How To Trade Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple & Ethereum

hello and welcome everyone to today's webinar presentation how to trade crypto currencies presented by myself Phil car at the gold and silver clubber so literally just as we're about to do today's presentation I've had all my alerts go off as Bitcoin has just broken at $9,000 and has broken above at one year highs so I have a look at that together very shortly so this webinar could not have been better in times of timing why is it happening why is Bitcoin trading at $9,000 at the moment why is Bitcoin almost tripled in price so far in 2019 wise litecoin out 400 percent in six months as they look at all of that together so before we get into it we will be going through of course today's session the latest news developments will go through live market analysis a forecast to where we're expecting crypto currencies to be heading next we'll be answering questions and providing live support so let me just introduce you to the gold and silver Club the golden silver Club is regarded as the go-to authority on commodities trading and as international respected experts our analysis and our opinions on the metals the energies the cryptocurrency markets they're routinely sorts by major financial television channels and publications which include Bloomberg Reuters CNBC The Financial Times The Wall Street Journal and over the last 10 years myself and my team of experts we have trained demented thousands of private traders from all over the world on our exclusive research driven strategies for further information on our services just go to WWE the live trading room and calm also if you haven't done so already make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel as well at the gold and silver Club if you go on YouTube search for the gold and silver Club we have over 350 videos we put out three reports a week and we'll be putting out a fresh report this weekend with all of our forecasts for the week ahead so make sure if you haven't done so already that you're subscribed to the goldens of grub on YouTube as well okay good so with that let's just go through the top cryptocurrencies that you should know about so first of all we've got Bitcoin which is the original cryptocurrency the one that started all Bitcoin was created in 2009 by satoshi nakamoto a anonymous figure and with that Bitcoin of course really came to a lot of people's attention as we saw that boom period over 2017 where the price went all the way up to $20,000 after start in the year at one thousand US dollars so we saw it go exponential got a lot of notoriety but what we tend to see within the cryptocurrency space for those of you who are starting to come onshore in this particular space is that we tend to see one year of boom one year a bust one year boom one year a bus so basically 2018 turned out to be a bust year for Kryptos as we then saw a terrific sell-off with a lot of crypto selling off more than 90% over the correction that ensued however 2019 so far is proving to be a boom year with Bitcoin almost up now tripling in price from the 3,100 lows is now just broken above $9,000 as I speak right now what are we trading at 9,000 $41 at the moment and we'll look at that together with you what is driving this right now why is cryptocurrencies currently breaking out we've seen Bitcoin remaining on the hunt for $9,000 it's just hit that target at the moment we've seen Bitcoin soaring to the highest that was in a year extending a run that seems priced more than double we've actually almost tripled in a price now with Bitcoin with recently seen the statement that basically we've got the ability now on whatsapp to be able to do payments via bitcoin and litecoin so we've had this new statement and this was actually coming out about week and a half ago we had Zulu Republic which has said they're offering users a chance to earn some crypto if they're refer a friend T application introduction of cryptocurrency payments the world's most popular messenger service which will be seen as a key stage in the mainstream adoption journey whatsapp is owned by Facebook and Facebook if now after there was been rumors they've now confirmed that they're launching their own stable coin and that will have a huge implications in the market given there's over a billion Facebook users worldwide so unlike Bitcoin Facebook doesn't want to use his cryptocurrency to bring down the established financial system he wants to co and it's going to be launching global coins you can imagine when this gets released what this going to do in fact more than 2 billion users on the Facebook platform that would be able to transact utilizing and digital currency rather than any sort of a fiat currency and in terms of what we're seeing right now with in the overall crypto space well what we've seen training today is Bitcoin hitting 10,000 will spark real FOMO in the markets which is the fear of missing out obviously Bitcoin breaking above $9,000 you can bet your bottom dollar on that that we're going to see Bloomberg and also Reuters and CNBC all over it today Bitcoin break above $9,000 so watch out for it what's your inboxes later because you're going to get emails about this about Bitcoin breakout above $9,000 the fact that it's tripled in price so far this year so this is what I find really interesting I've been going through the data for you guys and we've covered it on our live trading room today as well so I want to show you what we covered two months ago here on this on this same webinar so we do this every month with binary gotta call me – we teach you how to trade and invest in the crypto currencies two months ago this is what we were looking at and even at that point we were telling you all of our forecast for the year ahead Bitcoin having was due to be coming up in May of 2020 the price usually accumulates as you get closer to one year out from the Bitcoin having at that point when we were already really bullish on the cryptos ripple was at 31 cents only up 9% on on the year Bitcoin was at up 12 Bitcoin was at 3800 $86 owning up 20% on the year a theorem was up 58% at 133 dollars and litecoin was at 138 percent so so far this