13 thoughts on “How to Use the Crypto Money Machine – Do's and Don'ts BTC”

  1. Bob – Been following your TA for a bit now – very good stuff!

    I'm interested in the NY's Special #2 to try out the Money Machine (courses + MMS) & have some questions that may also benefit others so posting them here:

    1) Does it include the NYS #1 items like the chat room & signals?
    2) Is the price for 1 year access to MMS or perpetual?
    3) MMS is an add-on to Trading View and I understand the Exit signal but how does the Long signal work? Trading View is a historical look-back, so where would the Long signal show up? For example, exit signal at $18k and BTC dips to $13k at 2pm. It's not 4pm. Would the Long signal show up for 2pm & always looking backwards?

    Feel free to msg/email me if it's easier.

  2. Is that Volume on price included in your Crypto Money Machine? Can i find similar indicator in public library? I trade with very small capital so i still cannot afford to buy pro account

  3. Nice… What about the fees when getting in and out many times? And which coin do you choose for day trading?

  4. I still cant understand the lines, colors, support and resistance lines. Im new to cryptocurrency and Im part of your telegram and twitter group and I have the access to your software as well. Can you please make a members video for beginners, intermediate and advanced tips to use this software?

  5. Bob I've been following the crypto and it's advances in it's grow. I just have a question that i assume you must know. If I buy one bit coin obviously with dollars, where does the fiscal dollars go to, who receives it and how after you make a profit and want to convert it to US dollar to cash in, what or how is that process. I really would love to know that information before I decide to jump in. Looking forward for a response thank you.

  6. Thank you for the video… I have about 10 to 15,000 to play with how do I take the knowledge that you guys have at trade genius and apply it here at home?

  7. Thanks for the disclaimer. Yes I'm a hodler. At 2:18 when you were talking about selling (and paying a ton of short term capital gains tax) and then buying back into the dip, I just held all the way through it and now I'm sitting on some very nice gains, tax free. I think the long term trend for bitcoin is an amazing thing so I just take some of my surplus income every month and dump it into bitcoin. It may take longer but I have to hold down a job and maintain my house so I'm afraid I just can't spare the time.
    The time is coming, probably early next year, when I retire (13 years early) and move to SE Asia. When that happens I should have a lot more time. That's when I study these trading systems like the one you're offering.

  8. It's still showing the holiday packages on the website and so I tried to check out with #1 and it would not let me.

  9. I wanted to sign up for the #1 holiday package bit it looks like I missed it. How would I sign up for a package if we went to that now?

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