How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version

Hi Friends! My name is Sunil Kumar. Today, I’ll be showing you how to update Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. So let’s get started. As you may already know Ledger has updated its firmware version and MCU firmware version. It has made its security features more robust than before. And at the top, now you can install up to 18 apps. Earlier this limit was up to 4 to 5 apps. This is indeed a significant update. If you don’t understand video language then jump to 2:51. Please make sure you have your recovery seed handy in case you need it. Then don’t update your device because you may lose your funds for forever. First of all, connect it to your computer, as usual you do. Enter your PIN. Go to Settings>Device>Firmware Now, check your firmware version. If it’s 1.4.1 then your device it already updated. You can visit Ledger website to see latest version. If it’s not up to date then keep watching. Go back. Now, from your Chrome browser, open Ledger Manager app. Go to apps section. Open new tab. And click on apps. Open Ledger Manager app. Connect your device. You can see update notification on screen. Click on Firmwares. Click on Install. It’s installing. Press right button from your device. I got an error. While updating. Now, I’ve to uninstall some apps. Click on Applications. Uninstall some installed apps. Don’t worry! You funds will not be affected. They will be in your device. You can uninstall any app. When you’ll reinstall the app then your funds will reflect there again. So let’s uninstall an app. I’m going to uninstall Litecoin. Let’s try again. Let’s see whether it updates now or not. Go back to Firmwares. Again, click on Install. Oops! Again same error. Now, uninstall another app. Ethereum this time. Let’s try again. Lol! Again. are you kidding me! Let’s uninstall third app, Bitcoin. Let see what happens now. Click on Install. It worked! Now it’s updating. Tap on right button. Enter your PIN. Press both buttons together. Firmware updated. Let’s update MCU firmware. Read screen instructions. First disconnect it. Let Manage app open. After disconnecting it, reconnect it. But before that press button close to the USB port. See how I’m doing. Press button. Connect USB cable. Release button after 5 seconds. 1,2,3,4,5. MCU updating. You can see updation on your manager app. Press both buttons. That’s updated. Enter your PIN. Press both buttons. Now, check your new firmware version. Go to Device Firmware Check your firmware version. Now, go to Manager app and install apps that you want. Thank you for watching! 🙂 Keep watching to know how to install new apps.

8 thoughts on “How to Update Ledger Nano S Firmware and MCU Version”

  1. HELP I only have 4 digit pin but in update it wants my pin but more than 4 numbers I don't have more than 4 I'm screwed!

  2. I am getting the message "MCU Firmware is Outdated" when plug in the device. It is not asking even PIN to open. My current firm ware is 1.3.1
    I tried using Bootloader also by pressing 5 seconds. 
    Ledger live desktop is updated.
    Please give a solution.

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