How To Transfer Litecoin Or Bitcoin From Binance To Coinbase

snick with us purses hurt I'm gonna show you how to get your money out of finance back into coinbase some people have been a little confused I did a video I think last week on how to get money from coinbase to buy an answer you good buy things so this is how you to get it back because I'm actually gonna liquidate one of my positions to get it back as you can see there's only certain pairs that trade so I'm gonna I have a position right now an ad a they're gonna take out the table I'm up like let's see here I'm up around three hundred and seventy six percent so what I'm going to do here I they have basic advanced I'll show you I like the advanced a little bit better because it's a little bit cleaner it's all in one page the basic I think is more confusing than the advanced I'm not sure why they labeled it one or the other but will login to here and I'm gonna sell my ad a so the plan is here while this loads I'm gonna sell my ad a for Bitcoin and then I'm gonna take my Bitcoin and buy litecoin you can transfer Bitcoin a coin base but it's again take a few hours I like to use like cloning because it takes about 15-20 minutes and that way if I wanted to my coin base account to buy something else or I wanted somewhere else just in transit it moves a lot faster so this is taking a while okay I actually switch to basic because the the advanced was crashing my screen here so I'm gonna go to ad a sell my holdings here let's see here as you can see here I have 17 hundred coins we're just gonna sell all those let's see what the latest price was twenty eight sixteen let's see if we can get this 28 18 here fine not will try 2816 succeeded so what you want to do here you can check just because it says exceed doesn't mean it's sold so you look down here I still have a sell order in here nothing failed yet so nothing goes field for that so I'm gonna cancel that yeah that wants 28 15 it looks like so let's do a hundred percent on my holdings sixteen actually I don't know if I want to do a hundred percent I think that I want to do let's do some math you know anything anyway actually we'll do a hundred percent yeah so let's tell this idea that's giving you the 2815 okay as you can see there's no open orders you see here it says filled that's how you know that this was filled so I have my ad a right here there's filled so now I have Bitcoin so what I want to do to take Bitcoin and go by a little light coin so I can send it let's go buy some light clean so now I get my Bitcoin and go buy a light coin 100% so I'm gonna pick 100% my Bitcoin bounce I'll buy litecoin for let's try yeah yeah down here is the bed here to ask here we're gonna go to will try 30 okay no fill move quickly you kids sometimes wait for word or you know if you're not patient yep took a couple seconds left that one filled so got this one for 18s every night so it filled so I got two and a half light coins right now a little bit more than two and a half so what I'm gonna do here you're gonna go to your deposits and withdrawals and we'll go to coinbase while that's loading and we'll go duck accounts and as you can see here I don't really have anything here cuz I've been trading on Finance Agency my life when wallets at zero so what you want to do here is get you get your receive code now your wallet I'm gonna block so I can't block this out so you guys can't see but a box popped up here you get it copy the address this is for your like coin wallet address and then in here you're going to want to go to you know after you click on with deposits withdrawals you go to your find your light coins yeah I have my two and a half they're a little bit more go to withdraw it's like my coinbase account so i've already have I already have my withdrawal address in there my coinbase account so I'm just gonna send that now and let's see yes right yes just like that's not the right address assessed wait double-check the address I don't owner this might be encrypted but let's start a new one just to be safe if you don't trust it just send like a little bit over at a time I'm gonna send my wallet there so I'm gonna put my corn base in their label corn base make sure that matches that yeah okay so we're gonna submit that yeah if you don't if you don't trust it once we put my Google authorization code in here it says look I definitely recommend MFA for your stuff MFA means multi-factor authentication if you're not sure there's an app called Google Authenticator you can download from the App Store and that can verify your account and market is open okay so it's going to send me a confirmation or my email to make sure that I want to do that let me go and see my email here real quick yep I got my confirmation request and I can then you confirm it so there's there's a couple there's a couple things that they have and they're just make sure people hit just withdraw out of your account okay so I successfully withdrawal my accept the link of my email I successfully confirm that I want to withdraw it so now I'm just going to wait for my litecoin in in coinbase you can check your history here it says and we can see here processes processing down here so you can see our withdrawals history down here and it is currently processing so I'm gonna pause the video and one thing when it shows up should be about 20 minutes so right now it's 8:30 so let's see how long it takes and I'll resume the video when I come when the when the litecoin is in my coinbase wallet okay we're back we just got the light coin into my coin baseball as you can see here now I have that 2.5 two-and-a-half coins here that I just sent from by Nance so that's kind of how you just move things across from finance to to coin base or any other wallet either as well if you're not with coin Bay Street with somebody else you can move stuff through your addresses that way you can also you know reverse that and send things from coinbase to to buy Nance and a lot of times what I'll do is that you know what what I usually do for sending to to buy Nancy's eye since buy Nance is a USD two to whatever coin these are so you don't have to tray like finance you don't you can't trade the US dollar for it it's just coin for coin you clean so the trades in pairs that's why it kind of gets a little confusing for some people but for a coin base I can liquidate my US dollars into like coin or any of the other ones and then send to buy Nance so if you have any questions leave a comment below like and subscribe I want to see how you guys are doing if there's any coins that you guys have questions on or what you guys are investing in I'm definitely interested in that as well

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  1. Hi. What if/when Coinbase sells/supports ADA… can you just transfer all your ADA from Binance to Coinbase? Is that possible? Could a transfer be done KEEPING all your ADA without selling for another crypto to move to Coinbase? Thanks

  2. Can I transfer from Binance directly into my USD wallet on Coinbase then withdraw those funds? Or do I need to withdraw from Binance into a coin, then sell that coin on coinbase? Thank you very much.

  3. What do you put in the address field on binance? The label field is the code that pops up from Coinbase correct?

  4. Another question, if you have any input…… I noticed that prices on binance are quite a bit lower to say, coinbase.  Ripple is at 2.15 on binance, but market price in other places is 2.40.  Same with bitcoin, binance has its value at $80 less than coinbase.   When we transfer bitcoin or litecoin or ethereum to coinbase, does it go to the value of the market that coinbase uses? (pretty sure it's Korea)

  5. What are the fees to transfer from binance to coinbase?  I know it's different between currencies, but when you transfer to coinbase, does it double dip in fees?  I.E. binance charges "x" amount to withdraw then coinbase charges "x" amount to deposit?

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