How We Predicted The Bitcoin ($BTC) Breakout

Let’s pop the Lacroix What is going on? Snipers Nayeem a little baby here. I hope you’re all enjoying your day today Let’s go just dive right into this video and talk about a question that I’m getting swamped with right now Which is naive? How the heck did you predict the Bitcoin breakout, and I’m like man This is a good time to give some practical tips on how to predict breakouts like this using very simple technical analysis indicators So we’re gonna be talking about exactly what happened yesterday This was actually where it all started on our patreon if y’all are not patreon. You know we’re posting trade alerts masterminds and podcasts on slash snipers, and you can see I posted this at 7:37 yesterday And this was the graph that I posted while Bitcoin was at 6,900 in which it actually Dropped out of nowhere down to around six thousand seven hundred and ninety right after I posted this But it didn’t trigger our stop loss because remember we’re utilizing risk and reward ratios here And we were able to predict this large Bitcoin breakout despite people coming to me saying named It’s not gonna happen a matter of fact not to belittle anybody Remember every trader has opinions and perspectives and the end of the day nobody’s gonna be 100% correct not even me I’m gonna be wrong more than I’m right Maybe hub, and I like saying that because then it protects me, but at the end of the day it’s all about getting your risk management in place and you can see what people were saying when I made this call yesterday I Even said it’s also a long-term position somebody Immediately said I thought 5k was happening and then somebody said we will kiss the long-term downtrend and that somebody says Bitcoin is going to drop somebody says no one trade this trade alert somebody even said it is breaking down somebody said rest in peace But guess what I stood by my call and the reason I did was because I saw all Indicators pointing up and I trust technical analysis I’m going to talk about exactly how this started so first I was on our discord If you all are not on our discord the link is in the description We’re gonna be hiring some analysts soon And we’re going to be posting Constant and now and stuff here for some of you That are a little bit more advanced and already know how to read charts but somebody had posted on our patreon chat has anyone noticed that BTC USD shorts are Going parabolic now. They’re up to 38,000 if there are no sellers left then people start canceling their shorts and cause me to see to go up Hopefully that happens and I said great point and that made me look at the BTC USD short chart Because I wasn’t actually looking at this at first, which you probably should be looking at this I should have been looking at this, but I wasn’t looking at it So I went I looked at this chart so first of all shout out to dr. Rock, but I looked at it started like oh my gosh. The shorts are really high right now and This is something I actually posted In response to the first person that doubted this trade I said I’m glad that you thought that because I always want to do the opposite of what everyone is thinking even more Reassurance to me no offense just a principal I’ve learned in the market observe the masses and do the opposite and when I saw that the Masses we’re betting on Bitcoin as a short. If you don’t know what’s shorting is shorting is bending against Bitcoin That’s saying that the that Bitcoin is going down and that’s how you make money and shorting you’re saying. It’s going down So everybody’s thinking it’s going down And I’m like you know what let me get into the technical Analysis, and see what’s really happening and when we looked at the technical analysis y’all know that We talked about this over the past couple of days we were testing that 40 in RSI which is extremely bearish, but yesterday. We saw that we found support right along that 37 so it didn’t go all the way back down I said that is a very bullish sign it could really start to pull um it I’m sorry rise past that 40 into that neutral zone Which would be extremely bullish so I was bullish at that point so I put my orders in I think yesterday within 12 hours I had profited over three around three thousand dollars just from that one trailer So I just want you guys to know how much opportunities in this market this market is Fertile its fertile soil fertile ground somebody asked me there any like names should I go back to this stock market? I’m like are you kidding me the stock market? It’s like being in 2000 in era where the dot-com bubble just popped and saying Maybe I should start investing in everything but comm Stocks and tech stocks that would have probably been the worst decision of your life because you would have bought Facebook Google Apple back then You’d be a pretty happy investor right now. So this is pretty much The overall strategy I used to predict this breakout USD shorts I’m actually we actually just added a new bot here on our Discworld called Bitcoin futures liquidation So if you all want to stay up to date with these liquidations get on the discord and you can always you view this bot it’s constantly posting when there’s liquidations happening either on Long’s and shorts So if somebody’s liquidating along that means they’re thinking that it’s probably gonna go down if they’re lookin aiding a short they think it’s gonna Go up, so I’m adding as