37 thoughts on “Hyperwave – Bitcoin… Now What?”

  1. i like it in original speed -it shows that actually he thinks about evry word he speaks less ( not so impulsive )

  2. Give up KFC man you lost all credibility calling continued BTC bear market but buying BTC nevertheless

  3. One thing to all of you doing TA based on past market conditions – wake fucking UP..!!!
    "That market" ended with 2017…
    Now there is a new market with new market conditions… Either we adapt or well get rekt…

  4. The crazier the crypto markets gets the bigger Tylers hair wing up front gets………this is the real system.. awesome!!

  5. Just start drawing trend lines every where and calling it all kinds of different systems,,,,,,,,,,,,just send us your $$$  Leah needs a career here people!!  What a chop shop.

  6. That's wrong way to have conclusions from visible range as you are considering the current race, which distorts the levels you actually wanted to use from past.

  7. But the 1990 call you made on the Dow using hyperwave did fail too ! Google Tyler Jenks, hyperwave, 1990. So how can you say this is the only one ?? Time to retire Hyperwave or at least change the name of the channel ? The big mistake was to say 1k Bitcoin was 99.99% probable ! That’s hard to forgive…..

  8. Goig up or down, you will not get ur respect back mate. Too much loath over ur bet about 1k

  9. I unsubscribed because you dont know shit and convinced me to not buy btc around 3k. f your channel bro. Ton can suck a big one too.

  10. You guys should check out Eric Krown the guy you made fun of for taking the $10 scalp lol. He doesn't use HW but still managed to get out at the top and has traded very well throughout. he doesn't trade his opinion but the TA.

  11. Hahaha. 99% of chance to go to 1k, now he say that hyperwaves does not occurs so frequently. What a joke to get attention.

  12. I’ve just bought monthly throughout the bear market. Anyone who listened to this joker has missed a 300% move. I knew Tyler was completely full of it when he started making stock market calls, as more than half his stock market calls go exactly opposite to what he says. Glad Leah has finally abandoned ship.

    I just come to downvote and read negative feedback. I can’t believe he doesn’t even acknowledge he’s completely wrong, speaks volumes to what type of person he is, doesn’t take any responsibility for his mistakes. People, there’s a reason Tyler lives in a dump and needs to sell seminar courses when he should be retired. Do you see Ray Dalio or Warren Buffet trying to selling seminars? If you can’t do it yourself, sell courses.

  13. I am bullish but l still believe this bull run is fake and made by Bitfinex and Tether. somehow they find the way they recover their lost, start the bull run anyhow market fomos will fallow and when they think that's enough, the market will start crash. this is the only way they cover their dirty business.

  14. Guys,Tyler is a very conservative long term trader.His goal is to make money without big stop losses.So his buying BTC at 7000$ was justified,more R/R than buying at 4000.As for his hyper wave theory,We are still in hyper wave, the first stop is 50k and more and more,eventually1000000$ by 2030.If one wants to trade,just Hodl 50%.

  15. Tyler- Thank you for the war stories, they were very interesting. I bet that scrap book is a sight to see!

  16. Thanks guys all this makes sense. Y'all are a great aid as I learn how to trade.The amount of ignorant and down right stupid comments are very promising since they will be buying when I am selling!! Hopefully soon I will be in a better position to get more involved with all you bring.

  17. Tyler clients biting their fingernails, bc there orderbook not filled to their expectation not to mention 1K!!!!!!!!

  18. you told your followers to buy at $6.5 when your saying its going to $1K???? how do you make money buying the top's? Hyperwave is the most neg way of trading.. so bizarre..

  19. if you look at the 2014 bear market, we're likely at June 2014 in terms of market structure. This is a dead cat bounce (each dead cat bounce now lasting a ~year) and there will be one more around the time of the halving and the capitulation wick/bottom wont' be in until after the halving. Then we can start the multiyear (4-6 years) of a bull market. If this happens, you'll see maximum pain in the market and a much needed collapse in the market before we can start seeing new money enter.

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