47 thoughts on “HTC Exodus 1 Will Hopefully Support XRP And Ripple”

  1. Have you heard about Pundi-x XPhone. Decentralized cell phones.. It will actually run on their blockchain and does not require a service provider. They're only manufacturing 5,000 and are hoping that other more established phone companies will take notice and utilize this blockchain. https://functionx.io/#/

  2. I use Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning while watching my YouTube "CryptoVids". One tablespoon of ACV in 8oz lemon-water works great to take my vitamins with. THEN my coffee with cinnamon! 😉

  3. Dudes, Wassup. DAI, as the voice of the XRP community, any chance you could ask CZ Binance why he doesn't list XRP on the binance.je website homepage. It would be a big thing for us in the UK. 🙂

  4. Where have you been in “Africa”? It’s made up of many different countries with their own languages and cultures….

  5. Came here for comments about crypto and got comments about baseball and vinegar.What a friggin' waste of time.

  6. The Eagles nest in Austria is only open during the summer months. Time your trip wisely, Austria has a ton of great castles and sights to see!

  7. DAI . love your vedios and listen to them every day with my morning coffee. Excellent info . All the best and continue the good work.

  8. Nobody is answering the single most important question…if all these whales, institutions etc are manipulating the market by keep the price down, and buying without driving the price up, then how the hell can the price go up to the extreme levels everyone is predicting ($100+)….if the big boys get in at current levels, where will the billions-trillions of dollars come from to drive the price up? who will be buying mass quantities at $10, $100, $1000? Why has there not been a gradual increase? No other topics or news matter if this simple question is not answered.

  9. Let's hope the Swamp gets drained and the ones that deserve it rot in jail…So we can be proud of DCs history again

  10. Ive been to bahamas.egypt.afghanistan.kuwait.panama.costa rica.philippines.thailand.dubai.cant think of all will come to me later.love to travel.when xrp moons heading strait to amsterdam for a weekend flying my kids there also

  11. Hey DAI,
    Try some organic honey ( the darker the better) turmeric supplements open it up (1 in the morning and one in the afternoon) sprinkle some black pepper in then open 2 dandelion root supplements (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and 2 caps fulls Bragg's apple cider vinegar with mother and never get sick again of cold and flu. Heat it up for about a minute. I've been doing it for 2years and I look and feel like a new man. Top that off with 2 black seed oil cold pressed tablets.( Just 2 a day.) Totally Amazing what the heavenly father can do. Stay healthy and rich in body and soul. XRP MILLIONAIRES!!! ???????

  12. Berchestgarten is in Baveria in Germany , his home and the Wolf’s lair is near by . Busy the Museum at the base of the mountain it’s an education on the Idealism at the time

  13. I have seen someone down the comments suggesting you to bring your kids to Auschwitz. Im not going to lie: I am not too sure if Auschwitz is a place to bring your kids to.. When I went there, 2 years ago, I nearly puked at one of the stories that our guide told us in regards of what used to happen there. Also, when you get there, the atmosphere is sooo negative that you can feel the sadness of that place just having a first look from outside. Don't think you want to show and explain your kids that the objects behind the glass inside the museum, but above all the HUMAN HAIR they will see (which used to be shaved and preserved from the bodies) used to belong to someone who died out of these atrocities. Save your kids from that mate. @digitalassetinvestor

  14. Dude, even you say at the end of your rants that you "just spoke way too long (about nothing) and didnt mean to" Are you drunk and/or stoned when you make these? You just seem to lose track of time and what you are talking about. And the self grandiosity is telltale too. Just talk crypto. Our time is valuable. Oh and why aren't you "rich" from the days you were a financial advisor? Every FA that I know and I know many is very wealthy.

  15. Enough with this memory lane stuff mahn!! Get on wit da news. It's worst than a phone call with my mother.

  16. @Digital Asset Investor what do you think will trigger the next bull run and what had sparked the last one?

    I want to share something with you (this is just an opinion based on experience and NOT a claim).
    I think last time Bitcoin sparked the bull run BUT before it sparked many people in the btc community JUST LIKE THE XRP COMMUNITY IS NOW were warning the public of a price spike. As always people were sceptical and laughed but then after a couple of times of ups and downs it skyrocketed. And that went all over the media and became the BUZZ which we saw as the bulllrun.

    I think the same scenario will play out for XRP as it did for Btc Last time.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  17. HODL HODL HODL can u hear that! Hold on dont let go of any. This aint stocks. XRP will never be this low again. HODL HODL dont do anything else except cold storage

  18. What this means? –> Right now the BitPay Card is scheduled for a system conversion, including upgrades to improve the systems that support your card. During the time of this conversion (starting March 8th), cash back features such as ATM withdrawals, POS cash back and over-the-counter cash advances will be unavailable. This service interruption is unavoidable, and we will make every effort to restore these services as soon as possible.

  19. Capital.fr: Bitcoins en bureaux de tabac : le service suspendu.

  20. Apparently ACV is good for dissolving kidney stones if you have some or preventing you from getting them in the 1st place

  21. Thanks for all you do for us, if I may suggest a far better way of getting that ASV down. Squeeze 2-3 lemons or limes, add ASV dilute with one large cold bottle of Perrier/sparkling water. I’ve been doing this everyday for several months now and wow it’s made a world of difference in my health. Everyone should consider adding it to their daily routine !!! Thanks again.

  22. I love to travel as well especially on a motorcycle, I just sold my BMW R1200 GSA bike to buy more cryptyos (XRP, ADA, HOT, TRX — XRP is by far my largest holding). So I am planning my travels now, vacation with the family, trips on my bike (I will be traveling the world on a new R1200GSA) by marking up my Google Map. I am saving all of these locations in folders and I will revisit them in the future. — Just Waiting for the big up move…

  23. DAI LOL I’m going to DM a recipe for you to drink. It’s cider vinegar, and along the same line as far as being beneficial to your health. But, you will be able to stomach this. Lol!!

  24. Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother and juice of 1 lemon in a glass half fill with water. Much easier to pallet and much better for you. I've been doing that for years.

  25. Crypto phones sound great to me! I get paid when people pay mobile the bill each month and this will be another tool I can use to help people. Get a phone and service from me and save, oh and I will load 20 XRP on your wallet.

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