many resources for each and every one of y’all to empower y’all to become the best analysts possible at least So you can make some extra money right you might be home you might have kids you might be going to work back and forth Nine-to-five, this is your way out This is your way to make extra, so I’m gonna take some questions from our live audience And we’re gonna be doing a final Bitcoin analysis to end this video I’m not gonna go too long But I’m gonna see what everyone has to say do you have any? Questions that I can possibly add some value to and maybe help you also Tanner Lally just sent a super chat Thank You Tanner Thursday’s are pump days worst day to buy during the FOMO, if y’all don’t know fear of missing out tomorrow. We’ll go back down Wednesdays and Fridays are always rough in the market Thank you for posting that Tanner. I have taken my profits. If you were to ask me right now naima Have you taken your profits 100%? Why look at the sharp RSI swing? Yes, there might be further upside if you look at the MACD the buyers are starting to come in This is probably gonna start heading up But I’m gonna wait and I’m gonna see what bitcoin is going to do over the next couple of days To see how I want to react to this current market remember all we’re doing here I like to use this phrase secure your bags once you secure your bags. That’s it don’t get greedy There’s two big rules in trading that I think will help each and every one of you all number one Don’t ever get greedy what that means is if you CEOs shoot up 40% don’t tell yourself, man. I was thinking about getting it to us I didn’t get into it and maybe I should just get into it now, so I don’t lose out anymore whoa guess what you just faux boat you just Bow boat fear of missing out I feel like a rapper now with this mic Don’t FOMO. You little Romo call me Tomo. I’m so mo I’m just Let’s see what everybody has to say somebody says show us your trade RJ. Jamal show us your trade I’ll show you my train, so we’ll log on to G Dax And I’ll show you exactly how I played this I set up. I think around to buy orders on this and I love when people asked me to show them the trade and Let’s go ahead and see if this is going to pull up properly BAM. Here is the trade so? Somebody asked me is this your fake account because your name isn’t on top right. No we all have Middle names right so if you look at this Trade that I did yesterday. You can see this was 17 hours ago. I had purchased a Position here, let’s see what happened. We’ve filled a position It looks like at six thousand nine hundred and twenty nine I think it purchased one Bitcoin there And then there were two stop losses that I had set up as well which were also filled Right here for another Bitcoin, so this was another order that had put in I think I was trading about three Bitcoin while this happened and The sell order actually was initiated right over Yeah, I don’t typically use this, but I’m kind of confused that how I can look at this right here 17 hours ago this was the sell I believe no the cell was at 7,000 so I am not sure how to read this but Regardless of the fact Five hours ago Is this it right here Five hours ago. Yeah, I liquidated my yep 7600 there you go liquidated the position at 7600 Purchased in dollar cost average my way in about my first position here six thousand nine hundred and twenty nine put in my next position at six thousand nine hundred thirty-four put in another position Six thousand nine hundred and forty Ivan even if I’m reading this right and then liquidated at 7600 So there you go that was about three thousand dollar profit right there, so understand Like I said this market is filled with opportunities We are in fertile ground right now guys so any other good questions before we wrap this baby up now that I’ve shared the strategy and We’re gonna do a quick technical analysis before we wrap it up somebody says it’s not going back down. I’m playing the long silver Jaguar There is a lot of signs of strength, and I’m gonna talk about that Nate said yeah, he’s good Michael said crazy Owl said make the math then flash creature says Nayeem. Love your new time Get to watch you on the drive home after work your technical analysis helps Thank you so much. Yallah said three thousand profit. Are you kidding? No? Sultan says, thank you, Nayeem, you’re very welcome tipster said you’re the man accepting the challenge very nice Listen I’ve got nothing to hide I’m completely Transparent with everyone and the reason I’m like that is because I think so many people are cynical nowadays they question everything so it’s all about transparency Google review said hey guys techie Anderson do you think LTC will hit? 150 absolutely 150 is a clear target. It’s just about how are you gonna swing yourself into that right? It’s all about secure in your bags What do I mean by securing your bags in life you have to secure your bags? whether that bag is money or a relationship a business deal a partnership a Bag doesn’t represent money a bag is something that you need to secure because the bags are gonna go away, so Secure your bags when you have the chance to secure your bags right we’re all snipers, right? That’s why this is on snipers tube snipers they target trades They have their own spotters right we’re also helping you all spot your trades as well. We’ve got spotters in our discord right so understand that the point of this market is To really I guess