How to Trade on Bitmex for USA and Canada Residents

what is going on everybody it is Jay with Bitcoin daily back again to go over this bit next thing I've been getting a lot of questions about so today we're going over basically how to get around if you're in the US or Canada or anything like that the whole workaround to still be able to participate and trade on bit mix so as you can see here I'm in a I'm in a different account that I created just now and I created it if you look here you know it's like if I'm in the UK basically so you know that's why this flag is showing up now and if I go now to account it allows me to to make that deposit as you can see so let me tell you guys what I am using and what the workaround is now I do have to give you guys a disclaimer um if they do figure out that you're not that you're in the US they can take your funds away you can lose your account so letting you guys know what can happen on just in case I'm just if I'm putting out the information there if you guys would want to use it using knowing that you can use your funds alright so the first step is to download this call to win scribe um basically you can download this and just put it on you can either download it on your computer yeah Windows Mac or Linux or you can use it on your browser so if you have Chrome Firefox I'm currently using Chrome so I have it on Chrome once you download it it's gonna come out oh and also Tom you can do it on your phone and all that as well I'm using Chrome so I downloaded it and this is what it looks like on your Chrome you basically they give you 10 gigabytes of for free with the account and if you need more than that then you can pay for more than that as you can see I'm connected as if I'm in the UK and if you put that you can literally go around and connect like if you're from anywhere so you know us and I was actually previously connected Canada East but I got an email saying that you can no longer use the next if you're in Canada so I've changed from Canada to you take but you can change through any of these places whatever you like so I mean doesn't really it's not really a big deal um and yeah and that's basically all you got to do is turn it on right here um you can you can I set mine up on manual but I want to make sure that it's on when I want it to be on and then just click this to turn it on and off so now if we go over here to the IP hold that and we reload it will tell me that this is where I'm located in rent Great Britain and in fact I am not located there I am in the US but because of this since I have assets in the UK it comes up like it but I am in the UK um and that's all there is to it man once you set that up just go back to bit mix creating new account and put and it'll actually locate you right when you're when you're setting up an account it'll look it'll tell you you know it'll set it up for you already where you are where it's finding you from and that's it you'll have access to making deposits on the tom bit Max and trading now again remember you can use your funds if they find out where they figure out what it is that you're doing um that's it guys this is what I've been doing this is how I've been using fit mix and how I have been trading on it I have I've been using it for a few months now and I've had no issues with it using it in this way but it doesn't mean that you might not have issues would be so I'm just letting you know if you guys have any questions as always leave a comment under the video ask me whatever it is that you need and I'll try to if I have an answer for you I'll get back see if not we'll try to find that answer together that's all for today guys a nice quick easy video on how to get started on here if you are located in the US follow us on here make sure to subscribe leave a comment and follow us on Instagram Twitter Facebook you know the whole deal alright guys take these peace

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  1. Ok but what do u do with a thw funds made on the website. How would u cash out.. govt is gonna wanna kno where that revenue came from

  2. Hey man! Great to see you again, i am only missing the spreadsheet you would be sharing in your next video (this one) for us to use to keep track of our own trades!

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