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Hello my friends, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club and today you are going to learn how to use Tron Power to earn TRX passively
using a certain feature of the Tron Wallet. Yes, it’s that easy. You just need to put Tron in a wallet, and
simply freeze it. And the equivalent amount of Tron Power is
available depending on how much Tron currency you freeze. Freezing it just means that your not going
to be able to send it out of the wallet. The funds are essentially locked. However, you can unfreeze your funds at any
time if you need them. So the first step is to download a legitimate
Tron wallet. I decided to use TronScan because it’s recommended
by Ledger. And it’s compatible with the Ledger Nano S.
You do not need to have a Ledger device to use this wallet. There are other methods that allow you to
personally secure the wallet and your private keys. If you google Ledger and TronScan, as you
can see I did right here. Ledger Tronscan. You will find there official support article
explaining how to setup Ledger with TronScan. Just click the first link you find here that
says ‘install and use Tron / TRX Ledger Support’ this is on the official Ledger website. So you know it’s the official source. And they have a direct link. Head right over there and as you can see they
have a direct link, download Tronscan desktop, so we are just going to click that and head
right over there. It takes us straight to the official Github
download page for the TronScan wallet. From here you are going to download and then
install this wallet. If you have a Mac, you can download the TronScan
Mac X64 zip. If you have a Windows based computer, you
can download the TronScan Win32 X64 zip. And of course if you have a Linux, you can
get the Linux version right here. So just download the file and then install
the program to your computer. If you have a Ledger, just use the instructions
back here at the Ledger blog. If you have a Ledger just use the instructions
back here at the Ledger blog. They have the step by step laid out for you
right here. If you don’t, then you can just choose one
of the other non-ledger options to create the wallet, once you have installed the program
and turned it on for the first time. Once your wallet is installed, it will look
like this once it is turned on. You can click in the upper right hand corner,
where it says ‘open wallet’, to get the option to ‘create’ your wallet. If you already have done that and you have
created your private key, you can sign in using it right here. And you can also select ‘open wallet’ for
a number of options, including logging in with either your Ledger device or your Trezor
device, or a couple of other options. I’m going to take a moment to log into my
wallet using the Ledger, by clicking ‘open wallet’ and selecting ‘Ledger’. Then I’m just going to open up my Ledger. Once your Ledger is connected, it will show
that it’s connected and you can simply click the green button, that says ‘open wallet’. Now that I’m in the wallet, you can see that
I have quite a bit of Tron Power. The Tron Power that I have is equal 1:1 with
the amount of TRX that I froze. While frozen, those funds are unavailable
in my main balance, however as you can see, I do have 8,992 Tron available in my balance,
that I have been earning by leveraging the Tron Power. In fact, in the past 9 or 10 days I have earned
about 10,000 TRX. I froze my first days earnings and then I
decided to let the rest build up so I could make a video for demonstrative purposes. The other thing to notice, is that like holding
Ethereum in the past, holding Tron and using your Tron Power can earn you bonus tokens
that are created on the Tron network using actual TRX. Meaning that they have actual value in TRX. Some of the coins that people earned in this
way, similarly on the ETH network, actually gained some value in the future. This could be possible with Tron based tokens
as well. So might as well HODL them and see what happens. Notice that you can click each one for details
about the token. It’s pretty neat. See I’ll click TronCash and it gives a little
information about it, and a website link. So by now you are probably wondering, how
do you use your Tron Power? Well first you have to get some. So after installing TronScan and getting your
wallet going. Your going to need to buy some Tron off the
exchange and send it to your wallet address. Which you can find listed right here. The transaction will be very quick. Once the Tron is in your wallet, you can then
scroll down on this particular page, and select ‘freeze’. This black button right here, and type the
amount of Tron you want to freeze. I’ll put 8,000. And then you just check this little button
here. And you can select ‘freeze balance’. Now since I’m using the Ledger, I’m going
to confirm this transaction on my Ledger. Just did that. Now I’m going to click ok. And I successfully have frozen 8,000 TRX. Now that I have frozen some more TRX that
I have actually earned through the ‘voting’ process here. Now I can go out and allocate it, in another
vote for the purpose of this video. To show you how to do it. So once your TRX is frozen, the Tron Power
will show up in your wallet. Next you are going to click ‘votes’ from the
wallet menu, right up here at the top of the wallet. And in this view you can see all the super
representative candidates that are competing with each other to be one of the top 27 highest
voted and become supernode representatives. Tron elections happen every 24 hours. And so this ranking is a constantly fluctuating
thing. Tron representatives play a key role in governing
the Tron community by ensuring basic functions like block generation and book keeping. To be rewarded with each block generation,
which is 32 Trons per second. The concept is that to keep the super representative
position, super representatives will have to provide incentives for the community. One way they are doing this is by paying dividends
to the voters, who have allocated Tron Power to vote for them. Some will also be doing that as well as using