the best way to put it is this I came from traditional markets it was extremely extreme fun However extremely unball at all when I came into crypto around 2000 And I mean I bought my first bacon around 2010, but I liquidated all of my capital on 2014 to trade crypto It was all because of the volatility That’s where the opportunity lies and what I saw happening was we kept seeing Bitcoin go up And it would just flash drop right? So you can see how we saw a little bit of a rally here flash drop a little bit of a rally here from last Drop a little bit of a rally here flash drop and what that told me was if there’s whales in this market the whales are going to try to get Bitcoin at the lowest possible cost right so they’re gonna want to short Bitcoin and bring the price down and Eventually put in their long positions at the lowest possible price the fact that these Price levels kept finding support around these known support levels that we bounced off of back in February that told me that the Wills are starting to get a little bit aggravated because they’re like oh my gosh Why aren’t we be like? Why aren’t we driving the price any lower is this the bottom right and they’re trying to drive the price low look they’re trying to Drive the price low they didn’t get it they tried it again didn’t get it They tried it here didn’t get it what that told me was they’re gonna come to a point where they’re gonna say you know what? Mining will become extremely unprofitable if Bitcoin goes any lower than these price levels There’s a lot of positive market sentiment the Rockefellers are starting to invest There are billionaires trying to get approved to invest in cryptocurrency I think I might want to put some big capital into Bitcoin right now It doesn’t seem like the prices going any lower and even with me being a whale. It’s not driving it any lower than 6,700 let me go ahead and initiate my buy, and that’s where you see this huge Candlestick, I’m sorry this huge bar of buy volume here on the one day you can see how substantial that is matter of fact I Think somebody commented on the post yesterday. They said There’s just not enough volume I’m only gonna buy in when there’s enough volume oh When there’s enough volume the price has already went up You want to get in for the volume comes right so let’s see if there’s any other questions Nate Aaron said should we tender all our alt gains and better or position I have Exited my positions And I will re-enter once I am more confident in what bitcoin is going to act like at these higher levels It could certainly drop back down to lower lows, right It’s not about trying to predict. What’s gonna happen a Bitcoin a year from now. It’s about predicting. What’s gonna happen tomorrow What’s gonna happen the next day? Why because we’re in a speculative market? There’s gonna be extreme volatility you have to be aware of the fact that this market can change so fast and because of that It’s gonna be better to play your trades by the day than by the year, right It’s not like the stock market where you can say okay? We’ve seen this much growth over the past seven decades and now we can expect this much growth No, we don’t have seven decades worth of information to apply to this market. It’s an emerging market. We’re in a speculative bubble There’s no intrinsic value yet, so hopefully that helps So he says how do I get that trade alert? We have a patreon it’s slash? Snipers and we have our trade alerts masterminds podcasts all posted here We actually posted our podcast yesterday is well talking about other potential breakouts, which all broke out and yielded profits even our LTC trade went into the profit zone LTC was doing the same thing I had a little bit more confidence that and I saw earlier that went into the profit zone That was over 10% profit there – I think if you bought at the top of the way So would’ve been over almost 20% profits So that’s how you get the patron so he said siren tokens are releasing phone with cold wallet yes Si RN s. IR hi n I’m sorry yes. They’re releasing a phone. They found a manufacturer. They said thank you You’re awesome, man. Thank you brother Michael said just joined the gold patreon welcome Michael NASA said where’s the voice chat we’re not gonna enable that just yet We will enable that soon actually as a matter of fact what we’re going to do here. I’m Going to go ahead and after this Live video we’re all going to be heading over to our discord Under this area here chats. I’m going to create a Crypto chat for voice so if y’all want to actually talk to me after this livestream Then I’d love to see all of you at our discord under crypto chat. I’m gonna actually join that in right now and We can actually take more specific questions from some of y’all that are viewing this livestream right now And I think it’s gonna be cool because we’re gonna have some more analysts on this and we’re gonna be posting short-term long-term BTC analysis technical analysis fundamental analysis and quick tips only from our analysts So this is gonna be locked and that’s gonna be really good for all of you because this is gonna be all valuable information in these chats and then we’ll have some open chats for people that want to talk then we have these bots telling you exactly when to Look at you know the shorts and Long’s and also a new exchange listing So we’re adding a lot of things a lot of features were trying to enhance our