How To Use Coinbase To Make Money – On Your Phone

what's up you guys Eddie electronics I'm going to be showing you how to use coin base to make money straight from your phone okay so I've been using the coin base app for almost three years now which is a seriously long time now that I think about it I'm gonna basically be showing you how you can trade crypto on it how you can make some money with it some better alternatives and if you want to learn more about trading crypto or check out coin based I'll throw a link in the description alright anyways let's get into it here guys I'm gonna load up my account here I'm gonna show you some of the backend and you know basically just go over coin base alright so right now coin base is one of the biggest digital wallets out there for you know holding Bitcoin etherium like coin and Bitcoin cash so these are the popular ones that most people have heard of but you can also buy it and sell them on here so anyways I'm just gonna pull up Bitcoin because it's obviously the most popular one you can pull up different price charts on here if you've ever used the Robin Hood app I would say this app definitely has a Robin Hood feel to it as far as like you know checking out some of the graphs on here you can also pull up volumes and it's pretty cool so anyways that's basically how you can pull up some different charts on these these different coins now it's not only a wallet but you can obviously buy and sell these kryptos it's actually very easy to set up a checking account so you can literally do that pretty quick on here so um you know you can get money in and out of your account very fast it should work with just about every major bank account out there so I mean every bank out there like Chase Bank of America etc they should all work on here with no issues whatsoever okay anyways when you're ready to actually buy and sell some of these cryptos you just need to load up your account and then you can literally you know you can click on bitcoin you can click trade and then you can start purchasing you know some of your first bitcoin it's pretty cool anyways i'm gonna show you some of my account here just to show you some of my you know kind of like trades that I've had now I had you know recently what was this on here this was in April was the last time I you know made anything significant you can see the Bitcoin price was down to like five thousand at that point that's crazy bitcoins actually gone up quite a bit since then right anyways um here let me just kind of scroll down here you can kind of just see that you know I've I've traded quite a bit of Bitcoin so anyways in the last 12 months I've definitely done somewhere from between that five and seven thousand profit mark from you know trading on a coin base and Finance which I'm gonna get into alright so anyways basically if you want to make money with coinbase I would recommend saving up at least a couple thousand dollars and you can start buying and selling some of these cryptos now you can hold them for a week you told them for a month you hold them for a day you can hold them for the long term really just depends on what you're trying to do but for example if you were actually holding Bitcoin in the last month it's gone up 50% so if you had a couple thousand in there you would have made you know basically like a thousand dollars very fast alright anyways I'm gonna stop talking about coin base for a minute so when I actually got started you know trading crypto currency trading coin base was my first option I pretty much use that for the first year but then after that you know I wanted to trade more coins and what's available on coin base right now is basically just the major Kryptos now if you want to take things a step further and make real money you know and get off of coin base but create an account there and then you want to hop onto Finance now Finance is the number one crypto exchange in the world right now they've got over a hundred different coins you can trade basically what you need to do is set up a coin base account transfer money into it and then you can send money into by Nantz this is basically like the digital marketplace for cryptocurrency I mean you can buy all kinds of different coins on here and the same principles pretty much apply here you can buy these coins and hold them for a week you can hold them for a month you can hold them for a year it really just depends on what you're trying to do if you're trying to make a quick profit or if you're just trying to you know invest in a certain coin for kind of like the long term so as we scroll down here you can check out some of these different coins you know and I always kind of come back to a couple that I thought about buying within the last six months or so now I thought about buying the Neo coin which is the Chinese coin I did not do that however and I'm very glad that I didn't because it actually dropped in price it's been down from like $15 for quite a while it's still not at a bad price that's almost it like $12 but anyway so just take a look at this real real quick here now when you're in finance you know you could literally just click the Buy button here type in how much you want to buy based on your currency whether it's USD or something else and then you would basically purchase that coin on the flip side if you want to sell it you can also sell on the other side here it's very fast and you can literally get these trades to happen instantly to get your money out it's some very fluid and then when you're done making that trade you can send money back to coin base and then you know cash it out into your checking account that is the process I've been using to you know make money with this whole crypto thing now even though I started on coin base and you can still make money on coinbase don't get me wrong you really want to be on Finance you know that is where you want to be doing a lot of the trading because you can buy cheaper coins on there that have more volatility they move more so you can make money faster I would say and the other thing too is that if you wanted to hold some of the less popular coins for a longer time like you know ripple or iota there's a bunch of them you could do that as well alright anyways you guys are trading crypto literally you know with coin base or even just finance it's really just about what you're trying to accomplish whether you want to try to make a quick profit or you want to hold it for a while but that's it that's basically my strategy now I'll have links down there if you want to check out either coin base or by Nance I'm also have a link down there if you want to learn more about trading crypt on your phone please hit that like and share thanks for watching guys and we will see all it

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  1. Is it just me or coinbase app is extremely bugged? I basically can't do anything without getting some sort of mistake.

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