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investing hey guys
Krypto slow here today we’re gonna do a quick tutorial of how to buy and sell
coins on hit BTC a lot of people as your get trading you want to buy some alt
coins and you just kind of grow out a coin base when base is a good starting
point for getting your Bitcoin but then you’re gonna move it to other exchanges
so that you have access to some of the other alt coins so let’s kind of go
quickly over the system you got up here and hit BTC after you log in the
exchange and this is your main view your main view consists of this chart chart
area instruments which are your your crypto currency coins your buy box sell
box troll box which where you see a lot of spam and people buy this buy that
times of last sale and then whatever current coin also known as instrument on
the system is selling and bind now if you want to see your balances you click
on deposit so we’ll go over there so it pulls up balances this is also your
wallet area this is where you would get addresses to deposit and withdrawal
coins off of the system and then you can also turn the zero balances on and off
and then there’s two really important things to point out you have your
trading account which is the amount of crypto in there and you have your main
account so a very important point you can only trade with the coins that are
in your trading account and you’re like well what’s the difference like if I
wanted access to this these ‘men arrows this mineiro funds I would have to click
this arrow and move it from my main account to my trading account otherwise
I would not have access to it so like mine arrows like four hundred thirty
dollars today there’s 0.4 so let’s figure that out
times like 440 whatever so there’s about $160 worth of an arrow if I wanted that
hundred sixty dollars to trade I would have to click this arrow it’s gonna do a
confirmation box down here and then I would hit transfer then that those funds
would be available to trade so then also the little gear that is your Settings
box and when you click on settings and something to note hit BTC has a great
layout but it does crash quite often and you know I haven’t had login problems
but whenever there’s a big frenzy on a new hot coin it does seem to get a
little crazy but so far ultimately the withdrawals and stuff always come back
so profile security security is where you turn your two-factor on all that
monkey business and then they also have the new let’s go back to they got a
report section and this is where you can kind of see some of your profits and
losses not really super important but you can check it out if you want that’s
not the main meat and potatoes of this video so another cool thing is hit BTC
offers a night mode which changes your color scheme it’s kind of cool day mode
night mode and how we talked how you had a main balance and a trading balance so
up here it tells you the estimated value of your account and then it tells you
the amount that you have that you can trade at this moment so let’s say that
someone’s told you about a new hot coin such as xbg aka verge we’ll go over to
bit screener one of my favorites will type in Virg and we can see that it is
xvg okay it’s a great coins performed really well and we’re going to bed
screen we’re gonna go down to number of exchanges
we’re gonna click on that and we’re gonna expand this and then now basically
this will show all of the available markets that you can trade verge in now
something really important and this is difficult to understand if you’re coming
from coinbase when you trade altcoins you typically are trading out of a
Bitcoin or ether so as you can see we have an exchange finance and it’s saying
that Bitcoin to Virg so basically you would have to own Bitcoin to trade verge
on Finance we go down to hit BTC we can see verge for Bitcoin so basically
you’re swapping coins for each other you’re not using the USD fiat so now we
know based on the bit screener that we can get Virg with BTC so how do you
figure that out on hit V PC let’s go back to hit BTC the way you find it out
is you search for a coin in this box called instruments so let’s look at XB g
and notice i am let’s start over here on the BTC tab so we’re gonna type x VG so
if it didn’t exist in that market it won’t show up down here okay now to
activate x VG over here see how it says x RP that’s ripple and not x VG you
click it now look everything’s switched to x VG my buy and sell box troll box is
nonspecific time and sale last the order book thickness down here current best
asking and buy so something important here you can also click on the ether tab
and what you’ll notice is xvg you can buy it with ether as well I click on
that it loads the XV g2 ether up so what is that saying that is
saying that if I wanted to buy xvg right now I would buy it using ether so I’m
trading ether for xvg and right now I got three point three for ether in my
wallet so let’s look down here at the selling
so you see a point triple zero one nine nine eight so let’s
figure out how much that is so what we do is we go over to bit screener or
wherever find out how much ether is ether is 798 about 800 bucks
so we we know that they are asking point zero zero zero one nine nine eight let’s
pull that up and point zero so you asked how do you know how much you’re paying
for it well you have to calculate that’s saying that it is Oh point zero zero
zero one nine six one ether equals one share of xvg so in order to figure that
out we’re gonna take that number and we’re gonna plug into the calculator and
then we’re gonna multiply it by the current ether price puts us at about
sixteen point three cents that’s a little pricey so up here in the buy box
you can do a limit order which you can specify the price like if I wanted to
specify that and then my amount of shares okay or you can do a market order
now keep in mind when you do a market order it goes to the market and it pays
whatever price is on the table so you want to be weary on that because you
know it you can get a bad price if you don’t know what you’re doing basically
is what it comes to how to so be careful in your market orders the advantage of
the market order is that if you feel you have to get in right now then you know
it’s not too bad of a way to do so selling point not one so this is the
current highest bid and that’s the current highest best at sell so I hope
you enjoyed this video like I said you’ve got your main screen you search
when you trade out when you want to get something you always trade from BTC or
ether typically and this is your market and then that’s how you know you’re
getting it and you’re swapping coins use the buy and sell and that’s it that’s
hit BTC in a nutshell I’ll have some more advanced tutorials coming in the
future but thanks for watching be sure to
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72 thoughts on “How to use HITBTC – HITBTC Tutorial”