whole system And we’ll continue to do that to make this the best community for cryptocurrency The most trusted community and cryptocurrency because this is the revolution this is the future baby come on get excited here Max said damn, I remember seeing all those shorts on bit tricks. That’s a lot of shorting pressure That’s just Evaporated you have a lot of people Lost the only money guess what the house always wins right so play with the house not with the majority Somebody says I need a minute of the dipper crash please want to buy more Don’t get greedy Silica also saw a massive rise. Yes silica is a project We’ve been talking about big a said do you suggest trying to sell at profit or holding? I? Say it depends on what you’re doing if you have a swing trading portfolio, then take your profits Whenever you hit your targets if you have a long-term portfolio Go ahead purchase at the lows and then hold on as long as you can so it depends on what type of portfolio you’re utilizing But I’ll tell you what if it’s a swing trade take your profits. Don’t be greedy What are you in this market for – just hold on to it or to pay yourself, right? How are you gonna become full-time pay yourself if it’s going up and down take advantage of the volatility, baby Hoho ha pika said calm down dude. How could I be calm? I literally could not sleep all night? Because I was just so ecstatic about this whole revolution not because a Bitcoin going up I didn’t even know up until early in this morning, but I’m just excited in general this whole revolution is huge There’s some awesome conferences coming up soon I’ll be speaking at the conference soon, so it’s just an awesome revolution And I am so so excited for the future in this somebody says do you take all profits? I dollar cost average typically But this time I took profits because it hit all my targets somebody says Bitcoin one day replaced Swift Quadrillion dollars gets transferred every day Bitcoin will be worth a hundred thousand dollars in the next 10 years who knows Where from there Dan V. Music good good post there? Michael Barnes says what’s your thoughts on legolas exchange? I haven’t looked much into that Michael I probably didn’t even say that right Timothy said do you sell a hundred percent when you get to your take profit zone? I have targets, so let’s say I have three targets set then as long as it hits all three targets I take my profits big a see I’ve been bullish on steam because of community and is up 28% But nano still hasn’t run is it do. It’s funny you say that big a so there’s an article that was written today about Steam it and it was talking about how a lot of content creators are now going from YouTube and other social media platforms to platforms like Steam it and detail up to revenue share and People are in our discord. Let me leave No anybody but anyways Um what’s also cool about that is I? Also believe that steam it has a lot of potential in the long term if we look at steam here. You can see We’re up. It looks to be where are we at here? Let’s see where’s d-man, let’s find steam here on coin market cap Ste up fifty-two percent in the past seven days look at that I Think steam in my opinion is a very very long term hold I think steam will eventually become like the next Facebook the next Twitter because it is such a great platform And it incentivizes the creators to create content without utilizing Advertisements no one nobody likes ads right, so it’s a perfect way to utilize a blockchain. It’s one the most Successful uses of the blockchain till this day alongside with crypto kitties anybody here have crypto kitties by the way Anybody want to trade their crypto credit kitties for a Lacroix if you want to trade your crypto kitties for a Lacroix contact me at One eight hundred. I don’t know Lauren said what are your thoughts on Komodo and the role they will play as crypto shifts towards de X and The I shoes, I think Komodo is great. It’s a very early technology, and it’s a use case that can only be utilized in our Industry it’s not necessarily a bridge to other industries, which is why I’m not as bullish about it Just yet because remember I’m looking for projects that could see adoption in the next two to five years I’m not necessarily looking for a projects that can see adoption in the next five to ten years and because Komodo is more of a integration to current blockchain use in my opinion. It’s something That’s a little bit more long-term And I don’t like to invest in projects like that because you never know what could come out and wipe that out like hash graph For example we’re a new type of blockchain or a new type of Bitcoin right so you never know because remember dial-up is Like Pre-2000 right or around early 2000s and now we’re you know in broadband and high-speed Internet It’s just completely different so hold it for atmosphere so it’s the same thing with the blockchain. It’s gonna develop and evolve Not just gonna stay the same. That’s the exciting thing about it. It’s gonna Globalize our economy and tokenize a lot of different assets, and it’s gonna tokenize a lot of different things like real estate Right I have a buddy of mine. Just had an ICO a real estate back coin, so Forever tracks says well BTC ever be stable enough to be used properly in daily transactions I don’t think it’s ever going to be needed to be used in daily transactions I think it’s more of a storage of value at this point I