How to START Cryptocurrency Investing for Beginners in 2019 (Startegies AND Tips)

how to start cryptocurrency investing in 2019 so let's my knowing hello gays big truth here today we're going to talk about how to actually start investing in cryptocurrencies and how to actually you know start your own cryptocurrency journey okay with Bitcoin along with the other cryptocurrencies today we're going to teach you all about tips and tricks how to start out the methods and everything you need to know in this short video so what's torque so the first thing you need to know about cryptocurrency investing is that you need to choose a device now this is going to be a bit funny because some people actually don't have a laptop I don't know how I'll live I'll have a life without a laptop or a desktop computer so actually I use desktop right now so for example if you're using a phone I'm going to show you the methods right now and for desktop computers so everyone will be happy so firstly with phones you don't have a lot of variety and you have a lot of limitations and it's not secure anyways so in terms of security we're lacking behind now there are two applications that you know I think there are the only ones in terms of investing and you know Robin Hood you have one you have the other one coinbase now coinbase is only pro cryptocurrencies or Robin Hood is only for stocks and cryptocurrencies but the problem with these ones okay that Robin Hood is only in the u.s. coinbase is in the u.s. along with about 30 countries and most of these countries do not allow allow like any deposits of fiat currencies so you cannot send your euro for example from you know whatever country out there for example France okay you cannot send you know some money via wire transfer or credit card KQ by cryptocurrencies but you can withdraw cryptocurrencies so different countries different regulations and some time point base sometimes coinbase actually adds on other countries sometimes you know they don't so it really depends on both required FK wise you know your customer regulation now regulation is one of the most important things and one of the most things that really determines in the cryptocurrency community because some people do not want to actually show their identity in any way shape or form or download passports or any confidential information so kyc is really tough on phones but on desktop you have really a lot of you know free ways to actually do stuff so Robinhood also doesn't allow you to send cryptocurrencies outside their exchange now yes okay they have free trading fees you know you can actually make money that's only in the US but you cannot really take that cryptocurrency for example Bitcoin and deposit it on coinbase or any other platform so you're really stuck on robhinhood and if you're using going beso Robinhood your have to submit like you know tax formats and it's really complicated if you're in the US tax forms can be a bit complicated submitting them to the IRS okay and sometimes they can actually be abusive by these exchanges sometimes they actually will ban you from the exchange for some unknown reasons so we had a lot of people that contact us in the cryptocurrency community talking about tax forms and how they really affected them in terms of investing and freed them off withdrawing their money and sometimes it's not like submitting your tax forms for example when you're having submit tax income okay you know these exchanges can actually abuse power and do problems but the problem but the good thing about these exchanges somewhat is that they're secure and they're regulated terms off you know from the government okay the US government and other governments hopefully but they have a lot of fees so in terms of that you are limited on phones and of course the other way around when you're using PC on laptop you are not limited to those you can use them okay you can use coinbase and Robin Hood but I have made a video not too long ago about how to buy Bitcoin anonymously for people who do not like kyc and also non kyc ways and also non anonymous ways so there's a lot of ways and on computer you have much more freedom much more options in much more ways now as you can see here on coinbase you buy via credit card or you know Bank K wire transfers and you buy Bitcoin and everything is you know easy okay and after you buy the Bitcoin what you do okay is actual long procedure so if you can keep focused would be really good so wherever you bought your Bitcoin okay whether through a discord group or anything okay from anyone or peer-to-peer can you buy that Bitcoin you send it you have two ways to sending it you can send it to a desktop wallet okay like Exodus and Jack's now I suggest Exodus because in terms of investing Exodus has been the longest I think longer than Jack's and they are much more secure and much more people are using K Exodus so I would suggest Exodus and there is a billion other options so it's all open or you can send it to another exchange like bindings now of course the US investors K cannot actually access bindings because it has been banned but of course ok there's other exchanges like it to BTC I'm using currently so you have a couple options so what you're doing okay you're sending the bitcoins that you bought to actually a desktop wallet and you keep it in there for a short amount of time but desktop wallets and exchanges are no way safe now I made the best Bitcoin wallets k to use in 2019 I made that video can you can watch on the card above right here on the right so you can actually see what's the best for you now the best wallet okay in terms of using is ones that are hardware wallets ones that are you know offline so one of these