How to UP your cryptocurrency game using CoinMarketCap! Ultimate Tutorial

hey the guys here you going here with bow and welcome to another tutorial so in this tutorial what we're gonna do is going to have a look at coin market cap coin market cap is like a central repository filled with just about every cryptocurrency out there on the market at the moment and contains a wealth of amazing functionality and features and data to help you in your cryptocurrency game so what we're gonna do in this tutorial is we're going to explore coin market cap and look at the best features and functionalities that will actually help you that they're really relevant and kind of easy to find information that'll help you when you're researching different coins or you're even considering a different investment this tutorial is aimed at people that are new to cryptocurrency but people that have even been around for a little while I think may find some use out of this tutorial and see some different features or functions that they didn't previously know it's always best to go as much research as you can when you're considering different cryptocurrencies and knowing kind of where to look in the most trustworthy and reliable sources can significantly help you in finding that information and also reduce a significant amount of time when you're out there searching for this information on the net so with that out of the way let's get straight into this tutorial alright guys so the first thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to come to queen marca capcom it's coin market capcom Zusi it up in the bar here but i also put a link down in the description okay so this is the main landing page this is what you're gonna see now what we'll do first is we'll just break down some of the key things that you need to know some of the most important aspects of this main page and then we'll dive into some individual crypto currencies and see what that is all about so the first thing is up in the top left here you will see crypto currency so you see it says 1523 now that's that the amount of crypto currency is currently out there on the open market now this number changes frequently frequently it obviously goes up all the time as new cryptocurrencies come in but there also may be cryptocurrencies out there that the team at coin market cap haven't actually gotten the chance to update yet so as an example I participated in an Aussie last year and the team still hasn't had the chance to actually update that on coin my Capcom so they're actually probably still a fair bit behind because given this so many new kryptos always coming onto the market so just that's one thing to keep in mind the second thing here is market now these are just the amount of markets that are traded so an example of a market might be US dollars for Bitcoin US dollars for a theorem or aetherium and Bitcoin markets or aetherium and an old coin or Bitcoin and an old coin so on and so forth so these are the amount of markets out there at the moment so eight thousand eight hundred and forty six now moving along we'll see here the market cap so this is the market capital now the market capital is basically just the sum of all the individual market caps of all these 1523 cryptocurrencies that are listed here now we'll go into how market cap is calculated shortly but that's what it is that's the total so when you're looking into coin market cap the first thing you'll generally do the first thing I certainly do is look at this figure and this is a good gauge as to whether the market is increasing in value or when new money's coming in or money is coming out and they're selling going on the next thing along here is the 24 hour volume now this is the total sum of all the volumes of all the crypto currencies listen on the market so you can see here that the 24 hour volume of Bitcoin is 7.2 billion dollars we've got Ripple here's AD 330 million so that's the total volume now just a note that this volume is a rolling 24-hour period it's not actually fixed to any particular time or time zone it's just a rolling 24-hour window now the next thing along here is the BTC dominance now that's the percentage of bitcoins market cap that makes up the total market capital so you see here bitcoins market cap right now is 185 billion and the total market cap is 463 so Bitcoin right now represents 40% of the entire market of all the cryptocurrencies which is obviously quite a lot but Bitcoin has been far higher than that in the past so moving along the next thing here is we have languages so here's where you can change some language to your native native language and then we have different fiat currencies so at the moment it's set to us but there's also Australian dollars and euros and this is a side note people have chipped me for a couple times for not displaying this in Australian dollars the reason I don't is because the US is the global standard for benchmarking the price of crypto currencies in just about all the media you'll see across the world different articles different websites it's always in US dollars so the most important thing over time that you get used to is is probably just looking at the 24 hour change or alternatively looking at the seven day change of your holdings so you can always change it yourself but generally I have it set to Australian dollars in my own portfolio on my app so this are always keeping US dollars again because US Dollars is the global price of the global currency that's used for the cryptocurrencies so coming down you'll see we've got different menu items here we've got a market cap we've got trade volume got trending we've got tools we'll come back to these in a bit firstly we're just gonna skip down and have a look at some particular cryptocurrencies and actually getting to the meat of what coin market cap can actually do for you so first off we'll just look at Bitcoin okay so Bitcoin is number one because it