How to Use Idex Market – Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw on Idex Market Exchange

hi guys if you're here and so in today's video I'm going to be talking about the Isaac's exchange the Attucks exchange is actually a decentralized exchange that enables a film based coins alright so if you find this video useful please like my video if you haven't already subscribed to my channel please subscribe to my channel you can always drop comments if you have any issues alright so let's get onto it now there are two methods to use the ID X platform actually I'm much more than that I'm going to be discussing two ways in which you can use the ID X platform the first one would be using your private key and then the second one will be using the meta mask right all right so let's head on to the first one so if you're coming to the IDEX platform for the first time the idec's website I'm gonna put it down below in the description it is Isaac's that's IDE X dot market right so once you go on there for the very first time you would comment through this display right so the next thing you want to click on is unlock wallets then shortly after you click on unlock well let's you be given these options right so the first option is this is when you have already have a wallet with the ID X platform so the first option is to use the keystore file so you would have downloaded a file that would have been saved on your computer then you can always click on that file and then you have access to your ID X wallet or you can use the private key that's the first method I'm going to talk about right now then there's the other method of using the metal mask which is the preferred method because it is more secure and if you have a light if you have a ledger wallet as we have a legend I know you have a hardware wallet then you would choose this option but I just going to be discussing these two options so if you don't have or will let the first thing you want to click on is new wallet so you click on new wallet and then you put in a password that you can remember then you click on I understand create new wallet now you would have two options you can either download the keystore file which is not what I'm going to use I'm going to use the get my private key so I will scroll down here and click on get my private key because that's what I want to do so I'll click here and then I'll copy this out I'll copy this because this is your private key then next time you want to access the i-x market or the iraq stock market platform you'll be required to use this key so I'll copy this out right and as soon as I've copied that I can now click on return to exchange all right so this comes up now if you're going to use the private wallets option it is important that you save your privates or sorry veterans use the private key options important that you save your private key but this is what is going to give you access to the idec's exchange the next time you log on so that would mean that the next time you're logging on you're going to click on unlock wallet right so I'm going to wait the ITEX platform is pretty slow it's the equivalent of what you called or the other wallet called ether Delta wallets right but I like to think that this is more user friendly right so this is what the platform looks like right so it shows you the coins that are right now this these are the coins in the market and then it shows you the change for the past 24 hours and so this is d titanium this is London you can see the names all on here and then it tells you what the prices are and all of that so before we go on on before we go ahead ISM I always like to know your prices or what you'll be charged when you're using every exchange so we'll click on the help file the help file gives you the recent questions because they have some there's some restrictions like you can read your more than $40 then you can't trade much anything less than I think 150 dollars so we just click on the frequently it's frequently asked questions all right so as soon as that comes up all right you scroll all the way down the minimum order it will execute is one hundred and fifty dollars right and then the minimum order is will execute if you're selling is fifty dollars so you have to keep that in mind and then if you're making a withdrawal the minimum is $40 all right so I feel that that is very important in your journey here so that you're not making mistakes you're not treating with less than that or you're not treating more than that is always better but you have to make sure they're not red treating with less than that so all right so if you wanted to go back if you want it to if you had closed this up and you wanted to come back here you click on unlock wallet all that so you paste in a private key and click on unlock so after you unlock you have this come up right so you can see you no longer have the option to unlock because you have unlocked your wallet right so this comes up you have the option of day or night so your interface can either be bright that's what you have right now in white or you can have it duck so you can click on this if you want to change that so the price of a TV I'm the current price of aetherium then this is the exchange that's where we are on at and then your authors we haven't least any others so you can go there so the next logical place to go to is your balances right because that's where you can see what your balances are or you can see the different coins that you can deposit into so you click on balances or football you click on you put your mouse over balances and this other stop menu comes up then you click on full balances all right so when you get to my balances you see all those assets on here right now so you can check whether the coin that you want to trade with is on here alright so you can find all of them here and then you would see deposits redraw transfer now you don't necessarily have to use this options just yet because what it is the wallet that you have created is an ELC 20 wallet what this means is that if you deposit any a film based talking on that wallet or on to that address you would find all you need to do is click on query let's assume it was aetherium blue for instance so that's what you have here right so if you had deposited aetherium glue on here on to you will find your address here so this is your wallet address if you come here and click here this is the copy and you come here this takes you to your interests can so if you come and click on copy you can paste this here so that's your wallets address or and if you went to if you went onto if you came and clicked on here that's the arrow here you can find it will take you to this screen that also still shows your wallet so what this means is that you can deposit any a film-based token on to this address right so as soon as you have done that and he has maybe the transaction has gone if it was a Tyrian blue for instance you would come here and click on query so it more or less like queries your wallet to see whether you can't find any a few on blue so you can see it's it joins you right now now so that means I don't have any etherium blue transfer to that address so that's how he walks you can send any etherium based um talking through that wallet address that I have just shown and as soon as you have done that and transaction successful you come on here and click on query and then the balance would show on here and then you can now go to the exchange rate click on exchange clicked on exchange and then it brought you to this screen so this screen this is for one life for instance I think it's the default so it shows you the last price for one life for instance and then the 24-hour hi that's this price and then the 24-hour low that's this price and then the change in percentage for the past 24 hours so in our example we had talked about a theorem blue I'm just using it as an example so if you had successfully deposited you're active on blue to that platform you come here and search for blue right so it will show you the current price the current volume and then the change so it's in the negative right now so you click on blue as soon as you do that this change is up right so this address that is shown here is the contract address for blue it is not the address that you're supposed to deposit on your own wallet address was what was shown you here that's why you can copy here or what you can see on either scan here so you have no business going to this contract address all right so as soon as you have gone through theorem blue it shows you the regular chat so this is the chat for a few on blue and you can say that the volume of trade with it is very low then if you scroll all the way down if you had any a film it would show you how much a TV on your hard here right and then based on that you can come on here and choose a price right so you could choose this price if you come here you can click on this price for instance right and then if you had a theory on if you had and then how many a theorems you want to buy it was 120 for instance it now shows you how much it is to buy and hopefully you will have had that amount on here so this is this is a price that somebody's willing to sell and then you can decide to bite as this price because it's a good price for right now based on what we are seeing here all right so that's just a little guide as to how to buy and sell and deposits