How to turn your Ripple back in to USD using Binance and Coinbase

in this video I'm going to show you how to turn your ripple back into US dollar now assuming you watched my original video on how to buy ripple through finance let's say you purchased you held it for a week and it doubled in value now you want to sell and collect your your earnings this is the the process in order to turn your ripple back in the US dollar so you need to log into your buy enhance account as you can see here I'm logged in to mine now as you can see bitcoin is already selected here so we're going to turn our ripple back into Bitcoin so we're going to scroll through this list here we're gonna search for XRP give me a minute here to find it XRP right down here fifth one from the bottom we're gonna click on that now we're going to go down to the bottom right where it says sell XRP we're gonna click on that now right here where I'm showing with the cursor that's the current price that ripple is selling for in Bitcoin so you're gonna want to go over here where the cursor is right now and you're going to want to type in a sell price fairly close to what ripple is currently selling for I'd recommend putting it in putting in a number there that's slightly higher for what it's selling for because the price does fluctuate so you're gonna type in the price there you want to sell it for sell each ripple for then you're gonna go down here and you're going to hit 100% if you want to sell all of your ripple as you can see here max amount 43 ripple that means I currently own 43 Ripple and I'm going to be selling 43 ripple four point zero zero zero zero four three three zero in Bitcoin so each ripple is gonna get me that amount of Bitcoin the price that I said so if you want to sell your max amount of ripple you just hit a hundred percent right there and then you hit the sell button your sell order is going to go be submitted you can click up here on open orders and that'll show you I don't know why that's not living out there we go open orders that'll show you you're open order that you just submitted your your sell order now if your order gets fulfilled immediately that means if somebody buys your ripple right away as soon as you hit the submit button nothing will show here in your open orders but what you can do is go into your funds click on deposits withdrawals and that'll show all your your wallets and all your current holdings and then you should see the the amount that you sold for in Bitcoin you should see that numbers show up right here in your Bitcoin wallet which is generally the first one on the list and your holdings so once you have that done and you have your ripples sold and you have your Bitcoin here you're going to hit the with the draw button you're gonna choose the type of coin that you want to withdraw we're gonna select Bitcoin now for address you're gonna need to go over to your coin base account let's just give us a second to load up you're gonna go to you're gonna hit the menu button on the top left you're gonna go to accounts and you're gonna go to your Bitcoin wallet click on that and then you're gonna hit the receive button now you're gonna show the address and you're going to copy your your wallet address from coinbase because we're sending our Bitcoin from finance to coinbase so we've got that our coinbase wallet address copied we're gonna go back to finance never refresh so I just got a Risa lect Bitcoin for the address we're gonna use a new address we're just gonna type in the address or paste it we can label it coinbase and then we're gonna submit and then if you want to cash out the max amount of Bitcoin that you have you can just hit the max button right there and then as you can see here it shows the transaction fee of how much they'll take for fortran's during it there's always going to be a transaction fee and it shows you how much you'll get and then you'll just hit the withdraw button right here once you hit the withdraw button you can go back to coinbase it will take a little bit of time for it to transfer over but after that time passes it'll show up in your coinbase wallet right here and it'll show your current holdings once it shows up for you you can go back to the menu button on top you can select buy and sell and as you can see here it's got a bite tab and a sell tab at the top we're going to select the sell tab now you're going to sell from we've got our Bitcoin wallet selected deposit – you should have your bank account linked so you can cash out to your bank account and then you can go ahead and select just click on Bitcoin and you can hit cellmaxx it'll automatically input the max holding and then you just hit the sell Bitcoin it'll probably ask you to confirm you'll hit the confirm button and there you go it'll probably take a couple days to cash out and for the money to show up in your bank account but that's the process on how to cash out your ripple back to US dollar give this video a thumbs up if you have any questions leave a comment below

37 thoughts on “How to turn your Ripple back in to USD using Binance and Coinbase”

  1. What if you tried to withdraw from binance during a bull run…. and throughout the process their is a collapse before you could sell it and withdraw on coinbase… wouldn't you lose your earnings? Why can't we just sell on binance and secure our gains by not leaving our coins on the exchange market?

  2. I don't have the option of cashing out to my bank, the only option is to Cash (USD). Do I continue the transaction to sell?

  3. The first clear and concise video on selling from Binance to Coinbase, without getting sidetracked.
    I presume you were using the binance mobile app?

  4. General question. How do I know how much I bought altcoins for on Binance as priced in bitcoin for tax purposes?

  5. Do you have to sell your crypto coin into BTC in order to send it to Coinbase? Or can you just exchange your crypto coin into BTC in Binance, then send to Coinbase for the dollar amount?

  6. What fees do you pay when crypto is converted into Bitcoin? How do you cash the money out? Which financial institution is good?

  7. If XRP is doing relatively well compared to BTC or ETH, won't you lose money when you convert your XRP to BTC for cash out on Coinbase?

  8. Thank God for a quick and concise crypto channel.
    Fuck sake, some other videos, if they are not 20 odd minutes they are nearly an hour..
    Too much waffle going on.
    Well done, thanks.

  9. Finally someone made a video on exactly what I was looking for.
    All these other clowns just copy each other or make a 30 min video for the most simple shit!
    Thank you!

  10. I sold all my ripple for btc but it left $1.12 in the xrp account. How can I get this out, it won't let me buy any more btc

  11. Thanks Y Clyman for this video. Totally new to crypto. I am just wondering does this mean Ripple's value or any other crypto's value will be dependent on price of Bitcoin if we want to eventually "cash" out? Assuming this is the main and widely use method for Ripple. So it could happen that we end up with a lot of Bitcoins that may not have much demand, and hence, dollar value?

  12. Smh just buy/sell LTC for alt coins. I lost $20 to send $2 of BTC to binance. LTC is sooo much cheaper and faster

  13. I tried several times I cannot get registered with Coinbase or the other I’m pissed they keep saying wrong password any help would frigid help I’m looking ou

  14. I live in Canada and coinbase does not allow to sell, I've bought ripple on Binance with bitcoin ……. but now how do i sell my ripple to cashout?

  15. how do you get your weekly limit so high? i wanted to buy $3k CAD worth of BTC but couldn't do it. pls show me how. thx

  16. when will be the next live stream? and also is there a way I can get notified before hand I am already subscribed to this channel

  17. I don't have any problem in depositing. I want to know if i want to with different currencies like xvg and Trx. Consider that i am having 2 currencies and i want to withdraw both. Can you please tell me how to do it for these currencies in binance?

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