How to Solve Car Parking with Artificial Intelligence | Use Case | Blockchain AI |

I’m Marcin Abram. I’m a physicist and computer scientist. I work here as lead research scientist for Fetch.AI I created an example of agents who are detecting the availability of parking spots. I wanted to show an example of how an agent can provide value. In a city the congestion is a very big problem. A lot of people find it difficult to travel around and
they waste a lot of resources finding parking spots. This is a small example of agents in action that can provide information about the availability of parking spots. It is only the first stage where we are collecting the data in real time. But what is more interesting is to have agents that are going to build predictions. We can also use any kind of sensors, like: temperature, video and audio to measure other signals, and build models based on that. As there is more agents in the system there will be more synergy between them. And then, agents can fetch information from each other or provide predictions about certain events. So, we are excited to get the community involved.

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