on idec's right so the next tutorial is going to be taking you on how to use metal mask which is a preferred option you know for using ITEX you're using meta meta max because it's safer and it's more secure if you're using your private key then you're always putting your private key on a website which is not essentially a very good idea alright so we'll move on to the next phase of the tutorial which is using madam you first of all sign out of here so would you like sign out of course so you confirm your signing out you have successfully logged out all right so now you want to use metal mask which is the preferred option I had spoken about you would want to go to you have to first of all make sure that you have a Chrome browser installed it's very important you literally cannot use metal mask until you have a Chrome browser installed on your laptop all right because it's actually an extension so you go to modules then you click on extension and then this comes up right so you scroll all the way down and then click on get more extensions so it takes you to the Chrome Web Store so from the Chrome Web Store you can now search for the metal mask we come on here right then click on enter or you type in metal mask right so I already have it installed so as soon as you have clicked on this and then you have added it to your Chrome browser you should see it on here right so I'm not going to go through the process of how to login or how to register an account with the metal mask it's very straightforward all you need is a password that's the first thing and then second thing you have to make sure that you save your seat there is a there will be 12 reasons that are given to you for metal mask so that you can recover your account if anything goes and goes wrong you have to make sure that you copy out that freeze somewhere very safe so that you can always recover your account if you have any issues all right so you would have you would have logged onto your metal mask account right and you go back to idec's you click on unlock wallet right so in this case we're using metal mask which is a preferred option and so you click on unlock metal mask so because you have already signed on to your metal mask you can easily unlock it so it has unlocked it right excuse me so it has unlocked it right and then so if you go to your balances so click on full balances alright so if I had some okay assuming I have some have some London so I would come here come on here and type London for London as an example as an example I'm using London as an example so common here and click on query so automatically because I have London saved on my metal mask on the wallet of my metal mask it would as soon as I click on query it would quickly query my wallet and then to find the tokens I have on there so if I wanted to deposit this London for instance if I wanted to trade with London I will make sure that I transfer this London to my my idec's balance right so let's for instance I would do deposit or for instance our deposit say 17 I'll click on deposits I'm just given an example so I'll click on deposit so it says are you sure you want to deposit 17 of this I'll click on confirm all right so it's preparing to send transaction and then because you're using metal mask it's like the go-between between you and the ether scan or the blockchain right so for every transaction you want to do you it goes through the metal mask so you would click on submit if I was interested in doing this transaction so but that's how it would be if you had some coins on your metal mask wallet but I'm not going to do this transaction I'm going to use the etherium I have two public buy some tokens all right so that's how to transfer but that's how to query your wallet for a coin that you have on your wallet all right you can do the same thing with aetherium so just come and click on common type in ether I'll scroll down and already you can see that it has already picked the amount I have in ether so let's go ahead to my exchange alright so like I showed you before this while your exchange looks like right it shows you the coins here that you can't read so they look at this right and so it shows you all the coins on here that you can treat so you can scroll down or look if your show of a certain coin you can look for certain coin it shows you like for instance we had started bloosh of course it shows you your last price the 24-hour high and between for our low price and then your 24-hour change so let's assume I'm buying more London for instance right so I'll click on Lambton this changes up now never forget that this is the contract address for this token so you're not supposed to use this alright so it shows you the last price right the 24-hour high and then the 24-hour loop and then the change so it's isn't the negative it has dropped seven it has dropped 11 percent and so it's always better to buy a coin when he has dropped 11 or he has dropped in percentage so it's always better by a coin when it's like 10% down 20% down and so on alright so we wait for this chart to load up and then idec's has like a true box or what you can call a live chat so you're interested in chatting you can always chat up here all right all right so it shows you the chat for London and then on here because I did not transfer the London that I had on my wallet onto the ITEX platform that's why I don't have it here being shown but I have my etherium being shown here right so um so now if I wanted to buy some more London for instance I will come out here and see the prices so currently this is the price that somebody's selling nuts and so this is the price I can buy at right so if I wanted to buy for instance I would come on here and click on this the most current price and then the amount I want to buy right and then it shows me the price and then I can decide to buy right if I had some London I could put in how much I wanted to sell at I would look at the prices that people are selling nuts and the price I can also sell out but something that is also very important to look out for is the market treat if you scroll all the way down you can see that somebody just bought at this price somebody else had just bought at this price so every time we see green it means by and every time you see red it means it sell off so somebody had just a lot a whole lot more people are buying at this price so the the previous buy before then was at this price about this person at this place so if I was buying for instance I would buy at this price you know because that's what sits closer to the last buy so it doesn't necessarily mean that the last buy was the best bike but it's just nice it's oh it's not just nice but it's also necessary to know where people are buying at so that you don't buy at an outrageous price so for instance if I wanted to buy right and then you can see your fees here this is 0.2% so your that's your fee and then also if you're selling this is also your fees all right so if I was to buy at this price I'll click on this price then I put how many I want to buy so let's assume I want to buy twenty nine right so this is what it's gonna cost me to buy twenty nine London for instance so I'll just click on buy so because I'm using metal mask which is what I always advise or it's a preferred option this comes up that's the difference between using your private key or wallet that you got with a private key and this one so this comes up right then you have to be careful this was the previous one that had come up this was a previous query or the previous transaction so your most current transaction which is what I'm trying to do is this one right so it will ask you do you want to sign this message it gives you some kind of warning and so are you sure this is where you want to do under here so you click on the sign so you have to do that for that transaction to go all right so you have placed so it says your minimum trade amounts is no Matt please try a larger and so that's what I was talking about that you have to make sure that for instance if you're buying you're buying at about a hundred and fifty and if you're selling your settings about fifty dollars you know so that's how he walks with idec's all right so I'm hoping that this tutorial was helpful or still teaching you how to buy and sell and deposit and maybe also redraw on idec's alright so if you found it useful please like my video if you feel that I could have done more then also let me know but I feel that this was a complete guide or a good guide as to how to use metal mask so so basically you get the extension for metal mask right whatever theorem you have on there would show up here right and so with that aetherium you can make any buys where you have to make sure that for instance if you are buying you're buying has to be at the limit of about a hundred and fifty dollars but I'm not ready to spend that just yet you know so I'm going to buy and then if you're selling you have to be selling at at least $50 as well alright so and then you also have to look at the sell orders this is where you this is the prices that you buy at and then these are the buy or the sudhi's other prices you sell at all right and then also very importantly you have to look at you have to look at the trades in the market to make sure that you are buying at a good rate alright so that's all in this video I'll see you my next one so this is from if you're saying bye

