How to Use the Ledger Nano S

hey everyone Kevin here what I'd like to do in this video is show you how you can use the legend an OS now I've only had that's a weaker saw I'm not claiming to be an expert on this but as a relatively easy device to use and hopefully I can show that in this video if you want to see the unboxing please refer to this video link to in the description either and you can see what was in the box when I bought it but for know what I want to do is jump over to this beast and and I'll show you how this works and I'll give you a better understanding of what you can expect if you do want to buy this hardware wallet so jump over just note no obviously when it's not switched on you don't see anything but yes I feel like you know straightforward device that plate much just as a USB Drive you know that's all it as it's pretty cool C's ledger there it says V days and new mirrors in the back and but what you've got here you've got the the USB connection here micro be at the absolutely and you've got that the left-hand side and here you've got two buttons and essentially these work is navigation so left and right up and down but and they also work when you push them both together it acts as an Intel button so I'll show you how this works now this is what you'll be doing the very first time you get up as turning on like this and you will be asked to say a pen code now there's eight digits here but you can say of any pen code from between four and eight numbers no the more numbers the more secure you would think of it be but being in mind of course that every time you want to access us everything you know you want to actually use the ledger you're going to have to enter that pen code but you can see here you know you just get through once like see here my first number was five I'd pushed two buns what's the next one I can go three now and if I make a mistake I can go back go back again and then I can put in my pen code so I'm gonna do now as put my pen code and I'll put us to this side and now and as what noting that M an addition to the pen code what you have to do is enter a passphrase sorry they gave you a passphrase so after you enter the pen code you've selected your pen code the first time I'm just gonna enter this on screen and so you enter your passcode your pen code that you want to use anything between 4 & 8 digits and then you will be having a key phrase and it's 24 watts and you need to write these down now you should write they do actually provide a little sheet that you can write it down on I don't actually use that but you can and you can use that if you want Hotel lively just write all the ones down in a piece of paper keep that piece of paper secure and what it will do is you know this is what you use to actually recover the device and after you've written down all the words it will see for example what's the fourth word what's the 8th world then you pan you know which one as you select from a range of words and then authorize the device so I've aim enter that now in fact I'll show you yeah so once you've actually done that this is what life's you've entered your pen code and nests as what is displayed so my super duper secret a pen code has been entered and this is what you've got now when you first are that you're probably only I think you only see the Bitcoin wallet at first but you can see here I've added back Queen flavor and debate aetherium litecoin zen cash zed cash and then it's sentence no you can remove and add any of these wallets and i'll show you that and i bet i just want to quickly show you how this works here to give you a better understanding of how all ties together if you entered settings here you see display you can change the brightness you can route it screen invert colors if you want to do that and i prefer the normal one to be honest and you go back here again pushing twice is the enter button you've got security or to lock a change pen number between a passphrase so say temporary attached open most of options like that and the vase for Mia reset all assistance that just gives you a link to the website and so I think that's all yeah that's all the sentence so when you click on a wallet well it doesn't actually show you anything yet because it's only that's it will show you the address here when you're actually making a transaction but you'll see you use wallet to view accounts about will tell you the version of the wallet and that's that when you're using it this is what you'll see now and when it come back to this and a second and when it come back to this and I'll show you how this will actually work when you're using it but why need to do know is jump over to my monitor i've got chrome here this was my unboxing video and you rather that actually don't need that and no so I'll link to that sees there the start page ledger wallet chrome start forward slash start forward slash legend an OS – see I know that's you know that's part here just explains us you know just shows you what I was seeing the a USB cable the buttons is screen the swivel cover it's a very simple device and it tells how he set it up as in choosing your pen cord backing up your recovery phrase that you see there are 24 watts so she's exactly what we're seeing here and it says install your ledger app so one way to do know is show you the apps that they're referring to so on this page you'll see discover the apps and and actually when I'm here remember I was talking about the passphrase I'll just kind of quickly show you this too just to kind of jump back see I was talking about the passphrase there this is what I'm talking about recovery sheet you get this I showed you that sort of in the in boxing but just in case of a gate that's easy for the 24 numbers so just for reference that as a recovery sheet there you can use it to enter your 24 ones if you want I've just kept mains blank so if I jump back over to my monitor and you can see the ledger apps and this is how you're going to actually use the device so there's a few different things here right and I'll quickly touch upon the Authenticator right so if I show you the enter key we'll record I've got here my got here my phone somewhere so if you click on this legend takea yeah install legend authentic you know I'm not using this I'm not saying you shouldn't but and that's is that you want even more protection now if I jump over to my overhead camera you'll see where as a ledger wallet and it I mean explains the other you have to peel the ledger wallet this is to enable second factor validation so this is to make everything even more secure where you can validate it not only with your