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good so let's talk a little bit about the Kryptos and we'll get this party moving so you know one of the things that we've been training quite a bit of recent is this Bitcoin cache which has actually been really really an interesting play because you know it's sat around for I don't even know months and months and months and months let me see if I can pull this fucking char here holo so set around for literally months in that $300 kind of range I'm gonna bring up a chart here in a hot second there we go know what's going on there we go so you can see like we've been trading this thing really since first buys are in the 400 then we really shredded a huge trade in the six country we're back in this thing you can see this thing's really big potentially the new Bitcoin and nobody really knows when I will say something is this thing is more fun to trade in bitcoins it's recently the last few months but recently the Rings has gotten into such a point that there is just so much trading action going you know $15 it is that's all you can ask for you know is it funded training it's easier to get in and out that even Bitcoin it I could trade this on bit tracks and you know you can't trade this on gee tax or some of the other platforms I trade this up good traction it's been just a monster shudder you know we took this thing you know we come two weeks ago you know on that 600 break and it was I mean it was the trade of trades you know I actually had a fucking wedding so I had to actually bail and sell this early because my body is my best friend's wedding he was just blowing me up saying like dude it's my wedding you can't bring a laptop everywhere and before you know it me I had to close out my trade me to see an hour in the chat room in our crypto chat room you know we were a great group of people by the way but in the crypto chatroom and we start playing this in the four hundreds but then the alert was right here at 6:43 so one of the things about trading guys today now what you're really gonna have is how do you align on multiple timeframes there was an awesome 1,400 I was yes a nobody gives a shit what you think now I'm just playing man but seriously nobody cares about the quality of sound this is the city France you know we're traitors here we don't have Mike's running around okay Mike in my purse so that's the way this is a bad boy go so now that this thing ran to 2,500 what's happening here is a digestion period so it went parabolic it came down to its Emmys and starting to bounce your guess what happens you started to consolidate in this really nice tight range right above the 90 ma so what you can see here this is called range compression guys when you see a range that like just sits around for a while it's called range compression a reach compression can actually be very very very powerful if you can tie them correctly so this range compression is telling me actually that we may see another run in this really soon as long as it can kind of come here if it takes out this previous eye this candle right here that's it about thirteen seventy eight thirteen eighty I think that you know we're gonna be off to the races will it get to 2500 I doubt it I mean that take you know really some work we could see 1500 1600 1700 really really really really quickly so we're actually in distinct again you know we added this thing back in the morning we're in this thing again I think that this thing has got a little bit of chance here you can see like it's hard to catch these on the first notice is usually a little bit hard but you know once they come back hold a level ending you know you've got a much lower risky entry as long as you can just time it correctly you know what I usually like to do is I like to see where it's gonna pull back and then you know you usually will draw a trendline just so you got kind of an area to hold it and then go you know my original hat on this was like here and I ended up getting sucked out as a broke under the view app but when it held it remounted essentially the commissions on the bit tracks I mean when you trade a bit tricks and you see the Commission's you feel like calling your fucking senator you know to complain really really is a huge piece of shit because they'll charge you like 25 bucks for 10,000 by essentially 25% of the is 0.25 percent of the whatever you would call it you're kind of you know you're gonna get really some pricey Commission's you know so I'd be careful so one of the things that I do is you know I do my bigger so I did the big three which is your a cerium litecoin and Bitcoin I trade those straight at I shit man this is not pull back for me I do these I do the big 3 D and G – so I can see them Commission's because gene X if you do those market orders you know you're gonna pay a lot but if you do limit orders and add liquidity on G – you can really really get some nice moves this etherium looks hot to try hold on one sec well you can see right here's like your sweet spot I wouldn't chase this thing up right here but if you start to see it pull back tonight 368 370 zone when this thing takes up this zone here I mean I think we get 400 you can see here this trend line has been holding and as the range gets tighter right you know high range if you start to compress when you start to compress that's when you can you see the wide range got tighter and tighter and tighter and now we're making the rutted I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing hit the fours relatively soon we this swing entry in this thing the other day and then 3:30 range and I end up selling it out in three stick sees the less of it I think I got a reactor this thing it's looking to try so intraday what you need to see on this is just let this thing come back a little bit like I don't like chasing these things up especially in theory because he chases for five it ends up getting just shy Mackel the ripple news that American