has the highest market cap that's how this has been displayed at the moment it's just being displayed as a rank based on the highest market capital the Bitcoin obviously having just just over a hundred billion in market cap above its closest competitor being inferior and when I say competitor I'm just talking terms of market capital so then we have a price so this is the price for one one unit of Bitcoin so one Bitcoin is worth currently ten thousand eight hundred and thirteen dollars u.s. we have a theorem which is currently worth eight hundred and eighty dollars u.s. we have one unit of ripple being 94 cents now the next thing along here we have the 24-hour trading volume now the 24-hour trading volume is across all listed exchanges that are currently trading Bitcoin the same with all of the cryptocurrencies as all of the exchanges that are trading that particular cryptocurrency that's where the data is coming from now I'm just gonna jump back a sec to and talk about price because I forgot to mention something now this price that is displayed here is an average across all the exchanges that this particular cryptocurrency is being traded on and I'll show you an example of how this can be a little bit misleading when you're looking at this price compared to where it's listed in your country so another question I've had from people quite often is why is the price of the cryptocurrency here different to in Australia well it's because the price is different on different exchanges based on supply and demand so supply and demand is constrained to each individual exchange and then coin market cap accumulates all that data and then displays an average across all the listed exchanges so this is really just a general guide it's not the exact price based on your country so just something to keep in mind the next bit of data here we have is circulating supply now circulating supply it means the quantity the total quantity of that particular cryptocurrency currently out there being available to be bought and sold out but doesn't mean that this is the amount that's been bought and sold on the market right now absolutely not that's far less than that but this is the amount that is essentially available to be traded this is the amount that's been spread out there two different wallets whether it's held by some of the teams whether it's held by investors whether it's held by the community this is what can be traded on exchanges right now now the next bit of data here we have is the 24 hour change again this is a rolling 24-hour period just like the volume so this moves this isn't pegged to any particular time and the next one along here is we have the price graph seven-day price graph which just shows how the prices tracking over a rolling a seven day period now if we want to have a look a little bit closer at some of these different timeline bits of data with what we can do is we can click this button here for view all so once we click this what it'll do is I'll actually show you a percentage over a rolling hour a rolling 24-hour and then a rolling seven-day period so this can be really handy just to see how things have performed rather than looking at that graph you can actually have a look at the percentages so we can see here for example ripple is down 12% over seven days Bitcoin even though it's come up 3.1 8% in the last 24 hours it's still down 3.4% from a high it had during the last a seven day period we can see here iota is up four point three 5% last 24 hours but when you look at it over seven days it's actually still up four point seven three percent from its low alright so we'll have a look at some individual cryptocurrencies now and actually get right into the meat of it first one being bitcoins what we'll do is we click on Bitcoin here and then we have some information in front of us now breaking this down here we have the price of Bitcoin in the same as what was listed on that front page there we have this displayed here this is the 24 hour change in price we have the market cap we have the volume we have the circulating supply and then we have the maximum supply now the difference between the circulating supply and the maximum supply is generally different for just about every single cryptocurrency now for Bitcoin the maximum supply is what will be in circulation and around 30 years I believe after all of the bitcoins have been mined so there's a programmed supply schedule for Bitcoin based on its mining and various other factors so it's very important when you're looking at this information you're looking for different cryptocurrencies to invest in especially small craft paper cryptocurrency small-cap it sorry to know where where the circulating supply is kind of sitting at in terms of its it's spread amongst holders and we'll get into that in a bit and the maximum supply and why and if these numbers aren't matching up say if there's a 20 or 30 percent missing where is it sitting who hasn't and when is it going to come into circulation okay so we'll move over to the left now and we're gonna have here is a bunch of links now these links are always linked to the original website for that particular cryptocurrency which can be extremely good considering how many fake websites are made for crypto codes is out there and people accidentally go to the fake websites they put in some information they get fished or they get hacked or there's a lot of scams that go on so if you ever want to know what the original website for a particular cryptocurrency has come to coin market cap searched for it up here searched for your particular cryptocurrency come to the page and then you just be able to click on the website so we just click on this website here it'll take us to Bitcoin door so this is the original website associated with Bitcoin and bitcoins development so there's always a sin there might be a second website as well so this one will take us to big when calm be calm run by the