HUGE Crypto Breakout SOON!? (ZRX Up +30% On Coinbase!)

hey what's going on everyone Matthew from the right trader on Tom active with another cryptocurrency video today's daily crypt update is sponsored by Bravo it is an app to send and receive anonymous payments with the power of the blockchain now you can already join the white list for the ICO by entering your email on their website which I will be leaving a link to at the top of this video's description you can also earn rewards by following them on their social media platforms so make sure to check that out at the bottom of their websites page we can see that the market is now consolidating and I could actually be preparing for a pretty big breakout hire that's something I'm going to talk about in more detail during our technical analysis but if we're able to get above 6500 here within the next few days for Bitcoin that really could lead to a big move we'll still have to see if that's possible and like I said I'm going to talk about it in more detail in just a second here but overall over the past 24 hours we have been relatively flat except for some cryptos one of the exceptions is 0x which actually is now available for trading on coinbase as you can see by this reddit post over here so pretty big news it's the first ERC 20 to get added to coin base and for that reason it's going up significantly right over 30 percent in the past 24 hours so big move almost a dollar here once it gets above $1 you know that's that's a big round number could go much higher from there and then just climb higher into that one dollar range and beyond so very interesting cryptocurrency want to definitely keep an eye out for now as far as other news not that much going on like I said a lot of it has to do with the market taking a bit of a breather right now and just setting up for that next move now if you haven't seen my earlier video today I didn't need to bring back my technical analysis master course online after a lot of demand so make sure to check that out I'll leave a link at the top of this video's description it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied so there's really no risk in trying it out and make sure to use the discount code whitey 20 at checkout to get $20 off so like I said there'll be a link to this course in the description of this video and with that being said let's go ahead and jump into the technical analysis so starting off with Bitcoin we can see that indicator is not doing that much for now but the price got a big increase just two days ago and we actually you know faced resistance at six thousand eight hundred dollars we pulled back from there now we're right below our previous option line and below our $6,500 resistance levels so if you're able to get back above those two levels that's gonna be huge right it'll really open up a path for you know hopefully we move up to seven thousand dollars again what we're gonna want to see is it move pretty quickly though because the longer it takes the harder will it'll make it to get back above this uptrend line more quickly so that's what we need to keep an eye on for hopefully we'll be able to get a move above those levels within the next week if not could expect some consolidation as for a move lower again that would be signaled by any move below with six thousand four hundred dollars so those are the levels to keep an eye on for Bitcoin specifically now let's go ahead take a look at a thirty 'm a serum is pretty range-bound right now between 180 and 220 dollars the good thing was this is it puts a bit of a basin and stabilizes the cryptocurrency so right now there's no reason for immediate concern I'd say and any move above $220 would definitely be a bullish signal in my opinion now let's take a look at litecoin next see what's going on so for litecoin it is struggling to get back above fifty three dollars although we are right below that so it's very likely and you know it's at least possible that in the next few days we're able to get a move above that if not we could start to see litecoin push lower and I'd say as soon as we get below $50 it really opens up for a move lower down to $46 so I do have to watch out for that for like points specifically and you know it can be a situation where some of the alt coins drop Bitcoin does well or vice versa you never know you just have to just look at what the general market is doing and then go chart by chart so for ripple ripple is currently consolidating between 40 cents and 50 cents I think that's pretty good considering that ripple did get a pretty harsh drop so right now it's basically just stabilizing in this area probably gonna go on it for at least another week let's go ahead take a look and and one thing that I didn't want to mention is when we're consolidating like this it's really building up pressure right now of course that pressure can be released by a move lower but it could also definitely be released by a big move towards the upside so consolidation does tell them to build up that necessary pressure to then really spark a big move now for Nano we can see that we were able to get a nice support off 2700 Toshi's sorry 27,000 Stosh ease and our resistance is at 36,000 Satoshi so right now very flat on the indicators not really doing much that's probably gonna be seen on the price for a bit longer as well here let's go ahead and take a look at neo and going over to the bitch chart we can see that neo is right above $16 so it got back above its support level that's a good sign still very flat on the indicators it's been consolidating for a long time now between 16 and 20 dollars unfortunately that's probably going to continue a bit longer and then hopefully we'll start to see some momentum towards the upside one thing to pay attention to which is interesting is we did get many a huge green volume so in the past few weeks this is just something to pay attention to could be a sign that we'll get an even bigger move but definitely know worth noticing let's go ahead and take a look at stellar lumens next and see what's happening so we're gonna go over to the finance chart here and stellar lumens is right now also range bound between symmetrical triangle formation the end of that is actually a bit lower than where it's currently sitting at 3300 Toshi's which means that we could technically drop lower if that's where heading next which is you know somewhat likely but we could definitely get a move out of this symmetrical triangle earlier than expected towards the upside if we're able to get out of this downtrend line now regardless I think that what a lot of the market is showing right now is probably gonna be somewhat flat over the next week two weeks or so but our potential for a move lower is pretty minimal right I think any move lower would be pretty tame and you know not disastrous a lot of these crypto currencies are remaining a lot of their support levels which is pretty key and you know if we're able to get above some of these resistance levels that could definitely open up the door for a move higher but in the immediate short-term probably gonna get a bit more consolidation let's go ahead take a look at our next crypto currency which is going to be us and take a look what's happening so for EOS we can see that reaching the end of our triangle at 8000 satoshis soon very flat on mediators very flat on the price right above 8000 Stroh she's so here we just say we have to wait until we reach this level see if we break out higher or lower this is actually an interesting one I want to maybe pay attention to to indicate what the market is gonna do next because it's gonna be reaching you know a breaking point either towards the upside or downside very shortly here in just a few more days let's go ahead and take a look at our next script though which is going to be Liske and see what's going on going over to the bit rate chart Liske is trying to get back about that three dollar and seven cents support level could still drop a bit lower again down to two dollars and 52 cents it looks like we may have avoided a disaster by dropping below that and that did actually open up the door to start a bit of an uptrend so this is interesting here could definitely carry us above nicely above three dollars and maybe start pushing three dollars and 51 cents again so I like the fact that we made a higher low and that we actually saw that on a couple other crypto currency charts and as long as it's remains we do have a bit of an uptrend going on here so that's definitely nice and that's something that we haven't had in a while let's go ahead and take a look at our next crypto currency which is going to be let's see Cardno now Carano has been a crypto that's kind of all over the place it had a big drop down to a thousand so she's then recovered back above its support level right now we're in between those two things and what that means is pretty clear for you know though the next signals that we're gonna be looking for right any move above 1250 for Satoshi's is gonna be bullish any move below a thousands toe she's gonna be very bearish right now I'm leaning a little bit more towards the bullseye just because the indicators are holding up nicely the RSI is actually back above the 41 so that's a good sign let's go ahead take a look at Iowa Iowa is currently consolidating between 46 cents and 56 cents pretty much in the middle of its range right now not really doing all that much so like a lot of other outcomes I encrypt those just gonna have to wait for you know a more clear signal we do have a higher low compared to the previous one back here so that's a good sign if it holds however we never actually came and tested 33 cents it is always a possibility but for now it is avoided with that being said thanks for watching make sure to check out my technical analysis master course which is now back online like I said they'll be a link to that in the description of this video thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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