How To Start Trading Bitcoin and Making a Living Tutorial

hey it's Wael with crypto fight today I'm gonna show you guys how to use bit tricks how you can start reading some cryptocurrency and start making some crazy money okay so first of all shout out to appeal from Birmingham for requesting this video we're gonna dive right into this I this is the crypto currency exchange that I use every day but Rex here's the total I use it because I think that most of the volume is here you can see the volume down here the Darin volume and the current price also they have a lot of coins I've recently done some pretty good pumps so I'm all here let's go to the wallets if you haven't signed up I'll put the website in the description pull up below and you can sign up if you have signed up you can deposit some Bitcoin by plus back click the blue plus sign right here you've generate an address you can send it or scan and send your funds right away if you have anything else like aetherium litecoin you can just search it and you can send any other currency here so it's pretty easy to load up the account I have another video of how to buy Bitcoin if you don't have any Bitcoin and you want to get started you can go there and watch it then you can come here and load up the account so once again you just click the plus sign if you want to load up if you want to load up your account if you want to send some Bitcoin litecoin make sure when you're sending cryptocurrency you send like Konomi to the litecoin wallet and bitcoin over to your bitcoin wallet or you will lose it so nobody likes losing money so just make sure you double check that's basically after you've funded your account we can go shopping so this is a front page this is you know the market you can see coins training against bitcoin aetherium in the USD t market so the front page you have your volume your percentage last price the low and the high price and your spread so this is what the coins this is all 24 hours so this is up 16% 46% down 17 up 21 up 65% 140 seven which is crazy just in one day so crypto market is definitely very profitable it's very volatile but if you could you know get on the good trades and minimize your risks and so it's a really great business to get in you know you can start making some really good money so basically that said I like to look at the coins that are you know have the highest volume so this is 24,000 coins bitcoins actually trading in and out of ripple in 20 min into 24 hours which is crazy and you can look or you can look at which coins are performing the worst in the day or the best of the day this going I've had my eye on xlm it I think it follows ripple and it's pretty cheap right now in my eyes so now we're on there buy and sell page so this is the chart you can analyze it you can look at it in different time frames 30 minutes one day one week so basically one day is just one of these we call them candle wicks so a green one would basically be opening here and close the open price would be here and the close price would be here so it sits in positive and the red one would be opening in the positive and closing and negative so it's a red candlestick so base a one month three days so basically every candle represents three days or three days three days three days and then the next videos would be around here I think 485 is a great price you can also use these tools these indicator tools to help you determine if if it's a good price to enter where to sell where to get in I'll have videos on how to use these tools or you can research on YouTube as well so like I said I think this is a good price we come down here to buy this is how much bigger and a half 0.1 which is around 450 u.s. so let's just enter that in and 486 the lowest price was 463 let's try and put a buy order for 474 70 so point one zero seven seven seven will get me twenty two thousand eight hundred and seventy four coins buying at at point zero zero zero four seven zero of a Bitcoin and we'll put that by order in right now so once again you put your total Bitcoin that you want to buy with here you put the buy price this is point zero zero zero four eight six of a Bitcoin or 486 Satoshi's and you'll just put that there and it'll give you the total amount of coins if if you want to put a cheaper price than what it's going at right now you can and then it'll just open up an order here and as soon as it hits that price it will automatically buy if it just keeps going higher than you know you've messed out and you can try again so I've put a buy order right there for the full amount and I'll basically wait for that if you come here it's the same thing it'll show you how much X I'll let you have which we have at the time at the moment maybe I'll just buy it at the rate so I can show you guys so I'll cancel that and we'll buy it at 488 488 with all the Bitcoin we have you buy know what's that before a deceptive okay so we don't buy it automatically there's a lot of volume in this coin so the water is getting filled up right now as you can see the coins are filling up right here okay so let's just say you know I bought these coins and you wanted to set a stop loss so if you wanted to step away from the computer just in case it just dropping so much you wanted to you know minimize your losses you can come here and you can put a conditional stop-loss so let's say you wanted to sell five thousand nine hundred and fifty one coins out of ten percent stop-loss let's just say or 4d I'll take that no 440 so this right here is a trigger price basically so sell when this hits 450 SATs trigger it to sell for 440 so you can you know basically you know save yourself from losing a lot of money by putting a stop loss so let's do that oh I gotta go les they're equal then so when it hits 450 sad sell for 440 ad market price from 450 to 440 you can set your sell prices at a lot less than your your then your trigger price and it will sell at market so confirm and there you go so now we have those coins in a and on a stoploss so you can basically minimize your risk by putting up a stop loss and you know if you're not around the computer to sell when you want to sell you can do that and if you want to put a stop order for a higher and you know closed on profits that's possible as well so basically you know you know how to buy now you know this sell now I showed you how to put a stop loss it's basically the basics you can come here and you can see what you have I see we have some xlm we have a little bit of BTC and some BCC you can come and see your order see that's basically the basics of matrix if you have any other questions let me know I'm going to be going into more detail of metrics and indicators as well so just follow join our discord we can have a lot of crypto talks we're gonna have a lot of traded calls as well and hopefully everybody can get rich thanks for watching today

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