year in 2019 and what a difference a couple of months makes or what a difference may makes to the crypto market so then let's just move over to it so what are we at now Bitcoin cash up 500% in 2019 like coin up 400% so far this year aetherium up 242 percent coin which you see here just broken above $9,000 in fact is now up by almost two hundred percent one hundred seventy three percent earlier on today but it's just broke at $9,000 Ripple up sixty-four percent so from a investment point of view what is lagging what is leading Bitcoin cash unlike coin are leading and then ripple is lagging these are kryptos within the top ten at the moment so potentially a lot more upside still to come with ripple as well but we're very fast gaining momentum how is the overall sentiment like in the pizza market most of last year we were stuck in extreme fear or fear this year we've been switching between greed and extreme greed recently so we're still in greed territory we're not an extreme greed yet which suggests more buying can still occur here we've got a reading today of 73 which is the highest that we've seen about a week or so that's the sentiment right now so we're definitely in that greed territory in contrast to that these stock markets today are any extreme greed so with the S&P 500 the Dow Jones the breakdown that we've seen so far over the last couple of weeks with this escalation or trade war tensions it's had a negative impact on global equities but it's spurred movement into crypto currencies and then from a seasonal point of view where we are at at the moment now during a boom phase like we're seeing right now and this year we're actually more than 60 70 % gains that we've seen so far on Bitcoin litecoin Bitcoin cash and also theorem in May which is very much marrying up to the boom phase that we had in 2017 where Mae was one of the strongest months of the year and normally the month of May for crypto currencies Bitcoin in particular is strong anyway average return of 29 percent this year has been more than 60 percent which I'll show you on the charts very shortly what can you expect as we go into June well normally June's quite a good month as well with an average return of around 12% plus for Bitcoin so we may see more of a consolidation but certainly more upside potential going into June as well this is something which I feel is really important I've covered it twice now on these webinars with you guys over the last couple of months and now you're starting to see mainstream media really catch on to this so you can see Bitcoin balls are already touting the next great having as a catalyst for price gains then we've been covering it for a while now with you before we actually saw this breakout we told you about the Bitcoin having that occurs every four years and essentially if you can imagine if you compare this to gold so every four years imagine the total supply of gold that is my noble imagine if that was cut in half every four years well what would that do to the price it would drive price higher every four years this happens with Bitcoin you've got a Bitcoin having where the amount that can be mined is reduced by 50% and as such it automatically because there's only a limited supply of Bitcoin available to get mined ever it causes price appreciation and that's what we've seen this was when the price was around three thousand five hundred ninety one dollars that we brought this to your attention and now we're trading above nine thousand dollars as we're now one year away from the Bitcoin halving and you can see normally you get that price appreciation the startup would trend which definitely started in May and normally that continues right the way through to a year before the Bitcoin halving and then after the Bitcoin having as well so interesting times at the moment so we're just broken above nine thousand dollars for Bitcoin so we're definitely seeing some interesting times at the moment as I mentioned good timing to be on this webinar right now and in number two after Bitcoin you have etherium known as ether which is the cryptocurrency for aetherium decentralized platform that executes peer-to-peer smart contracts as of September 2016 the theorem was split into two you got a theorem and also a theory and that classic and the theorems performance in 2017 was exponential where the price went up over five thousand nine hundred percent in that year of 2017 and of course attracted a lot of attention before a theorem came crashing down from 1,400 dollars all the way back down to 85 dollars then its springboard higher from December were hit $85 is now trading back around $280 so we're on the recovery at the moment ripple is a real-time currency exchange settlement system a remittance a remittance network the cryptocurrencies are called ripples or X RP as they're traded as released in 2012 the ripple system has been successfully integrated into a number of major banks and payment systems to reduce costs and again in 2017 ripples saw exponential growth of over 7,000 percent we saw even from the summer where we were trading around 15 cents we then had a very large move from November and December we're broke out from 15 cents and broke out to 3 dollars and 50 cents so we saw over 2000 % moved but from the start of the year in 2017 up to the peak of the move ripple went up by over 7 % so incredible move 2017 then you have litecoin which was released in october 2011 by former Google employee Charles Lee as an alternative to Bitcoin litecoin is similar to Bitcoin it can remind users currency transacted for goods and services now litecoin also had a big run up over 2017 where it peaked up around about three hundred and sixty-five dollars after trading around for a long period around 3040 dollar mark in 2017 before we saw it breakouts that level it subsequently broke all the way down from 365 dollars down to $23 in December but it's now trading back above 115 dollars so as its recovered over 400 percent so far this year so what do you need to know at the moment well where are we at within the stages of adoption in the cryptocurrency markets right now I would still definitely say we're going from innervate it we're in innovator stage