48 thoughts on “How To Trade The 5 Major Cryptocurrency Market Cycles”

  1. Do you think Brexit will have a big influence on the cryptocurrency market? It will be interesting to keep an eye on it and see the evolution.

  2. What are some of the characteristics of the accumulation phase? What do you look at for verification that is in fact an accumulation phase ?

  3. Chris,

    It would be great if you would release another video to let your followers know where you think we are in the market cycle at the moment. Are done with the high volatility phase and have entered the accumulation phase?

  4. Looking back at this video now, I see that you had the right mind set from the beginning. It's so easy to get caught up in the FOMO. I HODLed when I should have sold.

  5. Looking back on this video now and what has happened in the past few months… wow its like you saw into the future. You should do an update on this video about the accumulation phase because there looks to be some sideways action now… perhaps its accumulation phase now

  6. This video is so useful, very confident I'll be making long term gains now that I'm investing after the bubble.

  7. The Major equity sp5 is doing the exact samething you said!. BTC looks the same. hmmm thanks for enlightening me.

  8. Chris, with all the new 'systems' "the 'tangle". "hashgraph" … what is the future of bitcoin do you think? … Appreciate your wise insights on crypto . "THE GENIE IS OUT THE BOTTLE "

  9. Hi, Chris. Just a question. If we're done with one of the steps (let's say the Unsustainable Parabolic Move), is there any possibility that we can jump to other step rather than the Fast pullback?

    For example, after step 3, we go into step 5 and then from 5 to 4 or another 3? If yes, can this happen often?

  10. These reality check vlogs are great reminders for where we are during this 70% bear. Best market structure production out there

  11. Hello Chris. I've been loosing these last days. I don't feel it's the right time to go long or short (some cryptos are randomly not available for short selling on Bitfinex) and I'm doing a pause. SMA on Bitcoin was an incredible indicator and helped me a lot, but I don't feel like we will bounce indefinitely on the 300SMA. Do you think that it's better to start trading again in 1 or 2 weeks ?

  12. I show this video to all my newbie investor friends and it's very helpful! Thanks for your awesome and meaningful content. Unfortunately, most of crypto YouTubers are garbage shills :/

    When you talk about the accumulation phase, I would also add that this is the best moment to identify the best projects, invest in them, and remove all your bags. I would always invest in faster blockchains (like RChain or Zilliqa), protocols and infrastructure. We are too far away from mainstream usage of utility tokens, hence "when speculation outpaces utility" = bubble = the cycle repeats itself until we either have technological gains or mainstream media jumping on the Bitcoin gains stories.

    All in all, I am very confident blockchain will succeed and we will see massive gains throughout 2018 and beyond ??

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  14. Chris, I LOVE you're damn videos. Yours seems like an education system I can get behind vs so many of the others. Which package of yours is the works? Education, chat, etc

  15. You make some good points here, but please, familiarize yourself with logarithmic plots and when they should be used. It's painful to see all those plots where the left 70% just look flatlined and all the information is lost. This basic mistake also caused you to call an early period with 80% gains a "slow, sideways market".

  16. Yes, because history often repeats itself. Had I known how to read cycles, I would have avoided this month's sub-6K crash!
    Thanks, Chris.

  17. Chris, I want to practice using TA. I just got into crypto. I have about $1,800 in coins right now. But, Bitfinex for example wants a $10,000 balance in order for me to trade or perform other functions. I assume "perform other functions" includes using analysis tools to study charts. Do you have a suggestion for a platform I can use to trade smaller amounts for now, or at least do analysis on the platform as in depth as I could on Bitfinex?

  18. Bro! You gotta make more videos! Where can I get more of your work? You don’t post on trading view anymore. You don’t post in YouTube anymore. Come back to us!! Also, I’m really interested in your trading course but I’m on the road a lot. Can I complete your course successfully with just a smart phone or will I need a laptop with a good data plan? Thanks.

  19. For better overview of price action, S/R levels and orderbook during high volatility phase, you might want to checkout https://tensorcharts.com/. It's connected to 5 major crypto exchanges and it has bunch of other useful features like VWAP, Volume profile, S/R levels, volume counters, etc…

  20. Best crypto youtuber by far!!! I am a newbie and I really appreciate your valuable information. Thank you so much!!!! You are amazing.

  21. CHRIS !!!! Your thoughts on Sirin… I already went all in.. And will be buying even more.. I'm gonna HODL.. What is your non financial non advice on this tech?? Lol

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  23. you know guys, i've been mastering this market cycle stuff and it really makes a lot of sense. I've been able to make my own trading strategy when it comes into crypto, because of this video. This guy really knows his stuff . A great individual whom we should really appreciate and thank. Thanks Chris Dunn

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    There is a big problem for companies to open a bank account, becouse banks are afraid of money laundering.
    Thank you for content full of value!

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  26. Do you think will move into another accumulation phase. Everyone else is convinced it will have a huge upswing directly after the crash. But it seems like the price will stabilize for a while given the history of the coin. What do you think?

  27. I was there timely at 2pm EST today however it said "THIS WEBINAR HAS EXPIRED! Sorry, you're late…This webinar has expired"

    Will there be a rerun available?

  28. OK, see this screenshot https://imgur.com/a/Dexcv I wasn't late for the webinar and I wanted to watch it so much, would you upload the video on youtube?

  29. Hey Chriss, I want to inform you that I miss you webinar because time you have set was incorrect, right new time is 12:40:07 US East Coast , and your webinar should start at 2 p.m I just have visited the link and it showed me that I am too late… I am so disapointed.

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