options can fall under the legend nos okay of course none of these wallets are secure but there's better options than others now okay you bought that Bitcoin you either send it to other exchanges and by altcoins or other cryptocurrencies to diversify or send your only Bitcoin if you're a Bitcoin maximalist to one of these you know desktop wallets and you can sit right there now there are other ways actually doing with cryptocurrencies there are some people that will tell you what other coins do I buy okay I you know I bought some Bitcoin I sent it to another crypto to crypto exchange like finance or little bit see COO coin you have a ton of these okay so what do you buy so now here I am on coin market cap it's one of the websites that shows you you know all the cryptocurrencies nearly okay listed and they show you all the you know details information for beginners okay and traders professionals anyways you can see right here these are the top 20 cryptocurrencies excluding two cryptocurrencies this are the top 18 so these are cryptocurrencies with larger market cap with more backing with more exchanges listings more volume more market cap so all that stuff so I suggest as a starter you stick to those cryptocurrencies or even the top ten even securing even more so you can actually be more safer more you know putting yourself in a position where it's harder to actually lose money you know with cryptocurrencies K on the side and actually diversifying other than only Bitcoin because at any moment here iam could go to $300 for any other reason okay there's a lot of factors so I'm going to also talk about them now the other thing I want to talk about K is the scammers now matter how many K websites you go or types or ventures or stock market or cryptocurrencies there's always going to be that sector worth you know you have all these scammers so there will be groups online do not join them okay certain groups that are for trading pumps and dumps any of these keywords on you know giving right now be worried or you will be DM to buy people okay who are weird scammers coming out of nowhere they will show you oh I made some one thousand three hundred forty nine dollars on this trade Wow as if that exists and it's all you know fake and they edit it out so they can actually scam you by taking your money trying to teach you or show you something that doesn't exist and you know you cannot get a refund on that money so be worried about these sectors you can join our discord server we do not talk about trading okay and these types of practices women were like talk about mining okay and we more talk about you know helping people k in terms of getting into cryptocurrencies for example your entering into cryptocurrencies you bought for example such-and-such maybe you want to buy another cryptocurrency anonymously maybe you want to actually ask about mining Griggs we all do that on our escort server so we will have a link down the description now the next thing what you need to do is actually what to do so you have bought the cryptocurrencies okay you have bought Bitcoin you have actually diversified to other cryptocurrencies so now I'll show you about four strategies that you could use these are really simple everyone knows them so no problems no no hard feelings so the first one is selling by target price so for example let's say you have some etherium okay and etherium went to $300 okay you want to sell okay at a certain price for example you bought at $160 and your price target to sell that at $200 no matter how much time it takes even a year two years okay depending on your investment options and depending on your f2b strategy okay you sell at that price target at two hundred dollars okay there's another method another than the whole price target thing now this method is the least favorable method I would use but of course options are open and this is selling by date for example selling on August the 1st or selling by September the 1st 2019 so you're selling on a date you bought for example in July some Bitcoin you want to sell on another month now of course what's the drawbacks for example let's say you bought cryptocurrencies at $10,000 K per Bitcoin and then it went down to $9,000 well it's going to automatically sell and you're going to lose $1,000 that's not the best strategy so stay away from this now the next strategy is actually what I really use this is one of the best of the best ways and it is trading by fundamentals okay you buy cryptocurrencies you actually go and you know for for example let's say a piece of news comes out in exchange listing of certain cryptocurrency comes out your cryptocurrency that you bought and diversified into is going to increase in value because you know there's a certain piece of news a break through an acquisition something like that for example right here as you can see down here okay I'm selling based on price target I'm not selling based on dates or fundamentals this is one of the cryptocurrencies for example you would buy it okay in terms of prices for example it has gone down by 15% and it's one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and you would get into okay and of course before you get into you want to know why it has gone down why is it going down sometimes there would be a reason sometimes rarely there would be no reason can maybe a whale dropped on the market so as you can see price target to 307 satoshis I sold that that price targets actually partially filled so have to wait a couple hours from now to actually get it fully sold now the next strategy this is the worst strategy that you will ever see and it is a pseudoscience and it doesn't practically exist it's just a psychological factor it's called