but we are starting to move into a bit of early adoption here at the moment we're definitely nowhere near late majority or laggards but we are starting to see some mainstream uses for this now such as whatsapp be able to be able to make payments via crypto currencies with which is being helped along by Facebook Facebook haven't launched their global coin yet they're due to do so in 2020 and as we continue to progress within this overall space we're seeing ripple use more and more by banks as a faster way to do payment processing but there's still a lot of crypto currencies within the top 100 which aren't really being used there's innovation stage but they're not still being used within their utilization that is expected to do so so we are still at the beginning stage here but we're coming out of a very bearish market which throughout the last 18 months crypto markets were on a downward trend where they peaked most of them around December of 2017 and continued to sell off until we formed a low in fact it was about 12 12 month low if you look at the lows that we put in which were December 2018 most formed the low in the 15th of December of last year so it was about 12 month downward trend now we starting to recover and really see some reasonable moves to the upside but we still potentially have a long way to go here so we're still most kryptos are anywhere but fifty to ninety percent off their all-time highs even Bitcoin or those had a steady recovery so far this year it's still down fifty percent from its all-time high of twenty thousand dollars it's down more than fifty percent a theorem from 1400 now trading at around two hundred eighty five dollars it's still down about 7080 percent so there's still a lot more upside to go here and if you've missed out so far definitely educate yourself get to know whose market it's great through you're on this webinar today but you can start looking to trade these and of course capitalize on those by the metatrader5 platform being provided at binary com so my opinion is that we're moving here from innovation stage to early adoption but we're still very much at the start of the curve still and there's a big opportunity for you in this market so with that let's just get right over to it I'm going to take you over to Bitcoin first we'll just go through a screen share with you here you should be able to see that very shortly as I bring up my chart so we've just spiked higher here on Bitcoin just checked you can see that okay and you can also hear me okay as well yeah fantastic great stuff thanks that Charice okay good so literally well I just put that into what are we on now 15 some 515 let's put that into the 30 minute jar we've just seen this breakout literally just now big spike up obviously some profit-taking happening around that level at the moment as well in fact some very fast profit taking I should have let's have a look at that so we're just broken out above 9,000 dollars obviously traders are just getting filled some are getting stopped out at their position to get such a big push higher back at 8700 at the moment so let's talk about this and what we're forecasting really over the next few days I was anticipating to be discussing with you that we were forecasting $9,000 to get hit between now and essentially the weekend but seeing as we got we hit that level just beforehand you need to just bear in mind where we are at the moment so basically Bitcoin right now we continue to see this overall upward trend I've actually got a range this week of 8,500 up towards $9,300 as we go into next week you can definitely see the volatility on this as well as we get to these high levels we've just moved about 500 points in the space of about 15 minutes so anyone following in and getting right in the highs there is basically getting popped out of their trade at the moment if they're trading that on leverage but ideally you would have want to have $9,000 as your profit target on the long side there so this is going to be quite interesting to see how we close later on in the session today likely Laura profit-taking occurring at that $9,000 level so let me actually talk you through what we're looking at percentage-wise so far in the month of May so Bitcoin is now up 60 while 64% over this month you're going to get some volatility here let's just drop it down into a lower timeframe here we've actually come back into a sweet spot where you might see buyers coming back in around $8,500 who missed out on that move you can see it's going to be quite volatile at these levels we've had a very large run-up here after we really broke out back towards beginning of April when we broke about $4,000 Bitcoin has since doubled in price in over two months here we tracked this week to week we provide ranges as well for our members of the gold and silver Club and basically the upper end of the range they were looking at between now and the end of next week is $9,300 and that was when the price was even earlier on this week around eight thousand six hundred dollars we're looking for that range I'm looking at support to come in at $8,500 resistance at nine thousand three hundred so that's what we're looking at and that's a very tradable range on Bitcoin in fact you might want to look at that for potential orders to get field around this level where we are at the moment aetherium hit our targets for the week as well we're at the beginning of the week we were talking $280 we've broken out to that level aetherium is up 72 percent so far in 2019 what we mentioned previously and we got quite a few questions on this is the fact that earlier on in the month of May and also April Bitcoin was rallying it was leading it was dominating in terms of market capitalization and we weren't really seeing too much movement at that point the theorem like coin ripple put a lot of the alt coins as well what you tend to see is Bitcoin will lead and then once it's had at exponential growth a lot of traders will take their profits off the table on our major exchanges they'll move those profits they'll try to leapfrog then into another cryptocurrency that hasn't bloomed yet and is undervalued so if you can imagine if you time this right you would