37 thoughts on “How to tax cryptocurrency in India? | Crypto Pe Charcha #2 (Hindi) | Blockchain Lawyer”

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    Read Varun’s guide to crypto taxation: https://link.medium.com/lQ80HAjDrV

  2. Btc withdrawal kiya 14 hrs hogaaye h abhi tk btc show nhi ho rha receiver k wallet m..ab wo mujhse refund maang rha h …
    Please solve my problem now..
    My transaction id..


  3. have a question regarding taxation.

    Q. Suppose:

    I buy some USDT from Wazirx (at INR 70.00 for Quantity of 1000 USDT)and then convert them to BTC at the rate of $4000 (USDT), I end up spending about INR 70,000 + 0.1% (maker Fee) = INR 70070 for 1/4th of a BTC. Now I sell the same BTC at the rate of 4040 (USDT) for a BTC. Now the value of BTC being sold is still the same but as I made a profit of about $9.75 (approx after deducting the taker fee) for USDT conversion, and then again I sell the USDT to INR (p2p) at the rate of INR 70.20. so in this sense I made a rough profit of about INR 685 on the single trade.

    Problem :
    In order to buy from P2P, I need to buy USDT from other peers, and for that Bank Transfers has to be made.
    & Vice Versa for selling.
    Problem is to show the expenditure and earning in a niche to the government. Please help with the justification of these transactions in my bank account.

    No CA in my area is good enough to answer this question, I expect you to answer it as its a daily bread for you all.

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  5. sir aap account block kyu krte ho?? and sab detail dene pe bhe open nhi kr rahe esey kre ge to kese chle ge india mai????

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