58 thoughts on “How to Verify Your PayPal Account Using Your Equity Bank Visa or MasterCard”

  1. Hi David, thanks for the video. How about if I want to withdraw the funds from the account? How do I link the paypal account to equity bank account so that I can make the transfer of funds.

  2. hello David,thanks for the video .i have a question does the address in my paypal account have to be the same with the one in my equity bank account?

  3. I would also like clarification on how exactly to withdraw funds from my Paypal account to my equity bank to my pocket. Would you kindly do a video on that.?

  4. hey paypal is requesting for the confirmation code..i dont know where to find it. mara story ya statement haoo ndo ntaipata im confused

  5. Hi David, i made a transaction on my PayPal acc withdrew half of my balance to my virtual visa card. but i notice that my vir. visa wasnt verified yet. what would happen to my money? please helppp. the note says 5-7 working days b4 it gets to my vir visa, otherwise thats the time i'll wait b4 it comes back to my paypal wallet again. please help

  6. My paypal account is limited I tried to do the confirmation of my credit card by 4 digits but I don't find that anywhere so what do I do and how do I check I get these 4 digits code to verify my card

  7. I can't see the green ribbon around my profile picture yet I have added my Equity bank visa card and linked my bank account. Why is this?

  8. i have new papypal account and i added a visa card succesfully but i can't verifyit i can't also recieve anything on paypal yet
    what should i do?

  9. Hi David. I opened a bank account yesterday and i tried to link it to my PayPal acc but i since it didnt have 4 digit code that its usually sent. I made a mistake of guessing the code and later called the Equity customer, whom informed me to go to the nearest Equity bank to get the code. After getting the code, i have been trying the whole day to confirm my account and activate it, but it has declined. The confirmation option in the PayPal account is no more there! What should i do?

  10. Hi David, I have a question my mum account is dormant for 4 years, can I save money in it,then she can activate

  11. when i'm tring to link NMB mastercard they reply This card is not accepted. Please use a different card what i can do

  12. why is it that when i clink add a bank account it brings ADD U.S BANK ACCT.I have already added my visa card what of bank account? pls help

  13. i have verified my credit card but a code was sent to me but dont know where to view it i checked my phone and e-mail it wasnt there

  14. HI David..i know this is out of topic but can you please advice me on which online job i can depend on since i quit my job last week.

  15. Bro when i try press confirm card and then its said This card is not accepted. Please use a different card. pls help David

  16. Hi there!
    I hope someone can help me.
    I have added a mastercard, and when i click withdraw found says that i need to add a bank account.

  17. Hi David, thank you very much for the good article. I used to have a verified account but now paypal closed. In Easter africa it only works with Kenya for merchant account. so if anyone is interested to work with me he can contact [email protected]

  18. How much time does it take the code to arrive? I seem like it got the money down but I didn't get an SMS or I didnt see the transaction on the card/account history (checked on the bank app / online web )

  19. my MasterCard is not working .. it says card denied i don't understand why ? the card has money i deposited 2 dollars in it .. I'm in Ukraine

  20. I had an account in equity bank but now am abroad it's now 2yrs then what l want to know is it possible to send money directly on my account

  21. Hi, I opened both a paypal and equity account today,when i try to link it to my visa card but it is giving me a message saying the issuing bank has declined it.

  22. i linked my paypal with the visa card and its asking me for a code in order to verify with which the i did not receive the code what might be the problem

  23. hello david does it mean that when i link my visa card with my paypal am verified ?and again when am verified does it mean that my paypal account cant be locked am saying this because i was once a victim of it

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