Humans of Crypto: Elliott Hoffman

Hi! I’m Elliott, and I’m a college dropout. And now, I’m the vice president of business development in a multi-million dollar bitcoin company. I’m your normal small-town american guy,
went to a high school with around a thousand people. A US navy veteran and now I’m the vice president
of business development at Paxful. I’m helping the people that need it most worldwide
to get bitcoin in a way that’s convenient to them, while at the same time, helping entrepreneurs on every country on this planet to start their very own bitcoin businesses. Well, I certainly slept a lot more but just to give you a little back story, I dropped out of college because I started a number of successful businesses and what I was learning at school just wasn’t actually aligning with reality at that time. So, one of my main businesses is dropshipping business. So basically, what I was doing is taking items from Amazon, and listing them on eBay, and once they sold,
Amazon would ship those items directly to the customer. A big part of this business was shopping for discounted gift cards for Amazon. Normally, I could find them for about 1% off. And one day, I sat down next to a gentleman on a park bench in Miami, And he told me, “Hey, you can get Amazon gift cards for 20% off by trading bitcoin for them.” That gentleman happen to be Ray, the CEO of Paxful. So I went home, and really traded some of my bitcoin for 20% off gift cards, And the rest is history in regards to that. I guess in the words of Drake, “Nothing was the same” after getting into bitcoin. And I remember thinking back to myself a few years ago, I haven’t been on a plane for a long time, I haven’t been outside of Florida, and at the same time, I was going to school in Miami Miami Dade College! Number one! And I was taking mandarin lessons to learn how to speak. And I wanted to eventually move to China and do business there. Fast forward to my post or during bitcoin life, And I’ve been to almost 30 countries in the past year and a half And I now am setting up Paxful’s office in Hong Kong, which I know isn’t China but it’s getting closer. Those dreams really have come true because of bitcoin. For me, growing up, I just always wanted to help people and I know that might sound cliché or lame but you know, I didn’t have this dream of wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut or any of these other great things. I just wanted to help people and I always try to do that. You know, people that I could reach close to my life. donating money to charities, praying that it actually went to the people that it was supposed to. And now, working here at Paxful, I know for a fact that we’ve changed millions of people’s lives worldwide, and we’re looking to make that billions of people’s lives in the next few years. So, that’s how bitcoin has changed my life so far. So what’s next for me? About a year ago, I started watching Gary Vee, Gary Vaynerchuck as you know. And one of my goals is to become the Gary Vee of BTC. Hey Gary! That’s in the short term, And continue to scale Paxful to the moon What we’re doing here really does make a difference in every day people’s lives. So I never wanna stop doing that. Well, first off, Don’t take life too seriously. And secondly, I’d like to say, it’s just this may sound cliché but, just don’t ever give up, especially in your own businesses. A lot of the times where it was really hard, and I didn’t know where to go next or I was just dead broke. When I chose to persist and not give up and not retreat, things got better right after the worst times. So just never give up. Third thing, it’s not too late to get into bitcoin. It’s not too late to buy bitcoin. It’s not too late to start learning about blockchain technology. All these “experts” in this field right now, a lot of these guys haven’t been in this space for more than two or three years. That’s not that much time. You can be the blockchain expert of tomorrow. You can be the bitcoin expert of tomorrow. So just tear in to the space, learn as much as you can. Learn about you know, peer to peer finance, what we’re doing on Paxful. Learn about speculating, learn about Bitmex, Learn about all these stuff and you can be the one that helps to shape the new future on our new economy. So that’s it for me for now. Hey, thanks for having me and one last thing, PEER TO PEER FINANCE!

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