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  2. Great Tutorial, Thanks. Just one question. Is it possible to show what the account looks like after an actual purchase of coin?

  3. IDEX is one of the big scam exchanges out there trust me unless you want to lose your money go ahead and use it.

  4. I lost almost $500 on IDEX because they had a lot of scam sites associated with it.I bought IOTX on IDEX. I later found out that – at the time I bough the IOTX token, IDEX DID NOT have an agreement to place this token (IOTX) on their site. So, they were selling tokens that they had no authority (from IOTX) to actually sell in the first place – yet – it was listed on their (IDEX) exchange.

    When doing a Google search, there was an advertised site that was ABOVE the site associated with IDEX company. it was also was called IDEX but used the HTTP address of "" and not "". I have a screenshot of this. "" was a scam site.

    Now – how did I know this?

    When I complained about the loss of money on Telegram, an IDEX admin pointed out to me that on the Google SERPs (releated to IDEX) the advertised site (located at the top of the SERPs) for "" was a scam site. When I started circulating the screen shot of this, amazingly, the Ad site went away.

    The person stole my money from the IDEX exchange (by selling all of my IOTX tokens, converting them to ETH and then moving the ETH to their own personal account).

    Also, IDEX does not have 2 factor authentication. You don't sign up with an ID./password or anything. If you don't have 2-factor authentication, then you might as well let people take our money.

    IMHO, the IDEX exchange is about as credible as the people on the EOS project. i would stay far away from them unless you want to lose your money.

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  6. Can u explain what DEPOSIT/WITHDRAWAL/ TRANSFER is?

    Do I have to Deposit do be in the wallet balance from a external? DO I have to withdrawal to go into IDEX Exchange? Can I Transfer from the Idex Balance to MEW? Do I have to withdrawal my coin to the wallet balance back? Thanks!

  7. When I started using Idex I set up a Private Key. But now I use Metamask. Is there anything special I have to do to start using Metamask on Idex instead? Thanks 🙂

  8. Hey Ifiok, Thanks for the video. As I opened my IDEX account, I was able to see my ERC20 token. But when I click on the change wallet, my ERC 20 token will not appear. Any idea of what to do??? My IDEX was linked into myetherwallet on JKeystore / JSON File.

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