Humans of Crypto, Episode 1 – Miguel Cuneta

[Applause] go an adoption in the Philippines please join me in welcoming mr. Reed Anthony let's say for example you asked me in 10 years do you think bit but would still be around of course I mean I'll make sure I know like hundreds of people that will we now know how to transfer a digital value to each other peer-to-peer that's really powerful Bitcoin represents freedom 2013 just started buying Bitcoin at like a hundred fifty bucks within that same month that I started buying Bitcoin it went to 1,000 so I thought I was like the big the biggest smartest guy and like the most awesome like a lot of the people that did that in 2017 you know I can relate because that was me in 2013 and then in like 30 minutes or something it dropped from 1/2 to like 600 and then like down to 400 and then within that month it went back to a thousand no the dead cat bounce and then it went back down and you get to a point where you realize that you have to detach the markets and the technology and I thought about blockchain talked about Bitcoin you couldn't write this script in a movie you know you couldn't make this up somebody comes out of the blue in a mailing list and says I invented a new view to be recurrence which is now worth like 80 billion dollars and it's trading at 3000 people are saying it's dead [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh hi there I'm just reading this leather-bound book so actually I'm a co-founder and chief community officer representing you know like the company I'm going to event speaking conferences talking about what we do educating I predict that it will go up or down or sideways when we started out we started out as a Bitcoin payment processor and then quickly evolved into remittance platform so if somebody wants to send money to someone in the Philippines and they you want to use Bitcoin they basically sell the Bitcoin to us for X amount of pesos and say give the passes to this person the receiver doesn't know cryptos being used only the sender and as the business evolved even the sender didn't know that crypto spheres or if they did they didn't need to understand the idea was really to use it as a value transfer mechanism but don't try to force people to understand it or to learn how to use it 2017 wasn't really something you know spillover to 2018 and a lot of a lot of projects it's John this is Jen's [Laughter] sorry a really difficult thing is to like redefine how people view money people have no idea what money is you will have no clue how it works money is just information if you just have this like kind of vision of the future no one will ever use this paper and coins anymore you really have to think of what the future will look like there will be VR community's VR worlds and there will be money in this world machines will pay each other without human intervention you can't create something like the driver it's impossible because anything you create from day one will get scrutinized attack it would not have this luxury of being obscure for for a first two to three years I don't want to say Bitcoin it's not gonna feel we're like way past that probability there's just too many eyes on it too many smart people working on it it's out of the box you know it's it's the genies out of the bottle you cannot undo this you cannot uninvent this you

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  1. Great videos guys ! Looking reaaal professional πŸ™‚

    Btw, he reminds me of Mac in the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia lol

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