so much of it.

  5. Everybody keeps talking about selling at some point in the future. You won't want to sell your Bitcoin in the future since the fiat currencies of the world will be severely devalued if not extinct.

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  7. I’m new to your channel. Great commentary. Have you ever considered the amount of BTC that is and could potentially go dormant due to deceased owners never informing their next of kin? In many cases I don’t see how those would ever again be in circulation. So the coin total will continue to shrink over time which can only add to the scarcity value. Hate to sound morbid, but I’m pretty sure it is the truth. At least until exchange policies are changed to force beneficiary elections to be made which will grant access somehow. Which brings with it the potential for foul play unfortunately of course.

  8. honestly you can only manipulate the market so much. You make large buy/sell orders and try and get the rest of the market to react or overreact and cause a reaction. We all seen what 40 mil orders does…….not much

  9. I really enjoy your videos just a question usually how long is a typical bull market when transitioning from a bear market thank you!

  10. I don't know why i got curious about the reason might be for the fall after reaching $300K,
    Can't it be that trading bitcoin for other cryptos will be more valuable than trading it for fiat money,
    Especially when blockchain systems are being fully applied in real life, in all aspects of life, that we will not need to sell bitcoin for fiat money anymore, as btc is actually the replacement of fiat in a way or another. Or am I understanding the story wrong?

  11. We all know bitcoin doesn't follow traditional market rules. All it takes is for one whale to sell off 1000 coins to send the crypto markets into a down ward spiral.

  12. A 40K setback? That’s the concern to me. Gold is volatile as well, but nowhere near btc which in my opinion is due to supply.

  13. Great video bro! Bitcoin has just smashed and surpassed it's high of $4,201 since February this year and even crossed the $8,787 mark and this could mean a good thing for us traders and hodlers as well. The probability is so high that we could ride the bulls up to the next important resistance of $9,000. It will be great for us all if that happens and we must be ready for the outcome that presents itself by searching a way to expand our portfolio in advent of the much expected bull run. Two ways to do this is by using a strategy called dollar cost average to purchase and assemble which has its upsides and downsides or by purchasing a fair amount and speedily expanding by trading which of course has its upsides also. A word of caution, trading is highly profitable and can return as much as 400% as profit depending on your trade skills and frequency. However, do this only if you are remarkably good at both technical analysis and chart /news reading or obtain the assistance of a professional who offers services in signals and strategies. There are a number of professional but am most comfortable with Mark Huffman because his system is so easy and his signals are extremely accurate. I have used his guidance lot of times and i have never been disappointed. You need a prosperous trader as a guide because you can easily imitate his prosperity. Mr Mark is available to reach by mail <[email protected]>

  14. Hello, your analysis is missing something very important: "as BTC price starts to increase, fewer people will be able to buy 1 BTC". If I say 1BTC price = 100.000, ¿can you buy one?. As the price starts to increase significantly, BTC price split will be something reasonable to do. People will stop talking about BTC, they will start to talk in terms of mBTC.

  15. Bitcoin is manipulated. Plain and simple. But hey whatever. Buy and enjoy the ride. I'd say it's a massive experiment by the powers that be and will continue to rise into the high 60.. 80.. 150k mark. Probably floated by the Illuminati Satanists but what do I know.

  16. The Crypto markets tiny size makes it probably the most manipulated market out there, but all markets are now manipulated by algorithms

  17. if im honest i think it wont come down this time supply and demand when demand goes mental ie recession and it is due in the next year never sell any satoshies if you can get by with out it

  18. Keen insight and future analysis. I sold gold and silver last year and bought 2 BTC @ $6,400 plus a bunch of ETH and LTC. Then watched BTC go down but held it as I wanted it for long term. So glad I did. And gold, regardless of the gold-bug hawks, has hardly gone up in price since then. I also increased XRP up to 24K and will add more to that. Good luck to all…

  19. You guys provided the worst advice in the last bullrun, I don’t expect anything less but shilling and fomomonkeying from you.

  20. Hey nice content, but i am a altcoin hodler and we need more info on altcoins and the future prices, please make more videos and you true thoughts on alts and more on the gen 3 coins (ADA, XRP, and more).Thanks!!!!

  21. Do u have a video for beginner into bitcoin…The more i watch ur videos the interestes i get about bitcoin

  22. Don't get too happy guys, we are going to dump again after a few days green, so the gains will soon be gone. This market is wrecked now and the Whales won't permit the market to grow much. Once XRP and Cardano get the real life use case, then we start to see massive gains again (speculation gains for pump dump coins was 2017, the future is real use case).

  23. I was actually hoping for a dip in the market, so that I can buy more Bitcoin!! Oh well, looks like I can’t lose either way 🙂

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