Roger ver team but anyway that's that's quite a normally portable point to some good sort original sources of information for you now moving down the list will have these things called explorers now the explorers are the block explorers which means it's a website that allows you to view the transactions occurring on that particular blockchain so these just mean these are different block exporters that have been developed so you can choose any one you can choose one the might be your favorite wall just go to the first one for now which is blockchain dot info which is a great block Explorer you can see if you go to chart here give me a lot of different information that you can see what's going on and so you can see the market price the average block size number of transactions per day the men pool sizes that the essentially the list of waiting transactions and then you can see all bunch of details that are coming directly from bitcoins blockchain so that's what that piece of information is that's what those explorers are now the next thing is message boards now our message boards are quite alike the main forum or the main chat rooms associated with that particular cryptocurrency so again you know these links are going to trusted sources they're going to the most original sources so this is why markup is so great it provides these links for you okay so I shut that down you can see there's another message board now the last one here is the source code now the source code will if if the particular cryptocurrency is searching for is open source will take you directly to the github repository now why is this important well this actually allows you to come directly to the to the source code and see how it's going in terms of its development and you can even go one step further and you can actually track the activity of a particular developer now pretty creepy stuff but in Bitcoin and crypto currencies at the moment the developers are significant developers highly sought-after and their activity in their activity attributed to a certain project can actually be highly valuable so if you actually have a look here you can see Bitcoin and beeps which is a Bitcoin improvement proposed you can jump into these and look at a bunch of information but if wish you got a people these are the core developers currently working on Bitcoin so for other cryptocurrencies you'll see the core developers working on though so we'll just choose kind of a random one or one without a photo we'll go Corie feel to your check this out look we can actually see he's activity over the last year you can actually see his contributions during February December so really incredible stuff you can see what these guys are working on see what projects they're involved with some very very interesting stuff if you want to dive really deep into researching a particular cryptocurrency now going down the list you'll see this rank 1 this tag just means it's number 1 in terms of market cap and these other tags it's my novel and it is a coin okay so now getting into the charts so what we have here is we're looking at the all-time or since they started recording data of Bitcoin with its price you'll see its price here over time so this is price over time as it starts to increase but you'll also see some additional information here we've got 24 hour value and market capital so you'll see the market capital obviously goes up with the price of the cryptocurrency so you can see as it goes up now down below this trading volume this is the amount of volume going on so the volume is correlating with the increase in price as more people are jumping into Bitcoin over this time while people are trading it probably the demand goes up the price goes up with it now you'll see at the top here at the moment looking at it all time we can do year-to-date so we can just go from the start of January up to now so we can see the price very interesting when you look at it year-to-date we can go over one year we can look at over over three months we're gonna look at over one month etc but if you actually want to look at a particular section all you need to do is you hold down your mouse and you drag and you can actually highlight particular sections so if we zoom in here you'll see at how inching it is when you actually zoom right in you can see the activity over certain times here so we can see you quite a lull period of bitcoins price from around August 2015 up to really around October so quite a long period of really not much movement so pretty interesting stuff and if you want to reset and you just come back to all you can also put in specific date periods here if you want to look at in a specific date and I think we want to go 2017 to 2017 then you just enter and actually load that specific time window for you now down the bottom here we have market cap price and US dollars Bitcoin and 24-hour trading volumes by clicking these you can actually turn these on and off the internal market cap if you just want to look at the price and you can play with different things you can also look at it over a log scale just puts an interesting perspective on it as well so lots of different things you can do just by looking at the markets here ok so moving on to the markets tab now here what we'll have is all the markets that Bitcoin is currently being traded on now Bitcoin being the oldest cryptocurrency out there being the number one in terms of market cap is office is gonna be on the most exchanges or the most market so firstly the source here these are the exchanges that is listed on these are global exchanges all around the world so coin one you can see hip DTC Pony X bitstamp etc now when you see a duplication so so you see ok X you'll see ok X 3 times here it's because it's being traded on different markets within that one exchange so BTC u.s. DT that means Bitcoin is being traded for TEVAR if we come down to this other one this Bitcoin is being traded