get most of the upside here on Bitcoin over at the month of April and May maybe you'd look to like start cashing out around that eight thousand to eight thousand five hundred US dollar level for Bitcoin and then ripple was a market that hadn't moved up until about two weeks ago in fact we were in ripple between that 28 to 30 cents own and capitalizing that big breakout to the upside there and what you would have done for example if you had taken some profits at the table of Bitcoin you looked at trade into a market a crypto within the top ten that hasn't moved yet and you put that into ripple and then ripple has an exponential gain to the upside so you then capitalize on that bank profits then you leapfrog into another market that hasn't moved yet for example you might look at a theorem or you might look at lightly coin like one I mean really got going about a week and a half ago before then it was trading at $86 and now it's trading back at 115 114 81 and it's trading around the 56 percent up so far for this month and that's what you tend to see happen quite a lot within the cryptocurrency space is that one like Bitcoin for example will lead the move as we saw in 2017 where it breakout to $20,000 and then you see profits get taken off the table and most major exchanges allow you to very quickly just move your profits from Bitcoin into another all coin or another like light coin a theory and ripple and so forth you'll see profit shift so when they a sell off like this often Bitcoin the profits will be moved into other cryptocurrency so it doesn't follow soo that if ripple we're seeing a bit of a pullback in the moment excuse me Bitcoin seeing a pullback you won't necessarily see that be happening in other cryptos Bitcoin cash is another big move as well up 70% so far this month in fact if you look at the lows here which were going back to the 15th of December we hit $80 and then to rally all the way back up just shy of $500 it's a 500% move for Bitcoin cash in six months which is quite incredible the return that you know you could be looking at this on leverage or even from a physical point of view buying crypto currencies that's quite a large return you don't get five hundred percent return in many other places within six months at the moment so this is really this whole space within crypto currencies it's interesting where we are at right now because a lot of analysts and a lot of traders investors out there they wrote the crypto currencies off and of course not binary calm you've they've been expanding their offering been providing you with leverage so you can trade these and metatrader5 they've been investing so that you can actually trade utilizing cryptocurrencies on the platform you've got payment gateways so that you can unload Bitcoin aetherium like wine and so forth do transactions in those crypto currencies so the smart brokers out there like for example binary comm in particular have really invested in this space and realized where the cryptocurrencies are going in the future they've made them available to trade for you you can trade them in a meta trader fire platform you can also deposit utilizing crypto this space is not going away you've why would the biggest firms out I don't think I need to convince you guys it's not a point to try and convince you but just for those out there who you might have heard like friends family others just say are crypto is a scam and so forth it's certainly not if you see that the likes of Facebook there's a billion billion dollar over two billion users is going to be onboarding a global coin JP Morgan is now got their own stable coin the whole space is developing at exponential rate so it's definitely good and wise for you guys to educate yourselves on this it's only going to develop now as an asset class is still very much in its infancy stages the faster that you learn about this market the better obviously don't FOMO in and buy right at the highs be intelligent teach yourself will learn how to drive it if you want to learn more about how to trade the markets join us at the gold and silver club become a member and that's where we can certainly assist you in your training and your development and as a trader so I think we'll leave it there for the time being guys a lot of information as a short period of time this video will be up on the binary comm YouTube channel first but hopefully that gives you some real basic foundations where we are at at the moment what the cryptocurrencies are the ones that you need to know about why they're going up a lot at the moment some of the fundamental drivers we've looked at seasonality we've also looked at what we can expect as we go in the next years we get closer to the Bitcoin having in May of 2020 and we've just broken nine thousand dollars with Bitcoin today as I mentioned we provide these ranges with our clients at the gold and silver Club on a week-to-week basis so if you want to learn more about these markets you are very welcome to join us and the link to actually do so is as follows in his WWE join the live trading room at calm that is the link to make an application to join us at the golden silver that link is below all of our YouTube videos as well and with that you get access to live trade alerts mentorship expert advice in-depth market analysis you get exclusive invites to our live trading room webinars real-time trade routes real-time market research and market insights not market research excuse me real-time research and market insights you get access to our private members Academy membership site and access to support and one-to-one mentoring so again here's the link for you guys www in the live trading room calm and as I mentioned at the start don't forget to subscribe to us on youtube so you get all of the latest reports we'll put out a fresh report this weekend as well ok great stuff so thanks again to Cherise and the team at Barney comm for hosting today's session we'll catch you back here tomorrow for commodities corner as well at 4 o'clock London time so I wish you all good trading enjoy the rest of your day and all the best for now ok thanks guys and bye for now

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