How transfer Ethereum from MetaMask to EO.Finance

How to send Ethereum from Metamask to EO.Finance In this video we will transfer Ethereum from Metamask to EO.Finance account. We start by clicking Receive button on our Ethereum account. Here is an address where we need to send Ethereum. We click Copy Transfers to EO.Finance are completely free Now we open Metamask, unlock it and click Send button We paste our Ethereum address into this field and enter the amount Let’s send 1 Ethereum Metamask automatically suggests a gas price, we can leave it unchanged Now we click Next button On this screen we confirm that everything is correct We click Confirm and our transaction is created Now we can return to EO.Finance As we can see our transaction has already reached blockchain And we now just have to wait for its confirmation EO.Finance requires 6 confirmations for Ethereum transaction to be verified The time of confirmation depends on a gas price of our transaction and how Ethereum blockchain is busy right now So the transaction is confirmed and our funds are added to our EO.Finance balance We can always check statement of our account Here by clicking on any transaction we get the detailed information So, we successfully sent cryptocurrency from Metamask to EO.Finance wallet As you could see this is quite easy We encourage you to watch our next videos about EO.Finance functionality

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