HUGE Stock Market Crash Will Happen in 2018-2019? Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Will Be A Safe Haven!

all right hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily yeah great to have you checking in today you know it all the Quinn daily we do daily videos on everything altcoin everything cryptocurrency and I think this video today it provides a lot of value to you whether you're a crypto enthusiast or an investor you're gonna like this video because something I try and teach on our channel here altcoin daily is as an investor you have to try and think to the future you have to try and think two or three moves ahead and so something I try and talk about every once in a while is how or when what will cause the next bull run to happen and we talk about all different kinds of things here but today what I want to talk about is the stock market the fact is it's been going up for nine years it's overdue for a crash I mean it's inevitable the stock market it goes in cycles nobody's questioning that there will be a crash very soon now some people think it's going to be one of the worst crashes in our lifetime so we're gonna start out this video talking about that and then after that we're gonna head over here and talk about how now for the first time ever well here's the thing when the stock market crashes when people start thinking it's going to happen what happens big money tries to take their money out of the stock market and put it somewhere else where the money will retain its value and now for the first time ever Bitcoin aetherium crypto currencies have become a possible viable safe haven for big money to put their money into for it to retain its value now is this one of the things that will lead us to the cryptocurrency revolution that will cause a bull run to happen I think it might be but we'll be talking about that later let's get into it and if at any point you find value in our video today give it a like helps us grow as a channel I think you're gonna like videos like this and I want to start off let's we're talking about the stock market first the crash is overdue now Jim Rogers is this guy right here think of them as Warren Buffett except without as much celebrity and what you need to know about this is when he talks investors listen he's one of the most famous investors in the world and he's known for his no-nonsense style of investment wisdom so he's he gets interviewed right here we're gonna watch about three minutes of this and it's pretty interesting stuff let's listen one of the things I've always admired about you as an investor is that you don't talk about what should be you figure out what he's going to be and then you do that so what is going to be with respect to the stock market listen I learned very early in my investing careers I better not invest in what I want that's not what's happening in the world otherwise I would be broke dead broke what's going to happen is this going to continue some stocks in America are turning into a bubble the bubble is going to come then it's gonna collapse you should be very worried but Henry this is good for you because somebody has to report so you have job security you're a lucky soul well TV ratings do seem to go up during crashes but then they completely disappear when everyone has been litter ated so nobody is hoping for that but so when is this going to happen later this year next later this year and I write it down and what will trigger it well it's interesting because these things always start where we're not looking in 2007 Iceland went broke and people said Iceland is that a country they have a market and then Ireland went broke and then Bear Stearns went broke and then you know Lehman Brothers went broke they states they spiral like that always happens what we're not looking at it could be an American pension plan that goes broke and many of them are broke as you know it could be some country we're not watching it to be all sorts of things to be war unlikely to be war but it's gonna be something when you're watching Business Insider and you see that's an interesting I didn't know that company could go broke it goes broke send me an email okay and then I'll start watching and how big a crash could we be looking at gonna be the worst in your lifetime that's a pretty big one I like how it's long could be the biggest in my lifetime and I'm older than you know it's gonna be serious out it's gonna be there we've had financial problems in America let's use America every 4 to 7 years since the beginning of the Republic well it's been over eight since the last one this is the longest or the second longest in recorded history so it's coming and the next time it comes you know in 2008 we had a problem because of debt Henry the debt now look