for a theory or vice-versa and the next one down bitcoins been traded for litecoin and there's even a fourth one here bitcoins been traded for he theorem classic that's that ticker symbol and even another one down here Bitcoin is being traded for bit Queen cash now the next up we have the rolling 24-hour volume so as at the moment Co KX is number one in terms of trading volume we can see the price here is currently ten thousand seven hundred sixty-five and the volume in terms of a percentage of spread Oh ax has 7.7% dominance on this market overall with all the exchanges now when I was talking about the price before being an average I just want to show you how significant it can actually be so we can see here this one bit hum becomes located in South Korea South Korea generally the demand for the major cryptocurrencies will be higher than just about every part of the world they have extremely high demand but you can even see more of an example here in bit tricks you can see the price of a big coin at the moment eleven thousand four hundred ninety six but the price on okay X ten thousand seven hundred and sixty five so this price here is the average across all these different exchanges because again supply and demand is is constrained to the demand and the supply based on this exchange at any given time now over here as well you can actually change how these how the price of Bitcoin is being displayed you can have it displayed in etherium so one Bitcoin I had okay X is currently worth twelve point three theorem you change the light Queen so want big Queens worth forty nine point eight litecoin etc see you can really look at a lot of different data here depending on how you kind of trade and how you sort of go about things when you're looking at the value now the next tab along here is social now this is a really important one as you'll see when we look at aetherium but social contains kind of the key source of information relating to the community based discussions on different cryptocurrencies so at the moment because there's not a real company behind Bitcoin we don't have a Twitter feed we just have a reddit so we can see here different discussions that are going on at the moment different popular discussions for Bitcoin so at the moment it's a daily discussion you can click on this and this actually take you to read it to that reddit post and you can have a look so the social tab is a fantastic way to keep on top of what's going on with a particular cryptocurrency where they're having to go to their website without having to go to the Twitter page you can just come here to social and you can see generally everything that's going on at that time next long here you have tools now tools here just allow you to do some things you can add a website widget you can add this to a particular website with a bit of JavaScript there it's a PR tickers as well so that's just a couple of useful things for if you want and lastly we have historical data now historical data is really really useful if you want to do different things with the data if you want to maybe plot some statistics which I particularly like doing from time to time if you want have a look at some averages or so means across different different sets of data and play with it this is where you get it now you can change here you can look at the last three months you can change the time period now the only downside to this at the moment is there's no export there's no export to excel there's no export to sort of anything else to XML so what you've kind of got to do what I what I do is I'll just highlight it and then just copy it and paste it into a spreadsheet and then you start to manipulate it from there but that's a great tool if you want to do some data analysis based on the historical data all right so that's pretty much it for the main tools within these particular cryptocurrencies we're gonna have go have a look at another example that'll get a theme because the theory is a bit different and what you'll find is every single cryptocurrency is a little bit different terms of our what sort of information you have available to you so if we come over here to aetherium we'll click on this Alana will see what we have available to us so first up the information is similar but just starting from the start so you've got the price here we can see that 24-hour changing price but the market cap covered that before we have the 24-hour trading volume we got the circulating supply but if you notice there's no max supply so coming back to Bitcoin you can see we know how many bitcoins are going to be in circulation one day but the theorem there's no max supply now boy well that's because there is no maximum supply to the theorem see theorems got a programmed supply schedule but it doesn't have a maximum supply now the amount of it's the theorem that come into circulation over time is programmed but when you're researching crypto currencies that don't have a maximum supply you'll need to go and find out why and you need find out what that supply schedule is actually like well how many tokens is our program to be released every day or every week or every quarter or every block or however they've programmed it that's what you need to work out that's what you need to point out and you know really the only way to do that is to go and find that information itself generally by looking at the white paper or just searching on Google people may have covered it in different blogs or forums but that's a really important thing when looking at different cryptocurrency investments is you need to know why and then you need to know at what point is this additional supply going to come into circulation because that could if it's a large amount that could drastically affect the price in a negative way for you so coming down the list here again we've got a website so if we click on this one this will take us to the official etherium to org website