HTC Exodus 1, Sony CSL & Blockchain Lockbox Crypto Wallets Announced

so thus as the keep key wallet I actually unboxed us two months ago at the end of August 2018 and I still haven't tasted that and I still haven't dead the review I do apologize guys and because I'm going through what oh crap talk or next week I won't be able to review this for a couple of weeks it as on my agenda as I can assure you I do like doing cryptocurrency hardware reviews but on the subject of cryptocurrency hardware was there has been quite a quite a few announcements last week and in my opinion these are quite big announcements because two of them are from established tech companies and I think this is bullish I think this is a very good sign of what's to come in the next few years with cryptocurrency the fact that huge international billion-dollar companies are getting involved in cryptocurrency and developing products for people to you know want to store the coins and the first one I want to talk about as the phone from eesti seed HTC have released a phone or they're going to release a phone called HTC X that is one and effectively thus as a premium Android flagship phone it's an Android phone but it's also a hardware wallet so it's been designed to be secure it's been designed to secure your coins now you can see here get your daily access know with back coin and aetherium apparently it's around the 950 dollar mark but you can only pay with cryptocurrency I think that's quite unique and after you go to the product page here and you can see some of the features here securing clave trusted you I secured your Bitcoin litecoin ether and more social key recovery and here you've got the specs of the phone and you can see when I was just afforded that this video was highlighted in fact this Android or which is okay but would have been good if Android 9.0 said of 8.0 M okay so I'll just quickly run down through the specs right sexton's display it's quad HD Plus display 89 aspect ratio thin I have to use a melon up battery which surely on a small site for us phone that size but it's not too bad I guess it's average a 12 and 16 megapixel camera at the back eat and eat at the front it can do it for key at 60 frames per second that is really really impressive like how HTC phones of the really good audio sonic zoom with audio boost boomstoned xhr lots of audio features Eames got age sense and the last phone I had the ECC you're lovin so I know a lot of the features here a Snapdragon 805 am a general 60 up T it will have waterproofing six gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage but the quick charge there as well but the big thing here is desire on wallet now you guys may not know I've got another YouTube channel and it focuses on phones that focuses on tech and cameras and things like that but from simply from a phone perspective this as an impressive food you know 4k sexy frames per second it's a flagship phone which means it's got you know the latest and greatest CPU in the Android while all the Snapdragon 805 from a foreign perspective just looks like a very good phone from a cryptocurrency perspective the fact that you can you know have a hardware wallet Bohun to the phone that you use all the time well that's quite good no I mean I don't I don't know the ends are noises as to what coins are supported and you know how this is going to work and all that I'm not even sure how good that to wallet as but I do like this idea now 950 dollars or so is probably expensive for what you're getting in my opinion because you could probably pick up a cheaper Android phone and then simply buy a ledger or a treasure or a keep key or whatever but I like this I think this is good news I think it's I think is bullish news when a large huge taken to cover a huge tech company such as HTC comes out there and they've come out and admitted the fact that this is a niche product and not just testing the waters but the fact that they are testing the waters and the fact that they are releasing our phone and hardware wallet and one I think this is good news let me know you think oh guys I mean I'll leave links to everything I'm going to show you and you can check this out for more I think it looks like a very good phone you know from the phone side of things time will tell what the actual wall is like but you know the idea of having a phone in a hardware wall and one as it new but before when you saw announcements you know for this kind of thing is not being from a huge company and on the subject of huge companies well you know you don't get much bigger Sooni okay yeah no a bootlegger but Sony as you know I've been a sony fanboys for a long time I've always loved Sony products and despite the fact that support is terrible but you can see the nurse here Sony develops cryptocurrency hardware wallet take plans to commercialize that and electronic giant's Sony of developed technology that a police will help cryptocurrency users store that assets more securely and they're calling at Sony CSL because of the computer science laboratories diversion and Sony explain the IC card tape hardware wallet is small portable and you're so unlike typical existing hardware wallets to connect the PCs via USB and a – you know as possible to securely generate installed a private key with a highly reliable tamper proof module with an IC card no there wasn't a huge number information out there right now about what they're going to do and what it's going to look like and you know exactly how they're going to develop that but for me the fact that Sony and now get involved not just a sec but Sony are planning to get involved in cryptocurrency and develop a hardware wallet you know these companies are trying to you know stay one step ahead and they looking at the future and they are seen that cryptocurrency is growing in popularity less is bullish news and I know that you know you're looking at the place of coins right now you're seeing that coin is low a lot of coins are low but look between the lines guys look at the fact that these large companies are getting involved in capital currency I think this is fantastic news display the fact I don't know what exactly what they're going to develop I think it's pretty good news that Sony's going to get involved and the last one I want to talk about here as it's effectively a ledger wallet no blockchain as you can see here that they've a yellow you don't know the wall and all that twenty nine Morgan wallets downloaded and I've never used them myself but they are very very popular and effectively what they've done as taking the ledger one and developed their own hardware wallet for their own software and you know you can even see on ledger ledger have announced in you know the blockchain lockbox capital currency Hardware wallet and maintain dollars 99 and you can see the announcement here the lockbox is a reflection of what our companies both two based but we've created an elegant software and hardware integration that offers more functionality they existed no space will throw to offer the lockbox the blockchain users so they can easily manage the funds online and offline seamlessly and yeah I mean if you look at that just looks like out later that's been painted on a lovely sparkly blue color but it's going to be using the blockchain you know this blockchain it's gonna be using the essaouira and this isn't the first thing that that a ledger have done this ledger have developed Hardware walls for a few other a coins accession and allowed them to brand and change etc I've used the legend on oh you know guy you guys know I've got a legend on I've got the tracer exit as well and yes it's a good luck wallet and you know as worth noting that the blockchain lockbox here as an alleged nano it's not like you can install the software for ledge on nano I don't believe you can't enemy I don't believe there's any way to format and change it anyway like that maybe there will be a workaround but oh the box that's as in a compatible with any any ledge or software or anything like that that's as designed for blockchain so it's designed a for the blockchain wall etc but if you've got a blockchain wallet and you're very happy with it well the next logical step would be to maybe step up and buy the lockbox a key a a rebranded ledger nonetheless so yeah we've seen later what Co you've seen ledger come up with the notions like this before that worked with partnerships with other coins and other projects it's quite good what they're doing so yeah good and I spent as I said you know I think all of these announcements all these releases are very bullish lame you know we thank guys I'd love to hear what you think about the X's 1 a and particular that one because I think that's the most interesting here it's very good to hear about a Sony's involvement and yeah blockchains lockbox looks like well it's a legend analyst it's going to be good so thanks for watching guys I hope you've enjoyed the video I'll leave links to everything I've showed you and you can check out for yourself leave a comment below I hope you guys have all been doing well and stay tuned because I roll back what'll kept to a corn next week and I won't be doing well I was gonna say there's an avalanche of videos coming but I've always doing videos every day so please do stay tuned for that until next thing guys take care

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  1. Great technology coming up Kev. What are your thoughts on Ravencoin at the moment? It has seen a huge increase in price and it's becoming profitable to mine again with this coin, converting it into BTC at it's current rate

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