mean it’s limited right gold back in the day was the currency of the world But eventually what ended up happening was it was too Hard to just carry everywhere, so they said here’s bills that are backed by gold, and then eventually they removed the gold backing in 1978 I believe in 1973 And when that happened then you know now We can print as much money as we want and the currency itself is in this Inflationary bubble that could eventually pop and detriment a lot of different economies You know we have a lot of debt that we owe to China in other countries And we’re in a huge huge hole right now. I think Bitcoin could globalize our economy, and if we globalize our economy You know that puts down the borders because borders are really set in place with currency right now If you really think about it the different countries are You know revolved around their currency, and if you globalize currency then it globalizes of the world and is that a bad or a good thing well I think that they’ll still be a lot of different you know areas that have certain types of You know I guess you can call it. You know certain types of economic value, but I think it’s gonna be good because Anything that is unified in my opinion is good rather than going into war and things of that nature Nate says will $1,000 investment make us rich in five years if you play it right Danby music we still haven’t figured out how much we can do with blockchain absolutely not Ryan said Fiat is destroyed people in debt are screwed Ryan T. 47% of mortgages in Canada renew this year too much control The element says liked to grow the beard that Is hilarious Saudi says 200 likes and you shave your beard Sure, we’ll do that. We’ll shave the beard for 200 likes and How about we will dye the beard blonde for 300 likes We need more youtubers Negotiating their likes I think I think the audience likes that Instead of just giving it out. We got to negotiate it so if we hit 300 then we got blond beard 200 we shave it Petra new comer here Peter. Good to have you on he says hello. Love the development and your reports however Cannot the BTC USD becomes still bull trap absolutely. It could be a bull trap, but no big deal I already secured my bags remember. We’re talking about here securing your bags Yeah, a YC said you were blond last time for like two days Yeah, because we hit like 200 lifes, and I had to go blonde. I’m a man of my words I’ve already shaved my head, and then I’ve wet blonde because of this but I’m a pretty good negotiator. I’ve been getting better I’m a good trainer. I’m a good negotiator too, so I know how to bet right Play against me come on. I’m the house here Marwin said Think we’re gonna go back to fifty eight hundred very possible. I’m not really thinking about that right now I’m gonna play as we go and The reason I’m saying that is because I’m seeing a lot more results just playing things as we go you know we saw etherium dip Below RSI 30 we bought in made profit same thing here Calvin says what will you do for 400 likes? I don’t know There was something out there Renee says are you a real sniper? No? I’m not Lauren says 300 likes and you give away a book. I’ll give away book right now How about we do a book giveaway? We’re gonna give away the Internet of money It’s a book by Andreas on top annales, and it is one of the first books I read about Bitcoin I didn’t need to read a book about Bitcoin to understand Bitcoin, but it was the first book I read about Bitcoin But we’ll give away a book right now. Here’s the question What chart did I utilize to Become extremely confident in my call that Bitcoin was going up yesterday. I said that earlier in the video Let’s use paying attention and Ryan T. Says, dude You called us so well in your last video guys say I’ve been learning a lot from you. You’re charting it Helped me out with elf this morning. That’s awesome. Else. Just got listed on an exchange if you go to our discord You can see here elf just got listed on Yo bit, I believe so this is a really cool resource – you can see any coin That’s being listed so you can have an idea of what coins might see a little bit of influx so Everybody’s saying the RSI Well, no that’s not what may be extremely confident. It was the BTC USD shorts and Carl Mercier said it first so you won brother send me a message on Twitter and we will send you out the Internet of money good for you brother any Other questions here before we wrap this baby up It was the short chart remember when you see these shorts going up that means people were betting against Bitcoin It was at all-time highs and not only that RSI went above 60 it was overbought Everybody’s pretty beans going down in my opinion observe the masses do the opposite Somebody says thanks. You’re very welcome Carl Josiah said elf got listed on bit thumb. Yes. Sorry. It wasn’t yo bit there. You go. Good job slime season said are we in a phase 7 Hyper wave I haven’t done a hyper analysis, so it’s not what I’m utilizing. I’m utilizing basic indicators That’s other thing about all this. I’m utilizing this simplest indicators for a reason You know why because the majority of people on YouTube and in cryptocurrency are beginners? So why am I gonna go ahead and say all right? Why don’t we do some Elliot wave theory? Why are we gonna use Bollinger Bands and? Each local clouds when people don’t understand that it’s uninteresting none of y’all be watching right now If that’s what