we've got an announcements one here as well so I'm a Bitcoin talk this is kind of where I'm significant announcements for aetherium posted we've got the etherium block explorers as well just like Bitcoin looks a little bit different but essentially the same you can look at all sorts of information smart contracts and all sorts of stuff we've got a message board very similar this is just the official forum for the etherium community as you can see there's a lot of discussion goes on here a variety of different categories we've got chat as well so the official chat for aetherium over here on get up lots of community discussion going on here as well lots of people are subscribed to this really good resource and then again the source codes are over on github just like we look at with Bitcoin before because these are open source crypto currencies you can come in and see how much activity is going on with these coop account is that even give any given time and again you can look at the developers working on these cryptocurrencies and actually track their involvement so very interesting stuff so coming down to the charts much the same as Bitcoin the only difference is we can now display the price of Bitcoin against the price of Bobby theorem so this is essentially what aetherium is worth in Bitcoin overlaid on top of one another so you can see here at the time the the price of a fear him against Bitcoin was really high when compared to the u.s. you can see they actually converged at this point right here without essentially worth the same so pretty interesting when you look at it I actually don't often look at the price of Bitcoin I like to look at everything in US dollars but that's just me and a lot of people do like to use that Bitcoin price so again we can have a look at the market so we can see just a theorem how much a theory was actually traded now I want to use this example to actually talk a little bit about liquidity and how important liquidity is when you're looking at different cryptocurrencies and the theorem is a really good example I'm gonna compare it to I'm gonna compare it to another cryptocurrency to give you an example so when a creeper cosy is traded on a lot of markets that means it's got high liquidity okay that means it's got its availability to be traded as high so this is a highly liquid cryptocurrency it's arguably as liquid as Bitcoin if not very very close now what we'll do is we'll compare this to a crypt authority that is very illiquid or has low liquidity now I've just chosen this one block that's called project or lock it it's just a good example to show you that how low the liquidity is for blockout so you can see block out here is only being traded on three markets okay so let me try it on three markets you can see that 98% of the volume is on one exchange this is a very illiquid cryptocurrency at this point extremely illiquid now if actually come over to crypto P I've actually just prepared this one earlier what will actually do is well have a look at the affordable now the order book shows us the depth of the trades that are currently going on now looking at the order book is another way to assess the liquidity now what we can see is at the moment the buying volume for blocker is a 1.5 or 1.15 Bitcoin worth very very low that's a very small amount of buying going on we can see the selling this is a cumulative sell orders currently in four block cap he said there's more selling going on than there is buying so this is a very shallow book as well a very shallow depth in terms of block cats trading okay so very low liquidity very low depth now if we actually come over here to buy Nance let's have a look at the order book for aetherium and Bitcoin now by the way these auto book was for block hat and Bitcoin this is a block hat Bitcoin market will come over here to buy Nance my house look at the author book for each theorem and Bitcoin now as we can see here the depth is real it's a very deep audible cocaine so it's got a very high liquidity because we know a theory ins trader on so many markets a highly liquid and it has a very deep water book now it's a little bit laggy at the moment because I'm recording this but up here is the quantity of a theorem currently being bought so there's currently boy waters in for 256 aetherium there's currently sell orders in here for about a hundred to 110 worth of a theorem so that is a very high quantity of aetherium being bought and sold which means it's got a deep audible now this is just on one exchange as well now what you'll generally find is when you look at these markets these they'll have pretty deep auto books on just about every single exchange now why is this important well the reason why it's important is because the high liquidity means that the less the price is going to be impacted depending on individual buy and sell orders so there is as you can see here millions of dollars worth of trading volume going on it every time for one person or a couple of people to significantly impact the price of a theorem they would have to hold an immense amount of the token to really influence the price of the markets now I'm not saying it can't be done and certainly Ken but the probability is far lower because it's so liquid there's so much trading going on at all times it's unlikely their large buy and sell orders are going to affect the market whereas in a very illiquid market such as he would block at being traded on 1x extremely low trading volumes with a very very small shallow order book one person won't have to hold that many to significantly impact the price but both up and down so what you generally will find is with the less liquidity and the more shallow auto books that is a risk that is a risk so that's just one way to analyze the risk when you are looking at investing into a particular cryptocurrency so that's just one handy tool that you can take away from using coin markup when you're looking