31 thoughts on “How To Start Crypto Trading In Poloniex ll How To Buy And Sell ll How To Deposit Or Withdrawal Hindi”

  1. I do not recommend I started trading. I realized that the platform is very old and it always slows down. constant lags and bugs. I wanted to withdraw money. It lasted 12 days !!!

  2. I'm definitely do not suggest buy or sell crypto on poloniex. They randomly block account and than ignore you.

  3. Many things change, but not fucking Poloniex! Everytime users are facing seriuous problems with withdrawals!

  4. I cant get an access to my account, what is fucking wrong with Poloniex dudes? Why you cannot work normally?!

  5. thats what we call Poloniex style, they made a terrible app and never improve it, ofc they dont think about clients its not what matters to them

  6. poloniex is an exchange where I traded but due to their very long delays in processing withdrawals I decided to change the trading platform. bad service…

  7. Best way to start with Polo – don't start. They attack accounts of own customers and stealing coin.

  8. Poloniex? If you really want to lose all the income you have, yes, but if toy want to earn anything, don't even think of 'em

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