Express I don't think you probably means anything it's just a fancy headline if anything this is the one that we really should have been trading though I had this thing at fucking $100 just fucking XMR okay one of the why these things are not linked linked symbol to all charge yeah what the fuck are there check this thing out here then that V web tab you see that nice trend in the V web tab when you get a big thrust in the V web tap and hold you get really really nice Porsches holy crap and that's that's the that's the move man I had this thing on this breakout right here I sold this thing way too early thanks ed yeah look at that thing just shred so you know what we'll see it the LTC looks ok let me pull up the chart here what the fuck it's trading views act a little shady today yeah LTC looks alright it doesn't look as good as aetherium but it looks as long as it holds above the 9 it's kind of just grinding along I mean I don't see anything like so explosive but it's definitely starting the trend I mean this day this is the stuff that shook us all out it shook me out at ETA it was good to go I've never heard of power before familiar what's taker mercy man however what's the pair I'm using is this is thought trading you it's pretty good you know you can do a lot on it it's got a lot of features and you can like means around the backgrounds and you know you can change around the team so you know whatever you want and change around the collars and all that fun stuff I like to be something at the computer a lot kind of like to keep in tarkir seem it's just easier on my eyes hey master what do you think that net neutrality news I have not heard any net neutrality news actually even though what that means of news about besides TMZ well you didn't read about that congressman said he had those dick pics to people now that shit was funny well about the net neutrality stuff I'm not really that hip into some of that stuff poor Leger yeah it did have a nice run but now like I don't know this one is a little bit more dicey because you know it kind of popped up and it's faded back and now it's it's trending but I wouldn't I don't know if this had a pattern yet cuz it just opened so I guess beyond you see having some momentum you know I don't know I don't really have any other thoughts on this one yet beyond just keep it on your watch list it looks like it really has it's a nice mover for sure it even seems like it's liquid enough yeah I think aetherium is gonna be the plague a cerium and BCC these are the place for the coming wave look at that bad boy we just gotta let this thing settle and this is gonna be um I don't have an accountant tool and I've never actually heard of I use daily and 15-minute confirmations for I use daily 15-minute confirmations for kryptos I use five minute charts for I use 5-minute charts for stops I don't have as much volume so you know you kind of need longer term you know what a night does anybody have an alanda account I've never actually heard of anybody trained there I think it's more of a futures brokers as if Forex trade gee my thing is just G – I like G Dax and like big tricks but I don't use any of the forex brokers how do you get rid of this thing else full screen for a second I may know how to get it to say back to full screen mothafucka other cool yeah trading for some reason you know the fills are always a little wanking people make money on the spread you can always see some weird shit going on and for us this is your spot folks let it come back ideally we just come back tap the nine and then you gotta go yeah some of the other ones so like this – looks decent but it already took off he see it's up about a hundred points today I know what the deal is with this thing today – – – yeah – is a good mover it lacks a little bit of volume but you can see like it has that real nice real nice char and Trender if you see today like you had that nice move pull back to the V whap and now you're ready to go dude I would totally come to Norway I would totally come to Norway so I think the plays are gonna be you know we've got a little bit late it's gonna be ETH UCC for this coming week I think the BCC could be even really ready now I mean 12 90s 94 is my average yes I let this thing pop up and I wait for a green candle the whole so now as this thing starts to settle it'll look good it really needs to get over this 1315 you'll be able to really really you might get 1500 relatively soon you I don't know what fuck is going over our piece o XM peas weird cuz it's just kind of sitting around in this range like it's just not a good trade you know trade it for a while so I probably leave this one just alone for now because it's just not a good trader that's gonna be the place for this coming week I don't eat th first BCC second those are gonna be the hot ones this Thanksgiving barking at me I gotta take her to the movies but I will see everybody sweet sweet erm place ETH LTC I'm not in any Bitcoin anymore I've sold out of it won't pull back you know the smaller ones I do like to strap you know I've had some good success with the list LSK and Stratos Kuwait the list really moves well let me get a chart for you guys hold on here the list was really well you so you see this thing just came recently out of range here and had a breakout here in from 4 to 1250 so it's having a little volatility right now it was really well for an altcoin so when you see these kind of basing patterns where you get the range consolidate like that they can be really powerful on some of these little all coins you know just because it's an alt doesn't mean it has to be a penny I kind of like the ones that are two three dollars the most we're supposed to go see a Thor movies you know what BT seen does not look like you've done running you know beyond I keep a couple foreign pairs trading I haven't been really holding any for actual trade it does not look like it's done

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