at these markets is by assessing their liquidity and the book the author book depth so moving along will look at social again now this has actually got the official Twitter feed for etherium and the reddit so this is great you can scroll through a theory on this twitter feed instead of having to go to their twitter page you can see it right here quick and easy so if there's been a huge spike in the price you wanted to come here and see has there been some significant news release or something really good happen and something really bad happened and generally you'll see people talking about it over here as well so you can see here that someone's talking about portable solidity debugger tell me about spank chain there's all this different information here so this can be really good at getting a quick gauge on market sentiment as well how's the community out there feeling power investors feeling what's the general sentiment out there in the market now again tools are the same you can get these tickets here historical data just the same as well now just coming over to have another look at block hats so this is really an altcoin just to show you what the explorers for old coins can actually look like when you're looking at a block time protocol like a theorem you're looking directly at the blockchain and what's going on at the blockchain but an old coin that's been built off aetherium is quite a bit different so if we come and have a look at the Explorer here this will take us to the smart contract details for that particular token now what we'll see straight away we can see the total supply here the value for token we can see the number of wallet addresses currently holding this token so very interesting information you get the sense work out the spread of this token and how many people actually hold it and the quantity as well and look at that in just a sec we can see here the actual contract the ERC 20 myth that means it's an aetherium based contract the decimal places that this particular token is divisible to down to 18 decimal places then official links as well now these are recent transactions that are going on with this cryptocurrency if we look at token holders what this will actually show us is the amount that people are actually holding something we look at the chart makes it a little bit more easy to see we can actually see who is holding the most amount of block at so what we can see up here the top 100 holders collectively owned 66% of all the block token so you can see the total supplier and I'm going to token holders now what you'll need to find out is when you're researching these coins is the reason why one may hold a lot is could be could be because there's reserves the company won't be holding reserves then what have locked a portion of it for advisors for the founders for marketing for a couple of years they could be using certain portions there's all different kinds of reasons as to why addresses may hold a lot and certainly the fact that this is exactly 20% is fail you can fairly safely assume that that's being a portion of that's being kept by the company perhaps for a couple of years so this is just one way to go even a level further in terms of research into working out some of the background of what's going on with these particular cryptocurrencies now what you can also do going back is you can actually look we just go back again here you can actually look at the details of this smart contract so if you are a developer or you are someone that knows actually how to read code you can actually read the exact smart contract that was developed for the block cat token so very very interesting stuff and actually look at the contract sauce here so here's the actual source code this would be in solidity so you can actually go very very deep into your research depending on how far you want to go so that's about it let's jump back to the markets and move on to having a look at some other tools available to us okay guys now what we're gonna do is we're gonna come back here and we're gonna come back to market cap we're gonna go to all this will take us back to the main home page now what we're gonna do is over here at tools there look at global chart so click on global chart you know what this is going to show us is the total market capitalization now this is similar to the graph so we're looking at earlier except this is showing is the total market capitalization over time that's this here that's this figure here over time again we've got the global trading volumes with a global market cap we can drag and highlight different portions as well we can see how when you zoom in how crazy things look when you come back to all you can barely see that that resolution changes now lets us well the zoom over here we'll have a look we can see the peak of the market around sort of early January here at around eight hundred and twenty billion dollars much the same we can turn off the 24-hour volumes we turn off the market cap there'll be nothing because that's what we're looking at but again look we can look at it elope in the log scale as well so lots of interesting information again you can change the time lines one month seven days you change different dates here it's really all up to you now if you scroll down you can see the market cap excluding Bitcoin so this is the total market cap excluding that forty percent dominance of the market cap from Bitcoin so this gives you an idea of all the altcoin so this is a theorem this is like coin ripple Meo all the old coins without Bitcoin it just my to spend a little bit of extra data that you and have a look at to see how the the other market has performed scrolling down what we're looking at is the dominance now this is a very interesting one to look at because what this shows us is how much Bitcoin has actually taken up against some of the major old coins now first off just looking at the legend down here we've got Bitcoin