nano but also with your phone no the reason I'm not using this as well for one and it's because you know I want things to go a lot simpler I don't want you know be verifying lots of things that maybe I should use it but aim f you look on the Play Store look at those reviews every single one of them they're one-star the OC eight classes they all see it doesn't work no so you can see here you've got different wallets here you've got a back coin and all coins so this is probably one that everyone wants though there's also one for aetherium and ruffles so these ones if you need if you need to use aetherium you'll need to install this and these are installed as browser extensions so these are all browser extensions you'll see that soon and you've got repo and aetherium but the only one I've installed so far is the Bitcoin in all coins but if I jump over here legend manager thus as another app that you should install and as I say this is how you actually add and remove wallets to your vase so if you click on get the get a device so get the app it takes you to the Google Chrome Web Store and you can see I've already installed it so I'm going to launch the app and it's just popped up here at the side so this is what's on my wallet you can see the formula so you actually the first thing you actually load up your nano wears you should then update the phone meal and while will be older than the one that's available so update the follow me first and then excuse me you can install the wallets that you that you want now you can see our added back coin I've added Bitcoin private and things like that and I make take away some wallets in the future I might add some more and there's a fire us if you want to add like two-factor authentication you can use it for that as well it's not something I'm going to be using it for and not in the short term anyway so this is where you install your wallets this is the app that you need to install first so again to just kind of rearrange first thing you do when you get you the vase is you connect the USB cable excuse me you connect a USB cable and then you'll enter your pen code and then you'll write down your 24 a what's your recovery phrase you write all those down and then you verify it then what you need to do is jump over that starter page and go to the ledger and what they're calling the ledger manager and you install the ledger manager update formula for your very very easy you just connect I'll tell you what to do very very straightforward then you install the apps that you want to install and here I have you know what the apps I'm talk about the wallet sorry the wall so you want to install they're calling applications because a like Fido for example that as an application it's not a wallet so you've updated the formula on your nano and you've installed the waller apps for the coins that you want to store on your hardware wallet what you want to do at this point is go back to the ledger apps page and then scroll down and you'll see the apps here this is the wallet apps and you've got repo and aetherium obviously if you want to store those coins you have to in store those ones but for most people are thinking we starting off with the Bitcoin in old coins one you go down to the bottom page they bomb the page we'll see here now that's unfortunately only seems to work with Chrome that hasn't any firefox extension Nathan like that and a row work on Windows Mac and Linux chrome and chromium but yeah you are forced to use Chrome and a lot of people won't be happy with that when you click install you'll bring up the Chrome Web Store and then you can launch the app so that's why I'm going to do as show my overhead camera because what happens here on the Nano will dictate what happens here on the wallet so back coin is probably the best example here click on back coin pushing both buttons I will select that coin I'll select legacy and this will show you the wallet this is what you will see for all your different wallets and so you can see you can send I mean it just kind of looks like a regular wallet settings there those tools lots of different things yeah now the interesting thing is you know with the snow if I go back to the Nano I'll quit the app you can see it stops the and the wallet so if I am i can show you a late coin for example at warlord rolled up late coin again I can choose legacy or cigarette a cigarette and it was up my light coin wallet its synchronizing there we go and feel the crack no the other one does eBay no actually sent I think it was like 50 Cent's to my wallet from a debate wall and you can see there I've got thirteen point two six seven debate so I was just trying to show you you know just to see how it all works so I'm gonna do at this point as a sense send some more funds there and I'll show you how this works and so I've got daddy babe and I've got sent and why there's all send all funds and now I need to do is I need to select an address so I'm gonna do is I'll click receive here I'm gonna display the device here and with kana my what I can do is that I know me so here I'm looking at there right so I've called the error I've got the address I'll click on send and now I need to enter my password on Kaname so that site says it's ending this is it sending sent and did you see how quick that was so you've got that gesture Joshua's down yet as well confirmed and look at that that's how quick as now obviously every coin isn't going to be as quick on the Nano as they debate the debate as always feel the quick descent but it shows you how easy as to use and so yeah it's very very simple to use very very quick and seosan confirmed there but that will you know that will be confirmed in time a now if I again I'll come back to the Nano and what we'll do is we'll quit the app no bet coin flavor as an interesting one fil Ward up here you will see opening your wallet thus may take a few minutes now you can we all be that's not gonna work because you ploy so me aim earlier on in my browser and it doesn't really work fully with Bitcoin play but it does work but you need to actually use the electron wallet it was a little bit disappointed by that is something that may change in the future but right now what you have to do as you can see here open Bitcoin flavor in your ledger install and clear an electron between private wallet and you need to restore or no and then you need to create as a hardware the vase so it will make your back coin you play that wallet much more secure essentially what you're doing is securing your back coin private electron wallet using your nano rather than storing the coins on your none also and