some of the funds to develop useful applications for the Tron network, that will actually help
it increase in utility and ultimately value. So it’s your choice who to vote for with your
Tron Power. However I have chosen to vote for Team Tronics,
who at least up until August 1st is giving away 100% of the Tron that they mine to their
voters and supporters. And after August 1st, it will be lowered to
85%. They are one of the only English speaking
groups I have seen on there to date. When I first joined them they were down around
7th place, then I put all my Tron Power towards them, and then within a few days, seems that
they had a rush of voting support and they made it all the way up to first place, and
they have been up there for the past week. So their 100% giveaway program has been quite
popular and effective. And they actually also have a good Facebook
group. The group has useful information and regular
updates. A good community is building and kept up to
date in there by Team Tronics leader Harry Warmerdam, who also apparently has some inside
connections with the company Tron. So he usually has interesting insights. Search for Tron TRX Team Tronics in the Facebook
graph search bar, right up here. And join this group as well for additional
infos and community support. So back here at the wallet we’re just going
to click the big red button that says ‘click here’ to start voting. Then your going to go to the super representative
that you want to vote for, the representative or candidate that you want to allocate your
Tron Power votes. And your just going to use this little feature
on the right, and use the plus button, to allocate as much of it as that you would like. Just keep hitting plus until it says that
you’ve run out of votes up here at the top. Now only has votes remaining 0.154. So I’ve depleted all of my Tron voting power. Now I’m just going to click the green submit
votes button. And I’m going to have to just confirm the
transaction on my Ledger. We’ll just take a moment to complete, then
it says ‘thank you for voting’. Your votes are successfully submitted, they
will take effect when the next voting cycle starts, you may redistribute your votes anytime
you like. I’ll just click ok. Now I allocated all of my votes to the team
that I’m already supporting, but I do believe that you can vote for multiple super representative
candidates if you want to. The cool thing is that once you have voted,
you can leave your TRX frozen. Even though it does have to be frozen for
up to three days, you can unfreeze it anytime you want after that three days. But you can just leave it frozen and your
Tron Power will remain allocated to the super representatives that you want. And since elections happen daily, Tron super
representatives earn daily. Which means we earn dividends in our wallet
daily, from each super representative that we support according to how much Tron Power,
that we are supporting them with. And it also depends on the percentage of TRX
that they are rewarding as well. Each super representative is going to be a
little bit different in that aspect. So with the amount of Tron Power I have, I
have been averaging 900-1100 Tron per day, that usually comes in around 5 PM EST. Along with these other tokens I showed you,
which tokens can be kind of random, which ones I’m going to receive. So that’s always kind of interesting, when
some new ones come through. You can also change your Tron Power and allocate
it to any other Tron super representative that you want. Or whether you want to simply just unfreeze
your coins and trade them or if you want to change how your allocating your Tron Power
and vote for whoever you think is going to do the best job, and provide the most value
for your Tron Power. So it’s that easy to leverage a coin you are
probably already holding long term anyways, and earn some nice interest and additional
tokens, some of which may or may not turn into something valuable. Some of my favorite altcoin currencies out
there, have ways of earning them passively. Whether through ‘staking’ or ‘masternodes’,
these are easier methods or traditional mining, which are more complex and resource intensive
type of methods. They provide holders with more incentive to
hold the coin and if the project has real world use case, this is a powerful combination
for growth over the long term, as supply gets locked up by long term holders taking advantage
of the passive earning feature to further increase their gains over time. I hope you found value in this video, and
this helps you to maximise on your investment or mid to long term trade with Tron, an asset
I foresee to have a very bright future ahead of it, as it’s a very fundamentally sound
project. If you’d like to learn more about how to maximise
on your cryptocurrency trading and investing [and even passive earning through different
mining methods in the cryptocurrency market] you should take a serious look at my crypto
trading mastery course and 24-7 running mastermind chat group on Slack. You can learn more using the link right under
this video, that will take you to, where you can learn more by watching the video
and testimonials on this page. If you have any questions about it. Feel free to reach out to me using the contact
form on my site. If cryptocurrency is still something that
is actually a mystery to you, you can always take advantage of my FREE Crypto Mini Course
right here. And also other than watching the main introductory
video, you can review all the sections of the actual course in the Syllabus section
of the website. So check that out. And finally, if you found value in this video,
I would ask that you please LIKE this video, share it with your friends and please leave
a comment right underneath this video with your feedback, I would love to hear back from
you. Hope you have a great day, Caleb Wright here
from, signing off and we’ll catch you on the next video, that will
help you make money in the cryptocurrency market.

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