  1. Really good tutorial, really well explained.

    Would have like to have seen you do some trading but still this is best video I have seen so far (and I have seen quite a few of them on HITBTC).

    Thank you very much.

  2. great video! im as new as can get for it (mining my first 2 cents on my laptop) and im all over this digital exchange and stumbled across your vid. great explanation. nice and slow and steady, not overwhelming. looking forward to seeing more. im guessing ill work up to trading in the next couple weeks in the new year. im super broke but wanna get into it. i dont have money to throw around. slow and steady.

  3. Can you move ethereum from Hitbtc to your wallet without verifieing yourself? Quite a few steps to confirm bank adress etc. If I can move it to myetherwallet, I can move it from there to coinbase (where im already bank verified) then send it to my bank

  4. HitBTC is a fucking scam. Just tried to buy Presearch (PRE) and they have the code changed to PRS. I bought 10 k worth of Premine (PRE – their abbreviation) junk coin and I can't get my money back. So disappointed in this.

  5. I keep exchanging from crypto to crypto, trying to withdrawal w/o any success!!! unbelievable
    I can´t move from Tradding account to Main account neither

  6. fucking motherfuckers
    hate this whole crypto thing tryting to buy and orders are expiring, wont let me send out eth bullshit and we want this to be our currency in the real world gtfo i ll pay the banks

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    Bang Kasi Yes ETH alms baj run out in bcc run please bang for the pake tramp bang😆

  8. I have tried on several occasions to withdraw coins from the hitBTC exchange…as of the date of this post, i have not received a confirmation email so that my withdrawal can be performed, also on the withdrawal order on hitBTC's site there is no transaction hash shown

  9. Is a scam run and check out Binance. Use my link so I get a drop of BTC THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IT OUT

  10. Realice un envío de XRP el 7 de enero y aun no me aparecen. He escrito más de 10 veces a soporte y aun no responden. Que otra forma hay de comunicarse con HITBTC. Puedo perder mi dinero? 😓

  11. I recommend to anyone who wants to buy or sell bitcoins at less charges. My experience with them is awesome. Keep it up guys!

  12. Thank-you for clearing up my blonde moment, i had coins in my main account but for some reason i couldn't trade these damn coins, but transferring them to the trading account worked wonders haha, subbed

  13. Anybody using Hitbtc?? GO TO AN OTHER EXCHANGE, when you lose your 2FA they will not recover you!! Still waiting for 10 weeks, send several email NO RESPONSE!!!

  14. Can I receive the MoneroV airdrop on hitBTC? I am looking to buy and store xmr. I just wanted to be credited with the MoneroV fork coins.

  15. At the moment I like hitbtc exchange, you can trade without knowledge of English, I just turned on Google translator. The trading interface is created by the type of other exchanges, the procedure for creating an order, placing of the main interface elements are similar to the conventional one. In general, if you have experience with other crypto platforms, then there will be no problems.

  16. Hitbtc platform is extremely simple, both in development and in trade. For me, the main thing is that there are no problems with security, my money is protected through the encryption, the exchange feature is multiwallets, and the account is protected by Google-authenticator. Also, what is important to me is the capture of a good market share: the administration of the exchange monitors trading instruments adding perspective and removing unnecessary tokens

  17. Good video for the trading within the site. I am having difficulty sending light coin to my coinbase wallet. Any thoughts? It is not seeing the address as a litecoin address. Do they send to other sites that I can sell for US dollars.
    Again…nice presentation.
    all the best neal

  18. If I want to buy siacoin and others coin by using BTC trading. so shall I need to clcik first in Buying siacoin list or selling siacoin lsit . ?