in many ways you're simply using the the later nano as security devices are oughtn't a authenticity they put the vase kind of like fireworks you know and so there's instructions there are well link to that and the description here so you can check it out it's one of those things so isn't truly on the wallet PLC it's throwing your electrum wallet and but when if you do load up and you know once you get it sent to or sure there it's kind of like a walk around in many ways I suspect or maybe changes in the future but again as I was saying everything comes from this you know when I click here I double click and it will load up that debate and I will off again Zen cache now I've seen a few will seen as you know as a pianist if you're using us a lot to do trades but I don't think that's the case I think it's pretty quick you know it's as quick as you would expect from a wallet and if you just set the out and you've got your legend on setting your plug then once you've entered the passcode it's good to go but obviously after you leave this after a period of time that the pen code will you know you'll need to you'll be logged out and you need to log back and again some people won't be happy with that but you know when you're talking about security you always have to talk about pin and extra steps and that's what you have to do when you're using your nano no unfortunately the standard cable isn't the longest cable actually but you know it's it's it's okay but you could use maybe I perhaps a longer cable and overall I would say that at the base once you figured out how it works with a pen cord and all that a few minutes you'll figure out how this all works so essentially once you get this you plan your pen code you write down your recovery freeze and all that and then you jump over to the ledger website you can add the staff into key and I'm sure some of you think well why don't you install this but you know the bad reviews are putting me off and but yeah you want to install the later manager which is this so that you can install the phone mayor and wallah apps and then what you want to do is install the ledger wallet back coin and all coins or the etherium one or the wrapper one now if you decide that you don't actually need for example zed cash on your wallet you can remove that up using the ledger manager and if I launch the app and all right you can only use one of these are times so I need to cause that launcher and now here actually working – actually I'll just install a random one right so I'm gonna install – right and as you know this is all that happens and if I see they're near a low ledger manager yes and it should install it now and if I all maybe show you in this camera maybe easier no you can see – is there and if I jump back over to my browser I'll jump over to a knowledge of wallet I'm gonna launch this up and know what I'm gonna do that will hold up and then – the wallet synchronizing right perhaps – is a similar oh that it was go see maybe this has some more situation it's back wing player and no it seems to work or key and again quit the app there you go so I'm I'm very very happy with that um you know obviously you've got reservations I do need to use it more I do need to play around with it more and start actually using it to store money and I've not been using it for that yeah I've really just been playing around with it and I noted yesterday in my video that this doesn't circle for meaning they say that you shouldn't main to this you should main to another wallet and that was something that came down oyd me a little bit because what it means is fine going to mains n cash or aetherium to coins that you know are a that I have made in the past and will probably main again in the future the advise not meaning very rectly to your nun or what they advise doing as meaning to another wallet and then storing the money there and then transferring it to the wallet and I'd prefer to maintain rattly to the Nano and to coat the middleman and it seems me installing another wallet on my computer and but as the user may anti-spam box left a comment today talk about less and he sees that he means they I think it was something said that it means directly to his nano but what it does is set the custom Pio higher so if you've got a pool and I allows you to see a custom Pio you could always we a day or so and then send the funds directly to your Nano and it's one back payment rather than payments every 10 minutes or 20 minutes ideally I wouldn't want to do that though I mean I don't want to install another application of the GUI wall another electron wallet and then send the funds to the ledger and but at the same time I don't want my money sitting on akuze wallet I'd rather the money was with me and my wallet so I'm depending on your point of view that's maybe just a meandering Manor inconvenience or something I'll put you off with the Nano but if you look at this as a storage device and maybe just look at the the wallets installed on your PC as the ones that you maintain and one you do small transactions then once you've got a lot of money you would send it to the Nano then maybe it's not a big thing now I wrote I up my thoughts about the Nano le a big wild like to do as a check out the tracer and I'd also forget it I'd also like to check out the keep key so I'm going to do it unboxings of those and I'm gonna show you those as well and I think that once I've tried some other hardware wallet so maybe I have a better understanding of what I like about this and what I don't like and but overall I would say after you know playing around with it for a few days I've had about a week or so but after playing around for a few days and testing her the apps work it's actually pretty good so I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial I wrote link to the the ledger start page and all that so that you can get all the information that you need that's ledger start piece has everything it shows how to get started it shows you that tool the vase I'm sorry I mean I'm showing up like skin there and I'll show you this a link to that Syria before a below you can check out how you say up the pen cord that recovery freeze so very very easy and you'll get a better understanding of how it all works thanks for watching guys I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and until next time thanks for watching

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  1. Where are the steps about installing wallets? YOu've already got them installed. Should I select Legacy or Segwit for the Bitcoin wallet and why?

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