I was doing But I’m like you know what simple indicators work right boxers when they’re doing bad guess what they go back to the fundamentals jab jab uppercut, baby, so Go to the fundamentals. You will always win in the fundamentals. You don’t need to get complex. You don’t need to get so advanced especially in a market like this That’s so volatile technical analysis was created for volatile markets not unball to markets How do you have company handles form in an unpalatable market? Yamcha says are you wearing the full suit? I’m not answering that question I’m an honest man This place says I would be flash uses a sponge cloud square chart Tony says has he done any other coins I’m not doing too many right now because we see a lot of parabolic run ups right now I’m gonna wait until we see some horizontal action to see what type of support and resistance levels we see George says what’s up, dude? Rene says make it simple display says you’re the best thank you brother Hey Crosby I says bit connect up 21% That’s weird everybody’s laughing Crypto huawei said yup fundamentals are for a long term hot old tea a four day train if you all want fundamentals We post all of our fundamental analysis on Twitter so for the fundamentals you go on slash snipers tube And that’s where all of our fundamental analysis is posted so that’s actually Something I would highly recommend because we posted the verge fundamental analysis other day and that led to a huge huge Break up Mike biases 300 likes to stand up 200 likes to stand up all right deal. We’ll do 200 likes to stand up There’s a crazy man. Oh, this is a crowd of a kind crowd What are we 89? Oh? We’re slacking? We’ll see they are lazy Michael says I agree. I’m still new and learning great Crypto says show us the pets right T. Let’s see. What kind of pajama pants. He’s wearing All right Let’s get on topic or we’re gonna end this 19 DubLi BTC market cap will reach that Of gold one day gold around seven trillion dollars, right? Residential real estate around I think what 24 trillion? Commercial real estate. What is it 54 trillion dollar industry? I might be wrong with all those numbers, but fairly accurate and what I’ll tell you about the cryptocurrency market under a trillion cryptocurrency global economy our stock market not a global economy Cryptocurrency under 1 trillion do you think it’s gonna go over a trillion? Absolutely 100%. It’s a global economy the dot-com bubble three trillion dollars in 2000 Valuation like the year 2000 it was three trillion dollars today with inflationary valuation over ten trillion dollars that was the United States Ten trillion dollars the United States in the dot-com bubble it was the hype of the internet, right This is the hype of blockchain, but guess what its global not restricted to the US What does that mean over 10 trillion? most likely Big a said, thanks for all the great advice The few times I spoken to directly proves you’re a real stand-up guy Thank you big. I appreciate that brother. Oh 9 mr.. Dennis says man I’ve left, but I’m back Nayeem. Good to have you brother bcw aces where did the buying come from it came from the whales look they tried this was my This was my thought process the wills tried bringing the price down once twice three times Even four times and because of that I think this last time that they tried to bring the price down And if you want to know how the whales bring the price down, this is a quick example of one way to do it Right, let’s say You’re a whale and you have 1 million dollars you put in a million dollars Into Bitcoin while it’s at six thousand dollars, and let’s say Bitcoin goes up in value To six thousand seven hundred because you put a million dollars and obviously you can’t just fill one order in at six thousand So it’s gonna obviously naturally bring the price up So let’s say bikal goes to six thousand seven hundred you let it trade for a little bit You’ve got your million dollars in there, and you know as soon as you pull that out. It’s gonna crash the price What you do is you go on another market and you start your short Bitcoin, and you say okay? Well, I’m gonna go ahead and put another million in but this I’m gonna leverage this 10x And I’m gonna short Bitcoin right well that means that you’re gonna bet against Bitcoin Well if you’ve got a million dollars in the market you’ve got a short in place Guess what happens you go to that million dollars you withdraw you liquidate Drops the price you’re short triggers you make 10x leverage on that million think of that in a larger scale with whales that are in a conference center and Literally like a cult of whales think of that that happens in this crypto sphere We don’t know where we don’t know how there’s many different people there’s many groups many Whale groups whales everywhere and that happens right so it’s the whales against the whales That’s how people short the market. That’s how they bring the market down so every time they tried bringing the price down It just wasn’t breaking these support levels even this time they tried dropping it this was after the trade alert was called they tried dropping It it just didn’t go past six thousand seven hundred What does that mean for a well? This is what I thought if I was a whale and the price isn’t going down I’m like holy crap. This is not working whatever You know what let me just put it along Let me just go along on this then it’s like it’s not going