that debt was nothing compared to what's happening now in 2008 the Chinese had a lot of money say for a rainy day it started writing they start spending the money now even the Chinese have yet and the debt is so much higher their federal reserves in the central bank in America balance sheet is up over five times since 2008 gonna be the worst and you're the worst in my lifetime to be worried I am worried what can the Fed rescue us can anybody alright alright very interesting stuff let's talk about what we just heard now he said that and we know this whether it's the crypto market whether it's the stock market the market it goes in cycles and he mentioned how the cycles usually there's usually a crash or correction every four to eight years and I don't know if you heard what he said but nine years now we've been in this a bull run in a stock market for about nine years so the crash is inevitable and one of the reasons he thinks that it might be one of the worst in our lifetime is because you know part of what caused the crash back in 2008 was just the worldwide debt and since then the debt everywhere in the world has skyrocketed so it seems like the crash might be bigger than ever you guys should watch this whole video make sure you like the video and let's get in to this article because he's not the only one this article is on and we're in the money section it's titled just around the bend this is when the stock market will crash according to five famous investors so I thought this was pretty interesting because it really gave their point of view really well so the first guy we're going to be looking at is a David Stockman and what I like about this article is that they say who these people are when they expect the worst and then also their reasoning and they all have different reasoning I mean to boil it down to the most simple terms I mean the fact is that you can't go 9 years going up without expecting a major correction or crash I mean that simply simply put why the crash is going to happen anyways let's get into it so this guy David Stockman who is he is the former budget director of the Reagan White House is the former investment banker with Salomon Brothers and a former private equity investor and when to expect the worst he says it is imminent there is surely a doozy just around the bend and his reasoning Stockman expects quote an epic monetary and fiscal policy collision he told CNBC on the one hand the recent tax cuts enacted by Congress are likely to help push the federal budget deficit to nearly 1 trillion next year he's talking about the debt as well at the exact same time the federal the Federal Reserve is starting to unwind its sizeable bond portfolio yet investors seem to be in denial he said adding that the market is whisp the market is whistling past the graveyard so he thinks a lot of people are in denial about what's going to happen now let's take a look at this other big time guy Scott Minard who is he he is the global chief chief investment officer and chairman of investments for Guggenheim Partners and he's he was asked when do you expect the worst he said 2009 quote the markets are potentially on a collision course for disaster how about this guy is a big time guy Paul Tudor Jones who is he he's a famed hedge fund manager and founder of the Tudor group he is credited for having called the October 1987 market crash they asked him when do you expect the worst he says as soon as next year quote we are replaying an age-old storyline of financial bubbles that have been played many times before and his reasoning we have the strongest economy in 40 years at full employment the mood is euphoric but it is unstable and comes with costs such as bubbles in stocks and credits and you know so he's saying we're basically we're in the euphoria stage right now we've been going up for nine years everybody is talking about how great the stock market is the crash is inevitable but this guy Ray Dalio who is he famed investor and founder of Bridgewater associates the world's largest hedge fund when to expect the worst by 2020 I think we are in a pre bubble stage that could go into a bubble stage his reasoning the chance of the US economy suffering a recession before the next presidential election is around 70% you said at a recent appearance at the Harvard Kennedy school's Institute of Politics the influx of cash into the market both due to Trump's tax cuts and future initiatives like an infrastructure bill combined with a strong economy will force the Federal Reserve to raise rates to combat inflation that's never an easy task for the Fed the risk of recession in the next 18 to 24 months or rising wrote Dalio keep in mind though that this that the stock market has historically anticipated recession by 6 to 12 months so the