100 thoughts on “How To Win An Awesome PayPal Spending Spree!”

  1. PayPal spending Spree… well if I win I would able to afford some new gadgets in the house, like a toaster or a coffee machine, because I spent all my money on computer parts ^^

  2. I would love to win son could get my dad a nice father's day gift! I've never been able to save for anything nice to give usually it's a card or a mug so being able to buy him an amazing gift would truly be amazing.

  3. Einning woud be awsome cause in summer im flying to kreta in greek(i hooe its correkt im from germany xD) cause last. Year i got a nintendo switch and i only have splatoon and zelda and you know i played it many times and i got bored. I saw that you can pay with paypal know. I was like niice. Then i realized i had a account but no money i wantet to buy Dragonball Xernoverse 2. I love dragonball. My family is a bit poor. Idk if you coud say that. We moved from russia to germany so my parents havent a "real job". Like others. I mean they work but… ok great I forgot what I wanted to say. Well I hope I win and old if I didn't hear that but how much can I possibly win again? xD ok bye

  4. You know how the pc market is in Jamaica. I'm planning on building my first pc (Ryzen APU). In all honesty that's going to pay customs for these ridiculous import fees.

  5. It would be great to win this because I own a small game developing studio that we are really lacking in money and we need money to buy some of the more expensive software that you may need to make games

  6. I think it would cool to win so I cam remove the message in my bottom right hand corner that says Activate Windows
    Go to Settings to activate Windows.

  7. Well, I'm a PC enthusiast, and at the moment I have a pretty good PC… BUT: I'm a LEGO fan too, and as you know it's an expensive hobby, so if I would win a PayPal spree, I could get my dream LEGO set (which costs $250) this summer! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  8. It would be great to win because it can assist in getting me to go home for a couple of days as I work 700km from home and might be going home in a few weeks if it would be great to take the little stress from paying for flights.

  9. Winning some money would be awesome, I'll use them for buying me a cpu cooler if 100$ or some games if lower

  10. would be great to win i could use it to help for a new gaming laptop, btw i understand what you mean it seems people must always think that someone always has a personal motive, rather than believing someone just wants to do something good.

  11. Aye – don't be listening to those whiners – would love to win to go towards a new rig I'm planning on building later this year 🙂

  12. it would be nice to win the pay pal spending spree s i can do some maintenance on my laptop mainly for thermal paste have been having weird overheats and some laptop repair tools too

  13. Win a paypal money with that I could work on the hobby projects which is of personal pc build with water cooling and robotic projects I would use it properly for entertainment on pc and work on my robotic projects

  14. It would be awesome to win because I have been working hard at McDonald's to save up for my PC which will set me back around $2500.

  15. Love how your entire outlook on life has made a 180 since getting the proper diagnosis.

    Have no specifc reason on what I'd do with the winnings, but I just wanted to say thank you Elric for always giving us viewers the opportunities to win something!

  16. I need the money to pay my debts as I had my credit card stolen the other day but I didn’t bother to report it because the thief spends less than my wife

  17. how you feeling these days? 😀 i'd love you get some new games or a better power supply for the pc. Or better yet, spend it on some nice dinner with the SO. 😀

  18. It would be awesome to win this Paypal spending spree because I'm trying to build a new gaming/3d modeling pc but I'm still short a couple hundred bucks for a stick of ram. I already have the cpu, motherboard, graphics card, powersupply, and a used harddrive. I just need that stick of ram to get me going. I haven't had a pc that's capable of gaming since almost 20 years and would like to see how games have advanced in the last 20 years and possibly make my own game from scratch. This awesome spending spree could possibly be responsible for the next level, game changing, game title of the year.
    Good luck to everyone that enters and thank you Elric for this opportunity.

  19. Winning this money would be awesome!. I am currently running on a 2.0ghz laptop and i would love to atleast upgrade it. If not i would love to help my mother with all her bills…

  20. I would use the money to put into my savings for my university expenses. Nowadays in my country of Malaysia the currency is so bad. Buying a meal is so expensive everywhere. To get a few extra USD would benefit in such a big way. Thank you for this chance ToT. 🙂

  21. 100$ would be great for me cuz i will use that money on my pc gear, since i'm not sure i can win with the GTX 1080. So it would better if i can win this giveaways. @Deam_Zoro

  22. Would really love it, im in a financial situation and trying to build me a computer im working but its not enough

  23. Would like to win because in my country, Singapore, it takes literally $10 to ship a tiny phone cable with the fact that the conversion rate from banks isn’t that great. A paypal spending spree would definitely be appreciated!

  24. Awesome brotha!! I hate all those whiney ass bitches, don't let them get you down ?

    If I win I would definitely get me that new corsair mouse pad with the Qi charging ?

  25. I would love to win as I am really enthusiastic about buisness and I am trying to save all my money like my bday money to get a vending machine and put it somewhere like my local swimming pool reception to get some extra cash !! Thankyou x

  26. Hey glad you are felling better. From 1 guitarist to another, not sure how id feel if i couldn't play anymore. This would make my summer a treat and I would take the wife out for some nice romantic dinner, man its been a while…… I guess I better do it even if I don't win lol……. rock on sir

  27. Winning would be awesome because id be able to buy some supplies for a LAN party to have my friends come over! Would be an awesome experience.

  28. Hope I'm not late for the party 🙂
    I'm saving some money to buy a new graphics card and monitor to play more AAA games. my current card is mediocre, and the monitor is on the low side, so winning this giveaway will help me towards completing this.

    And thank you, Elric, for doing this, it's a great way for showing appreciation to your fans.

  29. Would be really awesome to win the paypal spree because Im trying to save up money to move to Japan in about 2 years from now. However just yesterday I got a email saying I have to send back some money I got from something called försäkringskassan (Basically a swedish place you can go to ask for money if you dont have a job) They made a fault in the system and now I have to pay back. Im starting working again in the coming weeks but this really hit me hard and Im feeling very depressed about the situation.

    Thanks again for this wonderfull giveaway you really are a awesome person! 😀

  30. Hopefully it is not too late to enter this giveaway. Recently I just found you’re YouTube Chanel and I totally felt in love with it. I really like the content you are producing and showing us every day. But why would I like to win you’re PayPal Spending Spree? My Name is Nils I’m 17 years old and I`m from southern Germany. I just graduated from school a few weeks ago. Right now I have a lot of time. So I decided to start with my driving license. And holy fuck that’s expensive. How should a normal person even afford this license? I´m a really hard working guy and I got nearly all of the money I need to join the driving club. You’re PayPal Spending Spree would help me out to get my driving license. You would totally make my day. After Summer Vacation I will join a Film and digital Art Academy. So it would be great to have a car or motorcycle to get there in very short time. I would love to hear from you. Keep uploading great fresh content and have a great and sunny day.

  31. Winning 100$ Will Help Me To Buy SSD to Put My Windows and Upgrade My Computer Which So Slow Because OF Slow Hardisk and Play Games Again Since 2015 I Didnt Play Any Games ..

  32. I think it would be cool to help me buy stuff online since I am kid and don't have debt or credit but I have PayPal and a keyboard since my ruin and a gaming mouse

  33. Winners will be picked tomorrow morning, I had some issues with a spammer who was highjacking this video. Sorry for the delay.

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