down anymore We brought it down to this point from twenty thousand So this was a pretty good job and guess what you think bitcoin is gonna. Go that low and You’re gonna. They’re gonna allow mining to be unprofitable You know Bitcoin mining is only profitable up to around Bitcoin being worth around $2,500 that was from a podcast yesterday on Unchained if you all haven’t listened to that podcast shout out to Whoever does that podcast it’s called Unchained amazing podcast somebody just said I would wait on your thirty thousand Jesse says I have thirty thousand invest, but can’t figure out what to put it into well Jesse if you were on our patreon Esther you could have leveraged yourself a little bit dollar cost average into litecoin Bitcoin you would have had exact price levels to get in that to get out at to have a stoploss at for risk management I Mean there’s nothing I could tell you if that’s not the case then use technical indicators learn technical analysis understand the RSI anything over sixty over Bob anything under thirty over Seoul I’m sorry anything over Seventy is overbought anything over sixty is bullish because that means it’s probably gonna get to the levels over seventy and become overbought Somebody says you should do a podcast Laura Shin, thank you Tony Laura Shin is her name. Tell us about xvg. We called it recently Ramon the news is coming out by the hype southern use That’s my opinion on that Somebody says huddle everything Ryan says mind the crap out of kryptonite forks lately mining room has been a fun place lately and the best part is I Didn’t put one single hash towards Manero the whole time interesting good job Ryan crypto naheem said hi Morgan Freeman says ready crypto rap song for the next stream And I’m gonna tell you that’s my team and I’m gonna tell you what I deem Make him post on Steam Looking like little ream. I got the best team I’m a close that little seam I feel like a rapper. There’s a new microphone alright. Yeah, we’re gonna wrap this baby up Thank you all for watching. If you haven’t already follow us on Twitter We are posting constant updates there slash snipers, dude. You are all awesome We are going to go ahead and head to our discord into our live chat. We’ve already got a couple people here it’s gonna be under crypto chat the discord link is in the description below if you don’t have the discord link this is gonna be your invite link so go ahead and not use that just Find it on our YouTube Comments I get into the discord. This is a web version so you can do this on your phone There’s an app we’re gonna be under crypto chat you can plug in your microphone Or you can just listen in if you’re an introvert and we’re gonna take actual physical questions from people and talk about What’s going on in the market as well as talk about a couple alt coins that I’m excited about in this potential Full reversal that we’re seeing here, so thank you all for watching I really appreciate each and every one of you all remember secure your bags Snipe those trades make it happen don’t fall for the FOMO Don’t get greedy with that being said, thank you all for watching and until next time snipers out You

27 thoughts on “How We Predicted The Bitcoin ($BTC) Breakout”

  1. It appears short liquidation or unwinding of short (sell) BTC trades has played a big role in the sudden rally, according to some sources. (

  2. While no specific events have been confirmed as the reason for the sharp price jumps across the board, Twitter users have speculated that the recent news that Bitcoin has been declared compliant with Shariah law – according to a report published online today, April 12 – may have contributed to the spike:

  3. If you are subscribed to our Patreon then you know I sent a very bold Trade Alert last night to buy Bitcoin despite everyone believing it would be crashing down to lower levels. Shorts were at all time highs and everyone was betting against Bitcoin. Being in the market, I’ve learned to ‘observe the masses and do the opposite’. It’s all about being a SNIPER and targeting your entry/exit points properly. We are going to talk about how we predicted this breakout, and how you can use simple indicators to do the same.

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  4. I remembered what you said, buy in the red, sell in the green. XRP was down 9% so i bought in. It's now up 8% so I'm up a total of 17%. Once again, I listened to you, not to get greedy, took my profits now its went down. Cannot thank you enough man!

  5. Seems like you have better information than everybody else I actually waited and and results of that I kind of missed out on buying at 7000 k . Now I'm not sure if I should wait until it might go a little bit lower. Either way keep up the good work and thanks for the information.

  6. Hey bro, thanks for the videos. This is allowing me to make some extra cash to bless my family. Can't do the paid service at this time but learning a lot through the videos and it is GREATLY appreciated. Blessings!

  7. People! I'm from the future! 14/04/ 18 bitkoyn again went to 7000 $. 31/01/19 TOKENGO is already worth $ 13

  8. HI From UK great vid, i need help i have 90k etn and 8800 nxt and no more funds do you think i should close my laptop and leave it for a month or 2, ps i know you are not and adviser but i could do with a push in the rite direction if possible

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