real selling could begin well before that and that's something we're gonna talk about once we get into crypto currencies possibly being a safe haven you know people who are smart like these investors are going to see the crash happening 6 to 12 months before it really does happen and they're gonna want to pull their money out out and put it someplace else how about this guy John Hussman who is he president Hussman invention investment trust and a well known contrarian investor when to expect the worst it's anyone's guess but when the bear does emerge from hibernation expect a market loss in the stock market on the order of 60% which is huge in the stock market his reasoning Hussman warned has warned about a market crash for a couple years now as stock valuations reach highs not seen since 2000 right before the dot-com bubble popped so as we just saw many of these investors I mean the crash it's inevitable but many of these guys think it could be a very very big crash now what I really want to talk to you guys about cryptocurrency I read a couple of these articles and let me talk to you guys about why I think the reasons why traditional investors will turn to cryptocurrency see when the stock market starts losing value people and businesses they're going to be looking for a place to put their money in so they can retain their value as I mentioned so traditionally the place to move your money has been precious metals like in 2008 that was you know a stock market crash people some people put their money in gold and silver be because when the stock market crashed in the past a lot of money went into precious metals because those retain value well now what's interesting check this out is that no cryptocurrencies not even Bitcoin were around during the last crash in 2008 you know Bitcoin was created in 2009 and it definitely was a ton of viable option to invest in at the time so we have yet to see what could happen so what's the key here guys let's talk about what really is the key what's the trillion dollar question well the question is this when the crash happens will there be enough positive sentiment towards cryptocurrency for investors to believe that it's a viable safe haven option for them no I don't know but I think there has probably never been a better time for this all to a line because this is what I've been thinking and you guys tell me what you think in the past year we've seen companies like Goldman Sachs JP Morgan companies like that start recommending cryptocurrency as investments they've created actual trading desks infrastructure that are all set up to be on ramps for big money to enter the market also governments are discussing reasonable regulations so there's also something to consider some think so this is what so a lot of people think this right now that some people think that the crypto bull run it's not going to happen until the CFTC and the SEC defined their thoughts on cryptocurrency and creates some reasonable regulations and what I'm saying is this what I'm saying is this we will see both of those things happen possibly what if we see the perfect storm that leads us in to the cryptocurrency revolution think about this so maybe by 2019 or 2020 the CFTC defines their thoughts on cryptocurrency and creates reasonable regulations around the same time and around the same time the stock market goes through it's long overdue crash hey let's go further maybe about that time a crypto will just get a little bit user friendlier a little bit easier to use so people will be more inclined to adopt it Wow suddenly investing in cryptocurrency is looking very good Suffin suddenly cryptocurrency is a viable safe haven option so that's what I think I think we're in 2018 right now I think over this year over 2019 leading us into to 2020 we will see a culmination of things happening there will be a crash in the market people will be looking for a new safe haven to put their money into at that time cryptocurrency the CFTC and the SEC will hopefully have defined their thoughts and cryptocurrency a little bit more to give big money an opportunity to really consider it as a viable option also around the same time all these companies that we like you know if we go to coin market Capcom all these crypto companies that we're rooting for will have launched their main nets will have completed many things on the roadmap and will have created you know just a little bit more of a user friendly space for cryptocurrency could this all lead to the bull run hey I hope it does I think it will I think this is a good thing let me know what you guys think at the bottom of this video thank you guys very much this has been what I wanted to talk about today I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it and yeah see you tomorrow

