10 thoughts on “How To Trade Crypto Volume”

  1. Excellent video sir! any video that shows trading using price action?
    Do you have a trading channel to follow?

  2. Is the colour of the volume important in this, or is it just the height of the bars. My guess is that, since the colour of the volume just represents the colour of the candle, it doesn't really matter. Also, isn't difficult to judge if a volume spike means more selling or buying as volume is just total trade (buying and selling), so you can really discern between the two. If there was a large spike in volume during an uptrend, couldn't that be more buyers and therefore the uptrend gets even stronger?

  3. and i also have a question on the first example(spikes after long up or down trend. On a downtrend, do i read the first spike that is the opposite way or a big spike that is going the same way?

  4. hello so when i use this tactic to trade, am i using the hourly time frame or the 15 minute time frame?

  5. I have watched too many channels but your Channel is one of the most informative as far as learning how to utilize the crypto graphs I am a newbie at cryptocurrency so explanation of these graphs is key to learning how to judge the market thank you so much and please keep the videos coming

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