technical analysis now of course you might have saw it somewhere somewhere on the news on a magazine on any piece of paper newspaper or anything okay and this is like technical analysis where they're showing you a couple patterns okay off the price target for example right here they have like technical analysis they would take you know couple lines that will do like an upward channel trends and then they would like post it online and showing you you know the results you know for example Bitcoin will go to $20,000 and then it doesn't go to $20,000 it goes to 9,500 and basically everyone lost basically you know depending on these technical analysis charts these are one of the worst ways you can actual trade cryptocurrencies now I use them okay every once in a while okay just to actually you know sometimes you don't have really much offer you know acquisitions in terms fundamentals because sometimes you know news do not come out sometimes you have news that come out that really vague and do not do anything so you're going to do everything in your power to actually use technical analysis it's not my way but of course some people would use different stuff so it's the least favorable option it's even worse than selling by day so that's one of the things so if I want to give any beginner tips any anything that could help you okay in terms of you know buying cryptocurrencies training cryptocurrencies mining cryptocurrencies I've been the cryptocurrency market for three years and 2020 will be actually the fourth year so it's really actually a really happy you know ride to be in cryptocurrency space now for beginner tips I wish I actually adopted these because it would be less losses that I have incurred over the years so it actually will help you now there are two books I recommend the Bitcoin standard okay the decentralized open an alternative to central banking this is a really good book it will actually teach you about we read the fundamentals of Bitcoin and really the base you need to build a base around investing cryptocurrencies wine cryptocurrencies 20 cryptocurrencies you need to understand you need to build a base and then you build whatever you want on top of it and another book by Andreas Antonopoulos okay one of the best books the internet of money will teach you literally from tip to toe okay whatever that means okay about Bitcoin and digital currencies which is really interesting so these are one of the two best books and the reason why you need to read books in the cryptocurrency space and I'm not talking about stock market because that's a different market different people different conditions different factors okay the reason why you need to read books is to actually expand your comfort zone expand your knowledge expand your base because if you're trying to build anything without the base everything will fall if you do not know why Bitcoin exists why Bitcoin basically you know how it works or blockchain technology you will not you know trade anything you will be basically clueless and you know reading those books you know adopting these strategies actually give you a leg up on most investors that are coming in so it will really help you the next thing is the actual stick to the top 20k in the first 30 60 days ok off your investing journey I suggest to stick to these top 20 cryptocurrencies when you start learning more watching more videos after reading more articles reading more books you will actual start to understand other cryptocurrencies you will start understand the fundamentals start to understand how everything works the regulation the factor is everything so after that ok I do not suggest as a beginner the first you know three months of your journey to engage in trading key trading is one of the worse strategies for beginners I see a lot of beginners trying to start trading out of scratch now I've made a video it's literally basic ok about how to make $100 a day trading you know it's not really guaranteed because it's a beginner's guide and it's using technical analysis one of my least favorable ways but a lot of people pressuring me to do videos on these types of you know ways so I have to have to make a video for those people those sectors that really want to learn touch start as beginners but as a beginner I suggest like totally to forget trading okay just invest if the price increases to a price target you can sell and you can actually understand how you're actually buying and selling you can understand what exchanges to use what not to use okay online scams that will try to scam you and you stay away from them and the last tip that I did not really put a photo of is actually do not go anywhere near Bitcoin or cryptocurrency gambling that's the worst way to actually start your cryptocurrency journey I see a lot of people going on these websites dropping $1,000 then telling me why did I lose that money who you know I was just trying you know they're saying that you can win $10,000 isn't that Bitcoin so Bitcoin is not about gambling bitcoin is the asset is the cryptocurrency okay is the digital currency but of course some people are using it for other forms and just like the US dollar you can go and gamble your dollars and Las Vegas or something so depends aren't really your strategies I suggest as beginner tips to adopt those and actually stick to those after that so thank you guys watching this video for a bit truth and I hope you enjoyed the whole video process and more than that guys if you have any questions or inquiries join our discord server link down the description to actually learn about everything so thank you guys for watching and see you guys on the next video

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