is the orange the etherium is the purple Bitcoin cash is the green will turn light coin on that was off before is gray ripple is the blue will turn on – now Mineiro my own enemy oh we can see all these different colors here represent how much of the market these cryptocurrencies have taken up at any given time so if we have a look up here look at December the 24th 2016 we can see Bitcoin held eighty-seven point six percent of the total market aetherium three point eight six percent Bitcoin cash zero because bitcoin cash didn't exist at that time like point one point two percent now the interesting thing is that how much this has changed just recently now again you can drag and change the resolution and look at it from a closer perspective so just recently we can see the big Queen dominance is actually starting to climb back up and the old Queen market is actually starting to drop off now some other interesting things you can do is you can look at the stacked now I particularly like the stack because it's just a little bit more interesting to look at you can see just how much of this market dominance of Bitcoin and the purple you can see aetherium and then all its different layers so some really interesting data look you can change the dates and that as well so some very interesting tools if you try to analyze what is going on with the market at any given time now some other tools you have available to you as trade volumes as well so look you can look at the 24 hour volume rankings by currency now this will tell you what the highest volume of trading is going on with any particular cryptocurrency at any given time so we can see Bitcoin here is 40 percent of the global trading volume but coming it's generally always number one tether 14 percent we got a theorem and 11 percent like on a four point five percent we can also look at this by exchange so we can actually look at the highest performing exchanges so here's the okay X which I believe is a Japanese exchange if not a South Korean exchange is number one for trading volume across all these different crypto currencies at all we can see Marcos with no fees as well so these different markets that have zero fees – so some really interesting data looking you can look at trending gainers and losers you can see what the most highest performing cryptocurrencies are both over the last 24 hours you can look at one hour you can look at seven days we can see this Queen Emma no idea what it is the a coin nano merged coin you can see these were the highest-performing over that time you can also look at recently added so these were coins that were just recently added to coin market cap circulating supply will be seen will be shown as a question mark because the team haven't had an opportunity to probably get that information and to verify it before they go on and calculate the market capital so that's why I just means us knew they haven't had a chance to get all over PCC because it's just so many cryptocurrencies coming into the market so often I can only imagine they're just trying to stay on top of it now of course this search function as well which I shouldn't cover at the very start is extremely useful rather than scrolling through literally the hundreds and and over a thousand different cryptocurrencies now if you want to search for a particular Koopa currency all you do is type it in like that we look what we looked at before block cat you know there's all sorts of stuff you can check out so that's that's where you're doing you can just go essentially straight to that particular cryptocurrency so yeah that's pretty much it guys that's coin market cap as an overview there's even more features and then what I actually covered but you know it is just really an incredible tool that over time you will become more familiar with and you'll you'll work out your own little ways and what you'd like to do that and how you like to use it so that's it guys it's all done that is it for the tutorial my sincere apologies that had dragged on for so long I didn't intend for it to go for 14 minutes but coin monkey Kappas it's got so much useful information it's really hard to cut it down any shorter if you made it this far then I really appreciate your watching the video and I just hope that you could got something out of it so I hope they're going to do some more good tutorials in the future hopefully a lot shorter than that one but if you liked it smash up the likes guys it really means a lot to me and it really helps my channel to grow and also if you haven't subscribed and you want to be on board to see some more future content coming make sure to subscribe to again really appreciate your watching guys my name is beau and I'll catch you guys in the next one see ya

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  2. I have a related short video on market capitalisation (capitalization for the Americans..) showing 3 common mistakes people make with market cap (actual market cap, not the website) if anyone is interested watch?v=oDwijfa4y6E . Nice video as always though Beau.

  3. Awesome overview Beau would love to know do you know how to read more of the information on Binance thanks Crypto Jodie

  4. I do use cmc, but on a simplistic basis, mainly because I have not had time to research its functionality myself. Your tut has filled in that for me and opened up my eyes to its full range of usefulness. Excellent overview and very helpful. I will certainly now be using its tools for more in depth analysis, Thanks bro!

  5. Why do you have the flag of Cyprus in the thumbnail with all the other coins? I'm just curious.
    P.S. I didn't see the entire video. Maybe the flag is related to something I missed.

  6. Great stuff Beau, loving the detail you go into explaining this tangled web of mystery, thank you again for having the patience to put all this together seemlessly, cheers !!!

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