How to spot when a Cryptocurrency is about to SOAR?

welcome to day 39 of the savage cash podcast here with me Superman your cryptocurrency podcaster now look at what is happening on the market we have got NXT which I call doubt we have got bitshares which I call doubt aetherium which I call doubt all are still doing really well strattice which I invested it doing well steam which I invested it doing well didja bite is on the way up as well didja bite actually went down majorly overnight and now it is on the way back up so what we're going to go through in this particular podcast is we are going to go through a little bit of technical analysis so that we can have a look and see what the potential movement is of a coin okay because you know NXT bitshares they're doing so super well and I called a week ago and now look at them they are rising high they are thriving okay so what we're gonna look at is how do we detect what's going to happen with a coin and for this I am going to use this tool here which is called coinage II and coil energy essentially allows you to analyze coins okay house you to analyze the movements of points analyzes the trends of coins so there's so much you can do with coinage II but what I'm going to show you is just one side of what you can do today all right now if we have a look at Polonia X this morning this was a completely different look okay actually over the course of the last couple of days there has been mostly red mostly red covering most of the coins okay except for a certain few NXT in bitshares have remained strong Stratus has gotten stronger steam is kind of up there okay so you know we are witnessing the start potentially of a bull market now have you heard of what a bear market is and what a bull market is now if you are honest I suppose experienced in trading at all whether it's you know stock market forex trading or cryptocurrency trading a bear market is when the market is going down and essentially the market is losing more value than gaining value and a bull market is the opposite a bull market is when the prices are going up and the market is rising in general okay so the way to remember this is how they attack okay so Bulls kind of attack like that if you can imagine so if you think of the downward motion as the downward pricing and then if you look at a bull so a bull when they're bull fighting they can't do that with their horns at her like that that's bull market going up okay feel I may have made myself look a bit stupid there anyway so let's go back to you energy okay so what I want to do is just give you some examples of how to potentially spot the movement of a coin now this isn't foolproof this isn't foolproof because if this was foolproof then we would always be making money as people who do technical analysis okay we always make money you don't have to be right all the time you just have to be right most of the time okay so let me show you this graph here so essentially what we're looking at is we are looking at the movement of NXT right now okay this is the movement of price over time this is over three days okay what we've got down here is we've got the moving average of trades on this particular coin okay so what I want to do is I just want to let you know when you can kind of spot a bull market and when you can spot a bareback okay so let me just get this um I suppose pen and draw it okay so this is what a bear market looks like when you have a spot the I suppose patterns evolving in a moving average so this is a moving average so if you can spot an M above the line that means that the price is about to tank and if you spot a W below the line that means that the price about to rise so M equals bear and W equals bull okay that's the way to remember M equals bear and W equals o okay so look at what we've got here so we have got upwards motion upwards motion you can see that there's a W here and a W here because you can see that's badly drawn hold on get rid of that so that that there you see it you can use this to predict the rise in the movement okay so that there's the W bag okay so this is the moving average okay now let's have a look at when this was in the negative okay so we've got right here we've gone M okay and then from there it went down okay so you can see that happening okay again here above the line we've gone m and then all of a sudden it went down okay and then there was a W right there and it went up okay now if we translate that back nail to Polonius we have got a very similar thing down here okay we can't necessarily see it we've got very similar we've got but we've got a very similar graph down here so this is how you can kind of see it on Polonius without necessarily needing to be on point G but this gives you an indication of how you can spot what's going to happen with the price okay so you can spot if there's potentially going to be a rise now this doesn't happen necessarily all the time okay so if we so let's have a look here so we've got here a W actually that's probably not really a W the W yeah there's a bit of a W right there the price goes up okay so now it does actually show it what am I talking about okay now here there's an M price is going down okay so that was a poor example let's now go to digit by so basically what I'm showing you that is that the M and W actually works 100 type let's have a look at digit by and see how it's looking for this ok so here's an M and the price goes up slightly okay so doesn't necessarily make this foolproof as you can see okay so the M means it should actually go down from this point and if we got we've got the W here coming out of the W and there is still a sly it's just quite constant and then it goes up okay so there is you can see that the W is indicating the start of an upwards motion so you can see there that it only really goes up from the point of the W ends all right so works does that not work okay now there's an M right here you can see that and what happens straight after the M bang goes down so this pretty much works all the time now somebody asked me about Gollum the other day so let me see if I can lift the thing this is Gollum so let's have a look and see how Gollum is doing okay so Gollum there's a W here and then the price there does go up and then there's a V it goes up so there's no mlw here so in which case you have to just keep watching how the stock is moving over to all coin and the coin is moving over time okay there's another one right here for Gollum so that we got a W right there and then look what happens straight after it goes right up so you can see that this pretty much works a lot of the time and here here's an M look there's an M and then it goes down slightly goes down slightly C so you can see it rise down okay so once you see the shape of an M or a W you know what to do let's have a look at another one let's have a look at area because aetherium right now is absolutely sorry okay so let's have a look at atheria so we've got here a W and then it remains concert and then boom it goes up now this isn't really an M because though it goes up and then it because it goes up like that and then it doesn't go down so that doesn't create an M so it just continues to rise and then we've got another W here about to end so what that says to me is that although the price is kind of slightly wavering has gone up down up down what it's saying to me is that once we hit the top of the W over here then we're going to see more rise okay that is potentially what we're going to see okay here's another you can see you can spot it right here here's an M and look what happens dives okay there she goes so that is a little tutorial on how technical analysis works now let's just have a look and see if we can predict what's going to happen with some of these coins right now okay so let's have a look at sting let's have a look esteem because obviously I've got a vested interest in steam I know a lot of people have a vested interest in steam so we might be able to predict what's going to happen with steam over the next few days okay right so this is slightly worried so we've got a bit of a W here and then the price rises and now what we've got is we've gone m so we've got M forming now all depends on what happens with this M so you saw it with aetherium the M was starting to form and then it carried on and created another slope so if this goes down then what we may see is we may see steam going down further alright so potentially steam isn't the best investment right now potentially but that is just being that's just going on the basis of what the technical analysis is telling me do we see any more with an M here you can see that M and then bang goes down I think that might be a little W as certainly a W here what happens after the W goes up okay so you need to be able to read this so having something like coinage e because I'm not necessarily sure they are how visible it is when you look at this area that's more like it okay so we look at the two day candlestick there's two days zoom then you can see here this is where you can see the W and then Rises W Rises okay for NXT and now we've got the M potentially it's going to go down alright so I hope that this has given you some I suppose some tools to work with when you are deciding what coin to go with so you can do that with Polonia yeah because they have literally got pretty much the same as coin energy all right so you can see that doing a little bit of trade and a little technical analysis on a coin you are able to potentially get in to a coin whilst it's on the upsurge okay so you're getting into the coin at the right time because what a lot of people do is they buy here they buy right here and then what happens is is that that the value of the coin tanks and then people sell here because they think oh god it's going to go down down down down down and so they sell here and then what happens is a little W right there price rises but they've already lost at that point okay so using V W's and ms4 V well V M is for a bear market the W is for a bull market and just to reiterate again a bear market is when a market is on the downward and a bull market bull market is when the market is on the upward okay so by being able to read these w's and M's you're able to see what movement the coin is likely to make next like I say this isn't a hundred percent foolproof but when you're doing crypto currency trading you don't need to be right all the time you just have to be right most of the time and as I have shown you in about I think it was probably about twelve to fifteen instances of M's and w's it's been mostly right so I think this has helped you and I will see you in the next podcast

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