  19. I deposit initial fund. They said due to changing password, they will hold my fund for 3 days. When 3 days was up, they still will not release the fund. I wrote to ask them, they reply that I had to submit request on support page. However, I do not see any button on the page they gave with the button "Submit a request". I emailed them again. This time, my email was rejected and my account was locked up with the reason of incorrect username or password that I used without the problem the day before. basically, I lost my fund. ate my ether.

  20. I started my trades from the amount of 0.02 BTC. For a test the platform, this amount is the most optimal to check the functionality and work out the trading strategy to the smallest detail. So far, no complaints.

  21. Generally, I try to trade in mid term cos it's rather difficult to catch the price direction on the volatile market on short impulses. Fees is Hitbtc better in comparison with other crypto exchanges

  22. In the meantime making a profit here. The last 4 months of trading in HitBTC were good for me. But last year was quite stressful, almost nothing was sold. Now it turns out consistently to withdraw up to 40-50% per month.

  23. Great video, very helpful. And for those who want to learn more or have a look at another guide, I recommend this blog:

  24. Hello, are you know that the recent MoneroV events like getting listed on recent exchanges, soon to be on HitBTC!

  25. ron west
    1 second ago

  26. release!!!
    Leave it !!! My bitcoin ,,, Then I stop ,,,,,no more HITBTC NO PUEDO SACAR COIN,,,NO SE META DESDE ENERO ,,,,PASA PEPBLEMA,,,,NO HAY EMPLEADO ,Y OFICINA.



    I've recently been victim of HITBTC shady KYC/AML practices so I will describe precisely how this exchange arbitrarily freezes user accounts.

    How does actually HITBTC attracts new victims?

    * By declaring UNLIMITED deposits and withdrawals (
    * No limits details for GENERAL or VERIFIED accounts found on []. Btw even their rebate system is dysfunctional.
    * No details about the limits for verified or unverified accounts found on []
    * "It might take from 3 to 5 business days to get your account verified" found on []

    What happens when you try to withdraw?

    * HITBTC completely freezes your account. You will not be able to withdraw nor trade.
    * Support will ignore your tickets unless you will spam all over the internet about the issue.
    * If you will be lucky enough and get response from the support you will be asked to provide KYC/AML documents.
    * On any other exchange support would request ALL needed KYC/AML documents in 1 email. But HITBTC is really unique – they will request 1 or 2 documents per email per week.
    * The KYC/AML document requests are often opaque and repetitive.
    * If you will be even more lucky and you bite through "introductory KYC/AML procedure" you will be asked to prove source of funds – transaction by transaction. Very often it's impossible to get transaction details.
    * Of course such practice is clear attempt for embezzlement.
    * If you believe you have become victim of this HitBtc fraudulent practices report it:
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  28. I just signed up on HitBTC, to transfer some BDG from Tidex, where it is being delisted.. I appreciate this very succinct tutorial. Thank You.

  29. I can't transfer my BTC to my nano. I put in my address but that's all I can do. Can't enter the amount. So it's just stuck. No error, no message, nothing. Any ideas? Thank you much .

  30. HITBTC is SCAM. They block my money since few month!! I have the ticket number #382056. I have broke my phone. After that i send all my documents to them. But nobody help me theire. They dont want open my account. Be careful all!! I will write it everywhere.

  31. HITBTC is SCAM. They block my money since few month!! I have the ticket number #382056. I have broke my phone. After that i send all my documents to them. But nobody help me theire. They dont want open my account. Be careful all!! I will write it everywhere.
    The positive reviews here are form them self!!! They are a scam site. A scam exchange! Be Careful and dont send them your money.
    Or YOU wil never see your own money again!!! If no one believe me, i can show you everything. I can show the truth. Just write me if anyone not believe me!!!


  33. Thanks for sharing..

  34. Also when transferring to another wallets or exchange you have to put addresses in the white page in account
    And 2 is verification

  35. Can you make a video about how to trade .. and knowing your numbers .. ? Like how much will you get in return.. if you trade btc with different coin .. how to do the math

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