45 thoughts on “Hub Token Awesome Crypto Interview w/Co-Founder Of Linkedin (HubToken) Human Trust Protocol”

  1. Presentation of interview is on point and covers important aspects of the ico
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  2. Sick stuff sounds promising with the right team it will be a success

  3. This platform understands that honesty is the best policy for any good business to thrive

  4. Technology and the concept behind is definitely needed to filter out the good icos from the bad ones
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  5. always a great interview with people we actually care about 0x3825C47cC76B4B4732EaB764c689b55606a31409

  6. Another brilliant presented interview your interviews are awesome

  7. HubToken is among one of the most sought after Medical tokens to hit the market. 0x8F7dcbac285dc9BE11A8bC5c139ce59e691fB6D1

  8. Read through the white paper after your video Rob, do you think this platform is more beneficial to people doing contract type work? It basically looks like a LinkedIn premium setup with verified credentials. Keep up the great interviews!

  9. Worth perusing their white paper in my spare time.

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  10. Nice interview with co founder of one of the best social media
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  11. Impressive way to filter out the reliable icos from the non reliable
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  12. Having such a highly established company with a brilliant platform will enormously help people put trust in the worthy icos

  13. What an hype!! 73k viewers! Great project and even more important great team! Look very much forward after more info. Thanks Robert and team. 0x59Be66011b45421ebb66B1B3BcE9dCC01F913d00

  14. Excellent interview, thank you!I want to know the difference between Human Trust Protocol and Ontology.

  15. Video is educational to give the right information about the latest coin.
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