How to use QuadrigaCX – Easy Bitcoin Trading!

hi everybody I hope you're doing well I am going to do a video today about using quadrature CX very simple very quick video I've always promoted them and I always recommend them for very few reasons and I'll tell you right now it's Canadian that's very important a lot of the exchanges around different countries they get hacked they're not very trustworthy and they're not very simple in terms of process to actually sign up use them and so on a lot of them especially the ones in the US they report to our IRS and if you have an account with them whatever you do it doesn't matter if you're US or not it gets reported and if you care about privacy you don't want that here in Canada yes there's some reporting but for financial transactions above ten thousand dollars or ten thousand and above for smaller transactions for everybody else you don't probably want your information going around so as a Canadian company I support them also whatever you store their Bitcoin is in cold storage so it's safe they don't have it just lying around in a random wallet they're using there's companies actually that work with companies or exchanges to set up their wallets and here they use cold storage now I'm going to basically go over a few things so once you have used my referral link and signed up did the verification process which shouldn't take too long whether it's with Equifax or just uploading your ID and getting it verified once you're verified the first thing you want to do is go to your dashboard now I'm using this very simple account that I set up I have some things blocked out but once you go to your dashboard where you're logged in usually the default is xbt and Canadian or us whatever you will want to go to your dollar currency fiat currency and fund the account now I've already pre funded I did basically interact online before I start the video basically they take a five-dollar fee I did a funding of three hundred dollars so I get ninety five to ninety five in my account and what I'll do right now because this is very fast this instant it's the best I always use it for quick transactions now right now if we look at the market overview for Bitcoin there is a dip now as you see it all goes up dip up dip and so on it's always like that now we're in a dip and that is a great time to buy always a great time to buy and then it will rise up again the reason there is a dip now people are cashing in that or using Bitcoin for the first time or bought into it recently a lot of Wall Street money is going into Bitcoin so they're cashing in on profit so this is a good time to buy whenever there's a dip always buy you can always set it one when it's gone up now when I before I start this video by is at 530 fifty five thousand three hundred and fifty I apologize and the lowest selling order is five thousand five hundred now what we'll do is actually simply here do do not use in the dashboard at all this window for buying and selling it does it for you automatically I was drunk men going to trade and actually setting the trade yourself now if you click on the what's available it loads based on the recent sell order or this person is selling his Bitcoin for 5500 it looks that price to instantly buy do not do that what you want to do is actually change this price sorry too whatever the lowest here on the buy orders you want to buy cheaper than whatever this person is selling or the least because there's always somebody it's gonna come it's like oh well I want to sell really fast so I'm going to put an order here so right now this the I want to buy quickly just for this example I adjusted the price I click unavailable to adjust a mountain Bitcoin I'm going to buy at this price so I placed the order and it gets listed right here actually somebody came in and they placed a buyer order for twenty one thousand two hundred and four dollars that's a huge order for almost for Bitcoin that imagine having for Bitcoin and getting this much money so it's pretty crazy anyway I have my accounts here blocked out because I don't want you to release that information but anyway so basically people are going to keep pushing that price up and people over on this side will keep pushing the price down where you'll get an aquarium and that trade will be made now I'm not no very quick rush to do this but basically this is it but for this case for the sake of this video basically showing you how to do and place this you can always cancel it and then redo this again and again until you actually make your purchase but I'm not very interested in wasting money I want to get the best price more Bitcoin at the best price so I'll stick at three 5355 this will go on for a little bit but eventually it does a trade does go through and the best thing about this exchange they don't take a lot of fees the fees are really really low and I discussed that in a video over here if you click on your bitcoin click withdraw and you will get to this window where you can withdraw your Bitcoin you can you click on maximum and it enters your Bitcoin here and in the address you just enter your Bitcoin wallet address I use red wallet you can use mycelium or any other one I recommend bird wallet yeah they don't have any issues with it bugs or anything like that and they're pretty quick to resolve anything yeah the transaction pin you just enter that it's whatever you set up during your sign up and you click Submit and that's it enjoy you guys

12 thoughts on “How to use QuadrigaCX – Easy Bitcoin Trading!”

  1. Check their business rating before you give them your money!! I got scammed, my account is banned and they aren't paying me.

  2. Quadriga currently do not adhere to their prescribed withdrawal timelines, in fact, I am not sure they will ever pay me the money that they owe me. Enter at your own risk.

  3. You are simply subject to the way the market bounces and that's the way it is. from when FIRST MILLION ROAD is in my hands it is absolutely easy to run my ICO option as well.. but some times it broken down when i use.. have a good ofer for you..see you later..

  4. I have been waiting over 40 days to have my account verified is there any way I can speed up the process so that I can find my account?

  5. Can you tell me how to transfer from Quadriga to Binance (to get altcoins) and how I would go from Binance to Quadriga?

  6. I've registered QuadrigaCX account 2 weeks ago and verification is still pending.That's why I can't fund my account. I've opened 2 tickets and call their office number. Nobody answers emails or phone. I am looking for another website that I can buy BTC or ETH. Do you have any suggestion other than coinbase?

  7. Hello..i am new to quadrigaCX..but i am confuse the price when you trade..because they can change it?what is that price mean…the amount and value?
    I really dont know and confused😣

  8. Thank you for such a great and clear explanation. I have learned a lot; more than I expected; more things that I needed ti learn on top of what I thought I wanted to learn.

  9. i am in Canada, just wondering i tried to set up an account with Quad and i got freaked out by the id verification process. is this a real business? can i trust them with my information? anyone else on here use them and recommend? thanks

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