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  1. I've always appreciated your crypto videos … but now that you ventured out into the traditional financial markets you may of found a new niche ! This video is absolutely critical for "Everyone " I'm sharing this excellent video with all of my friends
    Great Piece

  2. Thank you! Great video! In your opinion is it better to invest in crypto before the crash or after the crash? I just have a hard time understanding when the crash does happen will it make crypto skyrocket right away, and make it more valuable or will the crypto assets decline along with the other stock markets and provide a good opportunity for larger crypto investments (with less buying price per coin/token) that will grow in future mouths/years?

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  5. My concern would be…would people put their money in crypto when it is so labile and volatile? Most people seem to want stability. I think if the ETF being approved AND the market goes down, then it will probably compound the bump it would get. It could definitely blow this open. Please God, help us serfs acquire some of that wealth so we can turn the world around!

  6. Quality contend Brothers, Love how you guys are exposing me more to whats going on out here. Knowledge is power!!!

  7. Hedge Funds, Wall Street Institutions are scrambling to get "educated" how to get into BTC/Crypto. The smarter ones are going in now… I am typing now…

  8. This is what happens when Congress cares only about the Top 1% & campaign donors. The rest – the consumer base – have no purchasing power to consume.

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  13. If I get this right… you hate fiat currency and the manipulation by government and banks so you want to use a fully digital currency patented and owned by the government and the banks. You also want people to take their fake fiat 1.0 and put it in fake fiat 2.0 and yell out freedom? Is this a joke you all play on yourselves?

  14. SHA-1 patented in 1990. SHA-256 is the basis of the block chain now. We are using tech and code owned by the CIA but operated by NSA. If you think this is a free system, you need to research the ai algo pattern. Crypto already mimics the manipulation of the stock market but hyper traded and automated. It has built in dips and they can control the markets in a manner people do not understand yet. This is a layered program. This is their debt base fiat 2.0 to keep you slaves for another 1000 years. I wish it were freedom but that comes by force. The people have to revolt in mass and burn the banks. Take out the government as it stands and reform how the people see fit. It will not be pretty but your slavery won't end with crypto, it will only get worse.

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  16. Nice try…but the stock market rebounded today across the board while crypto tanked big time. As usual…Until there is a full out stock crash AND regulation in the crypto market along with some high profile pump and dump prosecutions the huge institutional money is not coming into a space where everything is decentralized and most traders swing trade day to day and the long term HODLers are long gone. So there is no incentive for the market to go up and stay up when it is controlled by Algo Bots, family offices (read: Coinbase Custody) and swing traders and no regs. BTW, Rogers has been calling for a collapse for about 4 years now, as has Jim Rickard.

    If we can get regulation and stop it will the FUD and eating our own here and cleaning house of the debris that is the pump and dump swing traders then MAYBE big money will come here. The Rockefeller Family Office has already said unless there are USD pairs for all the top ALTS there will not be a mass invasion of institutional money. So, there is much work…

  17. Great content. Thanks for sharing the info. But people keep forgetting to factor in other aspects of crypto, things that may be keeping the public away. First, the crypto market needs to be more stable. Sure, everyone loves when it climbs 1000%, but they panic and sell when there's a 10% dip. Second, there needs to be a simpler way for people to get in and invest. When the big guys open up their exchanges more money will flood in. And third, there has to be a better safety net. With almost weekly hackings, people will stay away until they're sure their money will be safe. These three things, combined with a global recession, IMHO, will build the growth we're all waiting for. Bring it on!

  18. Thanks for the video, I think this is wishful thinking. But since I am investing I hope your theorie becomes reality. Let the old money flow in!

  19. Nobody can time the market – even top analysts getting it right maybe once a lifetime. The only thing you can do is to hedge your asset in something like VIX Short-Term Futures (UVXY) and being diversified.

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  22. David Stockman has been saying that there would be a huge crashin the stock markets for the last six years! He is a JOKE.

  23. I suggest you look up Martin Armstrong, he has a model that says the stock market will continue up till 2021 to 40K . then the trouble starts and goes to 2032 . His analysis says the usa is the least dirty shirt out there. That other markets will park here in the dollar for a while.

  24. They predicted stock market crash 10 yrs ago, but they keep printing greenbacks to prop up the volatility and buying stocks.
    As long as we have quantitive easing ( money printing ) the bullshit will persist. The only one thing I like about BTC is that it is limited to 21 million. BTC could be a safe haven overtaking gold / silver bonds etc

  25. 5 stars,high quality content!!

    I was just talking about the next recession w/a friend yesterday night….told him basically that this bull market is 6 m. away from the record…so can't last forever,also in past recessipns the federal reserve raised the interest rates too fast,and each time they did it too fast it created a recession!

    Another point that might be of interest to u and community,is the yeld curve,particularly the 3 months note rate vis a vis the 10 years bond,that indicator has forecasted all recessions since 1968 with 100% accuracy,right now it is flatening,not too bad yet but getting there….when it gets to a warning level,recessions have happened within 12 months with 100% accuracy!!so we might have a 12 to 18 months window before it happens,which seems to match what some of your guests were saying…

    Great video,super important subject of value!! Keep up the good quality content.

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